Sunday, 29 May 2016


Last weekend I was in Manchester for a rare night out in the city.  It seems that there is more to entice me to make the extra effort to go to London or even Germany these days rather than the city where I live, and that is actually rather sad.  For all it's proclamations to be a major city with a night-life that offers everything, anyone looking for something outside of the usual tastes will be a little let down.

However, with the organisers of the Sexhibition weekend and the legendary Dystopia events starting another evening entertainment, Peepshow, it was worth the stroll across the city - which meant braving Manchester's usual drenching downpour that evening.  As I'd decided to wear my Chinese dress from Kiku over some sexy stockings and suspenders, I was worried about the weather and watermarks on the delicate material.  I checked my wardrobe for something to protect it with - ah yes, my mac (as in pervy, see-through fetish flasher mac, not the computery-type thing).  Perfect.  I'd missed the inaugural night of Peepshow back in April as I'd been away for the Fetish Evolution weekend in Essen, so was definitely looking forward to visiting this time around.

The event was held at The Ruby Lounge, a club that holds many great memories for me of the old Caged Asylum lap-dancing rock club.  There was still a queue waiting to get in when I arrived just after 11.00pm - a good sign.  Once inside I left my mac at the cloakroom, got my first drink (they sold my favourite rum, Old J - fantastic!) and had a wander around the club.

There were plenty of Chesterfield sofas dotted around, and in an alcove a rather interesting caged seat/bed.  With the club being not yet full, I took the opportunity of a quick photo.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Peepshow, Manchester.
The clientelle was an intriguing mixture of Manchester's various alternative groups.  Goths, heavy-metal rockers, hipstery-types, burlesque aficionados, smart 1940's retro dudes and fetishists all inter-mingled.  It was a fabulously relaxed atmosphere.  A towering red-headed Amazon strolled past in her tiny red latex outfit, 7-inch heels elevating her height even more.  I felt myself drooling, but couldn't possibly say from what pair of lips that was - I am a lady, after all.  A stunning girl in corset and tiny cat-ears shimmied past, her breasts just held in place by the restricting corset.  A shaven-headed rocker with multiple tattoos brushed through the crowd in his kilt, his delectable girlfriend in skin-tight latex following. In the toilets I got talking to a lovely lingerie-clad Marilyn-Monroe lookalike, her bountiful curves and alluring looks capturing my attention and gaze quite easily.  Before the end of the night I had managed to bury my face in her breasts... of course!

In one corner of the club a dungeon area had been set up.  As it was quiet I managed to catch up with M, a very dear friend who shall forever be in my debt for bringing my hateful computer Hal to heel. He was in charge of the dungeon, and would have a very busy night later on, it turned out.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - dungeon area, Peepshow, Manchester.
Along with fantastic music (varying from Etta James right through to Rammstein and The Prodigy), there were burlesque performances to enjoy.  I didn't actually see many of the acts as I was busy enjoying the night with friends, but did manage to catch one act before the end of the night - a very lovely petite thIng in skimpy linerie who did her act in a small plastic pool.  A good job, too, as her act involved covering herself in cream and body oil.  If I hadn't have been in my rather expensive dress I may have joined her in the pool...

It was 3.30am when I finally left the club, and can report on a great and diverse night, and a very much needed one for Manchester.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Peepshow, Manchester.

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