Monday, 5 September 2016

The Boys Of Summer

"I never will forget those nights
I wonder if it was a dream
Remember how you made me crazy?
Remember how I made you scream...
The Boys Of Summer, Don Henley

As the first days of Autumn arrive and with this year's customary weather changes from searing sunshine to torrential downpours (usually in the same hour) continuing, it was time to head south for a little bit of fetish-inspired fun - in the somewhat faded glory of Radlett, just inside the M25.

It wasn't the first party I'd ever been to in the town.  Back in the late 1990s I was lucky enough to be invited to a private fetish/sex party at a mansion in Radlett.  I have very few recollections of it now, in truth, but do remember at one stage two girls making love ever so slowly in front of a small group of voyeurs, one girl delicately fucking the other with a strap-on, both girls seemingly oblivious to the watching eyes.  Normally I would have joined in, but the scene was too sexily serene to intervene.

So, this weekend it was finally back to Radlett, this time for a slightly more official End Of Summer Ball, run by the gorgeous Zara DuRose.  I've been lucky enough to get to know Zara quite well over the last year or two, so the journey to Hertfordshire was both in support of a lovely lady and friend but also to enjoy a fabulous party.

There's not much going on, it seems, in the area these days.  The nearby town of Borehamwood still boasts the famous Elstree film studios - just a stone's throw away from my hotel for the night - but there's no doubt that the old 1950's-1960's glamour has faded quite a lot.  By 2.00pm, with little to do in the town, I had booked into my hotel and had a mid-afternoon kip before getting ready for the long night ahead.  And a long night it could be - with the event opening at 7.00pm and not closing until 7.00am the following morning, there was a chance of twelve - yes, twelve - hours of fetish fun ahead.

It took some time to decide on an outfit.  I wanted something quite glamorous, but also need to be able to dance, and, if the chance arrived, also have (as I call it) easy access in case of any sexy fun that may just occur...

Eventually, I opted for my see-through leopard-print latex dress from Cathouse Clothing - and with a vagina-high split right on the front, the dress was most certainly 'easy access' - finishing the outfit with some sexy cute latex leopard ears and, in a nod to the 1960's heyday of Elstree studios, a 1960's hairstyle.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - End Of Summer Ball, 2016.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - End Of Summer Ball, 2016.
I decided to get to the party early and make as much of the event as I could, so with a taxi booked for 7.15pm it meant a 7.30pm arrival.  The party, in another mansion in Radlett (what is it about Radlett mansions - is this the secret sex/fetish centre of the universe?) was already off to a good start by the time I got there.  I was greeted at the door with a suitable glass of Pimms (for the End Of Summer) and a very nice and rather tall chap M, who welcomed me to the party and showed me the cloakroom.  After leaving my coat I had a exploration of the building.  Upstairs, where the cloakroom was, I found a dungeon room and two very large bedrooms - one with a very big double bed, the other laid out with mattresses - mmmm, an orgy room.  That was a good start.  Some very glamorous French girls and guys were just finishing getting changed in the main bedroom, and wasted no time in dragging me into their group photograph.

Downstairs there was a bar-room and a larger room with an area for dancing, some seats and a well-padded whipping bench.  An outside seating area was covered with a small marquee (which nearly took off into the midnight sky at one point during the night thanks to the odd but strong gusts of wind), and off to one side a large swimming pool - complete with inflatable flamingoes and, later on, some very sexy latex mermaids.  Decadent indeed.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - End Of Summer Ball, 2016.
After my little venture around the venue I headed to the bar to get a drink and bumped into a lovely young Yorkshire couple, D & C.  They knew of Cathouse Clothing, and I really enjoyed my chat with D, as it me gave the chance to take in her fabulous curves, squeezed into a low-cut and skin-tight black halterneck catsuit.  Lovely.

We went back to the dance-room, and boogied together to some electro-swing music (I'd have preferred some industrial Rammstein remixes), but it was a fun start to the night.

Over the next couple of hours the event filled up, with lots of lip-smacking eye candy in both female and male forms.  There was also quite a few friends that I bumped into.  One, S, I hadn't seen for a few years and we recalled spending a wild week in Ibiza back in the 1990's heyday when the fetish club Submission started out there.  That was a memorable week, and as Rubber Ron, the organiser of Submission, knew just about everyone involved in the club scene in Ibiza it meant easy and free access to all the major clubs.  Great memories indeed.  Another couple, P & R, that I'd met at my trips to Rubber Cult were also there.  P is an especially sexy blonde cougar, and I am determined to enjoy her lascivious curves one day - sadly, it wasn't going to be this weekend. 

At periodic intervals during the night I wandered around the venue, seeing what was going on.  Sadly, the orgy room was being used a chill-out room, it seemed, but everyone I chatted to was fabulously friendly and flirty.  One very gorgeous-looking lady in latex chaps that displayed her fantastic arse was very clearly interested in getting to know me better, and normally I'd have definitely obliged, but the stunning MILF was unfortunately just a little worse for wear even at the relatively early hour of the night, but I promised to myself that I'd make sure to take her up on her invitations if I saw her again.

I bumped into M, again, and he asked if I was enjoying myself.  I said I was, and he replied that if I needed anything to let him know.  He finished his offer by sticking out his tongue - I don't think I'd ever seen a tongue quite as long, and replied "Oooh, I might need a bit that, later..."  "Just let me know, darling," he answered, with a glint in his eye.  "Hmmmm," I thought, "maybe there is going to be some fun tonight..."

Over the course of the evening there was entertainment in the main room, with singers and burlesque acts performing in front of the gathered crowd.  I was still determined, but as yet unfilled, in finding my own entertainment.  In the corridor outside the dance room I met up with M again, and informed him that I was ready to try out that tongue of his.  He looked very pleased with the offer, but as he seemed to be the official Master Of Ceremonies it meant I had to wait until he had introduced one of the acts before he could join me at the back of the dance-room.

In the meantime I got talking to another handsome chap, J, who was making his own intentions towards me quite clear.  With M clearly otherwise engaged, J wasn't going to be a bad substitute at all, even if there appearance was markedly different - whereas J was shorter than me (in my heels, anyway) and white, M was a very tall black guy.  But, being decidedly horny by that point, I came to the conclusion that either would be perfectly acceptable.

I was still chatting to J when M returned from his MC duties he asked me if I wanted to check out the upstairs rooms - and the intention was quite clear.  I explained to J that this was a prior arrangement, who gave me a resigned sad smile, and said "OK, maybe next time."  Maybe next time indeed.  We left J in the dance-room and wandered upstairs, and I could already feel my cunt becoming wet with anticipation.

Sadly, the orgy room was still full of people chilling out, and the main bedroom was no better.  It was beginning to look as though my own brand of entertainment was going to be unfulfilled.  However, undaunted, I took M back downstairs to the dance-room.  The padded whipping bench sat unused, with some couples sat nearby chatting, so we decided to make some use of it.

I laid back on the soft leather, hitching my tight dress over my thighs.  I spread my legs, displaying my cunt to anyone watching.  I beckoned to M, who wasted no time in dropping his head to my glistening pussy and I soon felt his long, strong tongue licking my cunt and lapping at the soft contours of my clit.  I was aware of movement beside me, and a very sexy lady in a black latex began stroking my breasts and kissing me whilst M tongue-fucked me.  I was now truly wet and ready to fuck, but it seemed fate had other ideas in mind.  After a few minutes of wonderful cunnilingus, M was suddenly called away for more MC duties, and I was left, legs spread, next to a busy dance-floor.  Now, another blonde in an elaborate head-dress came over, kneeling down and proceeding where M had left off, her licking much more delicate and tentative than M's thrusting tongue.

She licked my wet pussy for a while before giving me lingering kiss before moving away, in almost perfect timing for M returning from his club duties.  This time he came and stood alongside the bench, and I could see a rather large bulge in his tight black trousers.  I stroked his hardness through the soft material before unzipping him and pulling out his thick, black cock.  I stroked his freed cock, sluttily spitting on it for extra lubrication before lowering my head and taking the dark heat of his erection into my mouth.

I sucked him off greedily, but my position on the bench wasn't really ideal for either of us.  Luckily, a nearby chair was now available, so I sat down so M could offer me his cock again.  In a much better position, I could now get as much of M's thick meat into my mouth as I could.  Although very engrossed in my cock-sucking I became aware of another body close by.  I looked up to see J stood next to me, clearly enjoying the show.

I put out my hand, finding J's leather-clad thighs and pulled him closer.  With my painted lips still around M's cock I unzipped J, took out his stiff cock from his leather jeans and pulled him even closer.

I was now presented with two cocks, and took turns sucking and wanking both.  I could get more of J's smaller cock in my mouth and could deep-throat him, almost to the point where his heavy balls were hitting my mouth, while M had to be content with my lips just getting around the bulbous end of his large cock before his erection was hitting the back of my mouth.

I took my time indulging in my sluttish cock-sucking and cock wanking, becoming more aware of a gathering watching crowd.  I had other idea's for M, though.  I stood up and bent over the padded leather bench, once more pulling my dress up to display my naked vulva and arse to all the watching crowd, and told him to fuck me.  In my high heels I was just the right height for M to ride me, and he slowly guided his swollen cock into my tight but very slippery cunt.  He began to fuck me in a slow but heavy rhythm, and I was soon confronted with J stepping to the other side of the bench to present my hungry lips with his cock again.

I took J's cock into my mouth whilst M continued to fuck me, his thick cock stretching my cunt and each thrust forcing my mouth down over J's cock.  I was quite in Heaven, and although conscious of the watching crowd my universe also became lovingly limited to the cocks filling my pussy and mouth.  My orgasm came rushing and huge, my pussy muscles gripped M's thick cock in a heavenly hold as I came, and I could feel my knees giving way.  As my orgasm subsided I sat down on the bench, with M promising that the next time we met he'd finish me properly with a 'proper' fucking.  I told him that was a promise that I was going to keep him to.

I cleaned myself up and headed, on rather shaky legs, to the bar to get a well-earned drink.  I bumped into another M in the corridor, a very tall chap I'd met briefly at my last visit to Torture Garden in April.  I told him about my little show with M and J, and he was clearly disappointed with missing the sexual exhibition.  It also became clear that if he had been there he'd have also liked to be involved - "What a shame," I thought, "it could have been three cocks instead of two.  Mmmmmm, maybe next time..."

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - End Of Summer Ball, 2016.
By 4.30am I was finally getting tired, but it had been a full nine hours worth of partying for me by that point.  I said goodbye to friends and made a special effort to have a lingering, lustful goodbye kiss from Zara herself, I headed back to my hotel for the remainder of the night.

I was a bit surprised to see my feet were very dirty in the bright hotel light.  Well, thanks to a combination of bad weather, nine hours of partying, a long dress that collected bits of dust wherever I went and generally filthy behaviour on my part, it was no wonder.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - End Of Summer Ball, 2016.
An End Of Summer Ball to remember, indeed, and it will be many years before I forget my own Boys Of Summer who made it just that little bit more special.

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