Sunday, 12 February 2017

Pain & Pleasure

A few weeks ago I was the one of the lucky recipients of an invitation to the opening night of Atonement at Cirque, Manchester.  The evening would see the doors open for the first unveiling of the club's dungeon, and the invite encouraged a lavish dress theme - ball gowns and the like.  Wonderful. With the invite added to calendar and my outfit already planned, I was looking forward to a night of S&M play in Cirque's decadent surroundings.  Sadly, fate would intervene.

I had been waiting for an appointment for a minor operation since Autumn last year, and with perfect timing the letter from the NHS arrived informing me that my operation would go ahead on the same day as the Atonement evening.  Great.  I decided that I could put up with a little pain myself (instead of inflicting it) and still attend both - but made a mental note to see how I felt after the operation.

I was out of the operating theatre by 12.35pm, and back at home before 1.00pm.  I found myself not in too much pain, but now realised my initial outfit was not going be suitable any more.  That meant a hasty rethink, and I realised that my luxurious full-length leather coat that I'd bought from Northbound Leather back in 1998 offered a rather fabulous solution - I'd bought the fantastic coat a year before the legendary film The Matrix appeared - it's still a great film, but within a few months every goth or indeed anyone with any interest in the film was walking around in full-length black PVC coats - so mine was duly banished to the closet and has rarely made an appearance since.  It has remained decadently stylish, warm, and more than a hint of S&M, though, and, importantly, was not too tight around my newly bandaged area. Some sexy bondage-style Honey Birdette lingerie underneath and my fetish high-heeled leather boots completed my outfit.

I managed to clean myself up and dress pretty well, and was priding myself on how little pain I was in.  On time my taxi arrived to whisk me away to Cirque - which is where I encountered my first problem - I couldn't really sit in a car.  Thankfully, Cirque was not too long a ride away so my rather bizarre yoga-esque position on the back seat only had to be endured for a short time.

It was still a relief to out of the taxi at the club, though, and found myself at the doors of Cirque a tad before the official opening time.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Atonement @ Cirque, Manchester.
Once inside I was pleased to find the club already suitably warm and welcoming, and it's always a great chance to catch up with the club owners when it's a early and quiet.  It didn't stay quiet for long, though, and soon Cirque was busy with lots of old friends and plenty of new faces, too.

There were a couple of wonderful little theatrical S&M performances from the gorgeous Valis Volkova, who once again showed her operatic vocal talents in the short vignettes.  I managed to have a chat with her afterwards, having got to know her a little since meeting the lovely Liverpudlian lass initially at Sexhibition last year.

At 11.00pm the S&M playroom/dungeon was officially opened, with the invited attendees given the first opportunity to look over the new room.  It was a bit too crowded with people checking out the new facilities to get any photos, and sadly it was now beginning to feel as though the anaesthetic was properly wearing off - a few aches and pains were beginning to make themselves known, which in turn meant that any opportunities to test out the various bits of fetish furniture would have to wait until next time.  Not only that, but an over-whelming tiredness had struck and I found myself deciding to share an early taxi home with some friends.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Atonement @ Cirque, Manchester.
I've been attending Cirque since it first opened, and it was clear that was yet another exciting step in the club's development. I'm looking forward to my next visit already, and hopefully I'll be able to dish out a little exquisite pain myself next time.

Dexi Delite, Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Atonement @ Cirque, Manchester.

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