Saturday, 25 February 2017

Welcome The Pleasuredome

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree..."

So begins Samuel Taylor Coleridge's romantic and opium-induced ode to Kubla Khan's mythical palace of delights facing rumblings of war - written after a drugged dream and hastily written down on waking, famously interrupted in its completion by a visitor to Coleridge's door. The poet struggled to fit the pieces to his vision once the visitor had gone, and so the poem remains an essence of half-completed jigsaw.

The third weekend of the February saw an essence of the dream-like palace arrive in Manchester, courtesy of the lovely Zara DuRose and her rather legendary parties, and a chance to see if the fetish party-goers could fill in the missing pieces.  Cirque in Manchester, a pleasurezone of its own in these somewhat liberty-attacked times, was the suitable venue.  Indeed, with the drums of war beating for our own palace of delights and sexual freedoms within and the fight for survival against the current parochial government, it is a more than apt theme.

Still recovering slightly from my operation last week, I carefully dressed - choosing my Kiku corset, stockings, and my sky-scraper Alexander McQueen sandals.  I still managed to arrive on time at the event's opening time, pleased to see a queue already forming - the Zara DuRose parties and Cirque clearly drawing people out early.

Inside, the decadent interior of Cirque had been transformed courtesy of Zara and her team - so many plants and greenery bedecked the club that it suitably resembled an ancient and abandoned temple.  Kubla Khan's palace, indeed.  There were lots of familiar faces and lots of lovely new people to meet, as is the norm at these events.  I managed to catch hold of Zara for a brief chat before the club really got busy, the lovely lady herself in shimmering green latex.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Cirque.
As expected, the club filled up pretty quickly, and by the time Valis Volkova arrived on stage for the first of the evenings entertainment sets the main room was full to bursting.  Apart from the stunning Valis, there was lots of other eye-candy to see.  I was chatting away to a lovely blonde girl when a stunning and curvaceous redhead undulated past, her long red dress clinging onto all of her gorgeous curves.  I lost my train of thought for a moment, vowing to make sure I chatted to the Jessica Rabbit lookalike later on.  A tall and striking Amazonian blonde in a latex military dress strode past in six-inch heeled fetish boots, too, with her gentleman in tow.  I recognised him from the last couple of Torture Garden events in London, and a girl like me wasn't going miss an opportunity to say hello again.  He recognised me straight away and introduced me to his stunning Hungarian girlfriend, and as fellow rock music fans we soon got rather excitable and loud chatting about great gigs we'd been to.  In a busy and loud club I realised that we were still the loudest and most animated group there!

I finally got to meet the redheaded girl, too, who had bravely walked to the club through some of Manchester's more unsavoury streets!  She was as lovely as she was gorgeous, but her heaving bosom in the low-cut dress was a bit distracting when try to talk to her.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Cirque.
 A fashion show hitting the stage meant once again the main room becoming full of exotically-dressed fetishists - an opportunity (as I couldn't see the show anyway) to go upstairs and sit for a while.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Cirque.
Of course there's always someone new to meet at such a place, and I ended up chatting away with a lovely Domme who had also opted out of viewing the fashion show.  More friends arrived, some of whom I hadn't seen for nearly a year, and the hours were soon flying by.  Two tattooed nymphs drifted by, admiring my naked breasts.  We got chatting, too - mainly about breasts - the discussion resulting in us all fondling each others boobs.  It was quite divine.

I finally made my way back downstairs, and despite still being somewhat bandaged up managed to get on the dancefloor for a short while.  I retired to an empty seat in the main room.  Over in one corner a young couple were clearly having quite a bit of fun.  He was sat on a chaise lounge, his trousers around his ankles, whilst his naked and nubile girl rode him, her slick pussy split by his hard cock.

I watched for a  little while and caught his eye.  I gave him the thumbs up sign, and he clearly said something to his partner.  She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at me.  They had a brief conversation before she waved me over - I didn't need asking twice.  I pulled off my nipple pasties and slipped out of my satin panties and joined them on the chaise lounge.

As soon as the brief introductions were over I was kissing the girl, our tongues exploring each others mouths whilst she fucked her man.  I could feel his hands stroking my stocking-clad legs and move then move up to caress my breasts.  I  lowered myself so he could take my hard nipple into his mouth, and he sucked on my tits greedily while his girlfriend fucked him.  It was time for a switch around.  the girl climbed off him, allowing him to stand.  I took the opportunity to kiss and stroke her small naked body whilst he watched.  He stood in front of us, his proud erection at a perfect height.  I took his hot hardness into my mouth, stroking his tight balls while I sucked and licked his cock.  I could taste the delights of his girl on his member, and then held his erection so she could take my place, sucking on him in my place.  We took turns to suck him off, and in between kissed each other, all the time my slender fingers gliding up and down his lubricated cock.

Soon she decided it was my time for a bit of pleasure.  I laid back on the chaise lounge and spread my legs.  She sat in between my legs and began licking my slippery cunt.  Her man sat beside me, and I slowly wanked him whilst she pleasured me.  Her man decided he wanted a taste of me, too.  That meant another reshuffle, and soon I was laid back full-length on the chaise lounge.  I opened my thighs again and he began licking me.  In the meantime his athletic girl straddled my face and I could taste her beautiful honey dew cunt on my tongue and lips as she sat on my face.  My orgasm was taken with his tongue in my cunt, and my tongue deeply embedded in her cunt.  Wonderful.

It was now 4am, though, and time to start heading home.  I had been invited to the afterparty, but felt another (relatively) early night would aid my recovery - when 4am arrives and it is considered an early night then you know it has been a great night.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Cirque.
And so, like the ending of Coleridge's poem, I can attest to dining on honey-dew and drinking the milk of paradise.  Another absolutely fantastic party from Zara and the Cirque team - superb entertainment, great music and an outstanding crowd... and more wonderful and very sexy memories for me.

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