Sunday, 26 March 2017

Leather and Lingerie in Leeds... and another update.

For me, sexy lingerie is as much as tool of the trade as well as something to covet.  However, these days, when even Agent Provocateur seem to be reducing their lines that include suspender belts, it means travelling a bit further to find suitably classy (yet a bit slutty) lingerie.

So, with a view to acquiring some more 'bedroom' outfits this weekend I travelled over to Leeds to check out the fabulous Honey Birdette store in the city centre.  Having already bought some of their lingerie sets I knew they were excellent quality and a good fit.

Luckily, gorgeous sunshine and clear blue skies heralded my arrival in the lovely Yorkshire city - even though in my over-knee high heeled boots and leather jacket I was dressed for somewhat cooler climes.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - leather in Leeds.
It was quite a lovely walk into the city centre alongside the canal, and certainly the first time this year I've felt the final farewell and waning of winter under the warming skies.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - leather in Leeds.
Pepped up further with a peppermint tea, I headed over to the Victoria Gate shopping area to find the lingerie specialists.  First, an impromptu stop at Victoria's Secret where I purchased a little weekend bag - I have some events planned this year and my old make-up bag was beginning to look a little worse for wear.  It was then a short stroll to Honey Birdette in the new and gleaming Victoria Centre.  Once inside the store itself, there was plenty to peruse among the delights of Honey Birdette.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - leather in Leeds.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - don't forget to look up at the ceiling at Honey Birdette!
Like Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette specialise in stylish and sexy lingerie, and make no attempt to cool down the sensual and erotic side of their products and display - and I love it.  As the day was meant to be a try-on session only, I didn't really have any costs in mind - so ended up taking a few outfits into the changing rooms to see how well they looked.

Firstly, a red corselette, with plenty of fetishistic straps.  I've already got the matching bra, panties and suspender belt set, but wanted to try the girdle on for comparison.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
I loved the style, bit it was a little too big on the bottom half.  Choosing the three-piece set was the better option I decided.

Next up, a green metallic set - Madame Emerald.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
 I really liked Madame Emerald - it fitted beautifully and the colours were exceptional.  That was put to one side as a 'possible'.  Next up came of couple of sets that either didn't fit or I simply didn't like once they were on.

The next set was a fantastic fetish-inspired set call Elise.  I slipped on the leather-look bra, panties and suspender belt.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
That, I thought was quite fabulous - so it went onto the 'possible' pile, too.  I was down to my last two outfits.

Next, Dolce Leo (which, to my rather poor Italian, means 'beautiful lion'). 

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
This, I decided, was my favourite so far.  Sexy, slightly sleazy, and with a dash of vintage 1950's seductive and slutty vamp - that suited me, without a doubt.

Lastly, one I thought I'd try for the hell of it - the Fonda bodysuit.  As much as I liked the look of it on the website, I assumed it wouldn't be suitable - I like to have access to my pussy for work and fun, and bodysuits, with their closed crotch styles, don't provide this.  However, I was delighted to find that the Fonda bodysuit has a crotch with hook eye fastenings on it - meaning a quick unhook and I'm good to go!

I slipped it on.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Honey Birdette in Leeds.
 Fantastic.  A sheer top with leather-look bottom half, it appealed to me immediately.  Easy access means perfect for work, too, should anyone request such an outfit, and one to wear on a night out (given some of the clubs I go to).

I decided to go against my original plans of just trying outfits on, and bought the Dolce Leo leopard-print suspender set and the Fonda bodysuit.  I was close to buying the Elise leather-look set, too, but decided on another course of action.

I had another lovely stroll through the sunny street of Leeds, taking a chance to admire some of the lovely old architecture.  If it was Manchester, they'd have bulldozed the old buildings in the name of progress, no doubt.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Leeds.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Leeds.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Leeds.
Leaving Leeds, it was a short detour to the small town of Liversedge.  There's only one good reason for such a detour, though - Cathouse Clothing.  I popped in to see the lovely lady designer herself, and ordered two latex lingerie sets with matching latex stockings - these outfits mainly planned with work in mind.  I have a few visitors who like the idea of a lady in latex, but there are problems with this sometimes.  Firstly, some of my latex outfits are sadly too expensive to be worn in a hour-long sexathon, and secondly some, like catsuits, are too time-consuming to put on comfortably.  The Elise outfit from Honey Birdette gave me the impulse to sort a proper latex lingerie outfit that I can wear and be comfortable in, well, fucking in.

So, a trip to Yorkshire proved productive and somewhat expensive, too - but I'm looking forward to wearing my new outfits as soon as possible.

Lastly - another update.  Due to demand and some repeated requests, I've decided to modify my booking hours slightly.  I am now offering OUTCALLS for the foreseable future to all Manchester Airport hotels from 5.00pm until 8.00pm, on Monday through to Thursday evenings.  Due to transport requirements, I will need 48 hours notice to be able to confirm that I can make the appointment.

I hope to be able to welcome you to Manchester on your arrival at the airport, or indeed give you a leaving present and memory that will make you want to return soon!

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Outcalls now available.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

It Takes Two

After last week's mini blog of the attempted video the story has reached a sort-of conclusion this week.  Firstly, a call from Transit Man to inform me that he'd had a visit from his 'nosey bastard' neighbour, querying as to whether he was having new pond lights installed in his garden.  "Why would you think that?" replied my friend.  "I noticed there were some, er, very bright lights in the garden at the weekend, and thought, 'cough' that you might be checking where to put them."  In other words, explained Transit Man, it was his way of saying said neighbour was keeping an eye on him.  "Ah," I replied, "sorry - didn't want to get you into trouble with the neighbours."  "Oh, fuck him - we'll shoot you nude or in latex next time.  Anyway, he's such a busybody he'll probably have told the whole street by now.  I'll be infamous!"

The next news was better.  He'd done a very short two-minute clip from one of the shoots and promised to bring it over in a day or so.

So, a day or so later and with my videoclip installed in the computer I got in touch with M, my Bolton-based web helper, and had a go at putting it on the website... which didn't work very well.  With M advising via the telephone in a kind of the-pilot's-had-a-heart-attack-we're-going-to-talk-you-through-landing-the-plane scenario, I had another go at rewriting the page where I wanted the video to go, and things looked better.  I uploaded my updates along with the video and tested the website online - it didn't work.  Fuck. I uploaded the old website details and tried again.

M considered that the video was the fault and advised on a 'fix'.  So, with a new 'compressed' video sorted (the first one was just too big - ooooh, snigger) I had another go.  Yeah!  It works.  Oh... but not on the Firefox browser.  That meant a bit more detective work.  Nothing I did seemed to work. I could sense M's frustration as I knew it would be something he would be able to sort in a millisecond given the chance to do it himself - the video worked correctly on Internet Explorer and G, a computer-savvy photography guru friend from down south was kind enough to check it worked on mobile phones when I made my SOS call to him to check... but Firefox still refused to comply.

I decided to give myself a bit more time to resolve the issue, and put a note next to the video on the website stating the video's incompatibility with Firefox, in case it confused people.  I uploaded the helpful note, only to find that somehow the video was now working perfectly in Firefox too.

That meant yet another update to remove the added note.  But finally...

The website now has a bit of video on it.  It's a test run, really, and I'm looking forward to putting some better ones on there, but I'm very pleased it worked.  I've had a bit of a switch around too, at the same time.  I now have two Gallery pages - one with my normal photos on, and one with the Picture Of The Week and the video.  You can see it here - - of course.

If there's one thing I've learned in my years of escorting, it's this - if I can't get something up. I'll keep trying until I'm satisfied...

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Video Shoot.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lights, Camera, Action...

I've recently been looking at different options for my website.  I know it is quite basic in many respects, but have always thought of it as a simple advertisement for myself and my services.  It is, I hope, easy to use and understand.

Importantly, too, it is easy for me to update myself and manage.  I have regular offers from IT bods to do a flashy, all-singing-all-dancing website for me, but I'm reluctant to relinquish control to someone else.  I have friends who have their own businesses and they moan pretty often that a simple change to their website can take a week or so, until their 'web-master' can attend to it in between bouts of Call Of Duty or some other online distraction - heaven knows I'm distracted enough myself with various fetish and shoe websites as it is!

Anyway, I played around with a few online web-builder pages and realised, after a couple of hours, that they weren't offering anything more than what I had already.  Nevertheless, a call from a long-term friend make me think of another option to update the website.

The chap in question had taken possession of a simple video camera - something for his work, apparently, but had soon realised that there may be other uses for such a toy.  So... did I fancy "going over to his place so he could try it out?"  Hmmm.  Knowing him quite well, I had to ask exactly what he had in mind - I immediately had visions of taking part in some kind of homemade-hardcore-shaky-camera-pornographic production, with me and him as the main stars.  "No," he replied laughing, "just some quick shots in my back garden."  That sounded harmless enough, but I hummed and hawed for a little while as I looked in my diary for some suitable free time.  He took the opportunity to remind me that he was still owed a favour from picking up my mattress some time ago, an excursion that nearly cost him his sanity.

So, duly blackmailed and with a date firmly agreed, I asked if he had anything specific in mind for this video try-out.  "Bring some high heels and something really tight."  Hmmm... OK.  Saturday, therefore, saw me arriving at his house with a couple of outfits and the requested high-heels.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Video shoot.
First outfit - lace top, with no bra, and some very tight and fine leggings, that I rarely wear normally as they show every crease and fold underneath - at the front especially.  Camel-toe?  They are so sheer and clinging that a gynaecologist could do a thorough examination of me while I wore them.  The first take didn't go so well.  I began by turning suggestively while the heavy-breathing and rather distracted cameraman followed my moves.  I slinked down the long path to the end of his garden in my skintight leggings and high heels while he followed.  It went OK up until he forgot to look where he was going and fell off the wooden decking that we were walking on.  "Nevermind," I said, trying  not to laugh too much "some of it may be useful."  He checked the footage - and realised he'd forgotten to press the 'record' button.  Steven Spielberg had no competition so far, I thought.

Take two - went better, apart from realising that his next-door neighbour (a "right nosey old bastard" apparently) was now watching from his upstairs window while I slithered my hands up and down my leggings and caressed my bra-less breasts in full view of my unexpected and uninvited audience.  "Keep going," my friend said, "the fucker might stop bothering me for a few weeks thanks to this."

Take three - a walk back to the house with the camera in front of me.  I could still see the concentrated gaze from the neighbour clearly, but couldn't decide if it was pleasure or fury that furrowed his brow.

Next outfit - a recently purchased silky minidress (with hood) that clung like liquid metal.  "Is this OK?" I asked as I stepped out into the back garden film location.  "Fucking great," replied my filming buddy, staring at my body in the shimmering tight dress and high heels for a little while.  "I think we need to get a move on," I suggested, seeing the lowering light and incoming rain clouds.  "Oh... oh, er... yes," he replied, getting down to business.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Video shoot.
 Take four - another stroll down to the end of the garden with more suggestive body-stroking, and take five a stroll back - still with the neighbour desperately looking through his window for a better view.

And that was that for outdoors - as we reached the back of his house the first heavy raindrops fell, ruling out any more outdoor shooting.  Take six was completed on his stairs, again not helped by him falling backwards down them as he leaned back for a full-length shot.

So, it may be that in a little while I have a bit of a video to go up on the website.  I'm not sure how it will turn out, as (like the webmaster issue) I'm now relying on someone else to complete the finished article.  There is one down-side, of course - I'll still owe my builder friend and erstwhile cameraman a favour if they turn out good enough for me to take advantage of.  We may well be back to the "homemade-hardcore-shaky-camera-pornographic production, with me and him as the main stars" scenario, yet.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Sound And Vision... almost

A couple of weeks ago a friend alerted me to an event that he thought may be of interest to me - another David Bowie night (well, from 2.00pm until 11.00pm) at the Sound Control nightclub in Manchester, titled rather aptly "Sound Control To Major Tom". 

With said friend taking part in an official capacity as DJ, it was something that I thought would definitely be worth supporting - especially as it was raising funds for the Macmillan Cancer Care organisation.  I'd really enjoyed the last similar event run by the Scary Monsters outfit, so was looking forward to more of Mr. Bowie's best and seeing some tribute bands at the same time.

So, suitably dressed in a tiny dress and high-heeled (but comfy) ankle boots I made my way across the city centre to Sound Control, hidden in the small labyrinth of side streets near Oxford Road.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Sound Control To Major Tom, Manchester.
Sorry couldn't help myself.  Mention 'Labyrinth' and all I can think of in my fevered brain is Bowie in those trousers with his bulging crotch whispering "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes.  First hitch - lift off was delayed.  I had to stand underneath some nearby railway arches for 15 minutes whilst the final preparations were made and the doors, like Major Tom's spacecraft, finally opened.

I always find it odd to be in the subterranean darkness of a club in the relatively light daytime (when I say relatively, it is Manchester after all...), and this time was no different.  It was pleasing to see a fair few fans had already arrived though, and I quite enjoyed initially sitting and listening to some Bowie classics at a volume that would get me thrown out of my city centre apartment quicker than you could say, well... Lodger. 

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Sound Control To Major Tom, Manchester.
After a while though, some Hunger pangs were starting to make themselves felt.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - The Hunger.
No sorry, not that Hunger (but I couldn't resist), but something to soak up the bit of alcohol that my body was in a bit of shock at imbibing so early in the day.  Therefore, it was off across the small road to The Thirsty Scholar for some rather more solid calorie intake.

That meant a portion of chips.  Normal or large - well, large of course (thinking of the coming alcohol consumption).  The large portion duly arrived.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Chips!
I'm not one for taking photos of food that I'm about to eat, nor does the photo show the size of the portion that arrived, but let me assure you that the forthcoming potato famine will be purely as a result of what I had plonked in front of me - it really was a portion for four people, at least.

Anyway, in truth I only managed a small part of the potato platter before the colossal carbohydrate chip overdose got to me, and I headed back to Sound Control.

The club had filled somewhat (a bit like my belly), and I certainly enjoyed the next few hours as daytime moved into evening.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Sound Control To Major Tom, Manchester.
Whilst the DJs were playing downstairs, the upstairs stage room was were the bands were playing.  I did venture up a few times to see different acts, but I realised I preferred listening to the Bowie originals than 'reinterpretations' from other bands, so spent most of the time in the downstairs room.  It was a great atmosphere, too, and I made sure I spent plenty of time on the crowded dancefloor with all the other Bowie fans for much of the night.

All was going well until about 9.00pm, when the music stopped suddenly.  Definitely not full Sound And Vision.  The DJs looked a little worried, and there was much pushing and pressing of buttons behind the mixing desk.  "Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong, Can you hear me, Major Tom?" indeed.

After a few minutes of silence normal service resumed and the music kick started again - Let's Dance... again.  But there was a problem, if soon transpired.  After about six songs it was back to Let's Dance again... then the same songs again, then Let's Dance again.  It was as though Major Tom had floated off into the cosmos, taking his magical collection of music with him and leaving a few pieces for the rest of us to mourn over.

I stayed for only a short time after that, realising that I could probably hear a more varied Bowie collection on my own sound system, so, with a goodbye to the lovely people I'd met, I headed off home, the music of 'Lady Stardust' in my head.  "Get some pussy now..."  Oh yes, Mr. Bowie... oh yes.