Sunday, 19 March 2017

It Takes Two

After last week's mini blog of the attempted video the story has reached a sort-of conclusion this week.  Firstly, a call from Transit Man to inform me that he'd had a visit from his 'nosey bastard' neighbour, querying as to whether he was having new pond lights installed in his garden.  "Why would you think that?" replied my friend.  "I noticed there were some, er, very bright lights in the garden at the weekend, and thought, 'cough' that you might be checking where to put them."  In other words, explained Transit Man, it was his way of saying said neighbour was keeping an eye on him.  "Ah," I replied, "sorry - didn't want to get you into trouble with the neighbours."  "Oh, fuck him - we'll shoot you nude or in latex next time.  Anyway, he's such a busybody he'll probably have told the whole street by now.  I'll be infamous!"

The next news was better.  He'd done a very short two-minute clip from one of the shoots and promised to bring it over in a day or so.

So, a day or so later and with my videoclip installed in the computer I got in touch with M, my Bolton-based web helper, and had a go at putting it on the website... which didn't work very well.  With M advising via the telephone in a kind of the-pilot's-had-a-heart-attack-we're-going-to-talk-you-through-landing-the-plane scenario, I had another go at rewriting the page where I wanted the video to go, and things looked better.  I uploaded my updates along with the video and tested the website online - it didn't work.  Fuck. I uploaded the old website details and tried again.

M considered that the video was the fault and advised on a 'fix'.  So, with a new 'compressed' video sorted (the first one was just too big - ooooh, snigger) I had another go.  Yeah!  It works.  Oh... but not on the Firefox browser.  That meant a bit more detective work.  Nothing I did seemed to work. I could sense M's frustration as I knew it would be something he would be able to sort in a millisecond given the chance to do it himself - the video worked correctly on Internet Explorer and G, a computer-savvy photography guru friend from down south was kind enough to check it worked on mobile phones when I made my SOS call to him to check... but Firefox still refused to comply.

I decided to give myself a bit more time to resolve the issue, and put a note next to the video on the website stating the video's incompatibility with Firefox, in case it confused people.  I uploaded the helpful note, only to find that somehow the video was now working perfectly in Firefox too.

That meant yet another update to remove the added note.  But finally...

The website now has a bit of video on it.  It's a test run, really, and I'm looking forward to putting some better ones on there, but I'm very pleased it worked.  I've had a bit of a switch around too, at the same time.  I now have two Gallery pages - one with my normal photos on, and one with the Picture Of The Week and the video.  You can see it here - - of course.

If there's one thing I've learned in my years of escorting, it's this - if I can't get something up. I'll keep trying until I'm satisfied...

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - Video Shoot.

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