Sunday, 9 April 2017


This weekend was one of change.  A love affair ended, and in the best traditions of relationship break-ups, I arranged a new hairstyle.

The love affair in question was with my hair extensions.  I've had them for the best part of a year, but they had started to annoy and niggle me like a cantankerous and stubborn old lover.  I had slowly come to the realisation that the extensions were a really expensive way of completely destroying my hair - and when it comes to expensive dalliances, I realised I'd much rather be spending the money on either more high heels, lingerie (yes, Honey Birdette, I'm thinking of you), or parties.

So, Saturday was decision time.  Booked in at a very professional hairdressers in Manchester, I slid into one of my new leather-look catsuits and high heeled boots, slicked back my hair in the only style it was now capable of and headed off to see what advice I could get from the hairstylist.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort - pre-hair change.
 The lovely lady stylist in question was quite straight-forward with her assessment - yes, the extensions were wrecking my own hair, and the only real answer was to go short and start again.

Now, that is fine advice.  But for a lady in my chosen profession, it leaves a conundrum.  My gentlemen visitors and prospective future visitors will all, no doubt, like different things.  Some will prefer longer hair, unquestionably, so "going short" could potentially leave some feeling, well, short-changed.  I had pondered this for some time before sitting in the stylist's chair, wondering which way to choose.  Continue in ever-decreasing circles of hair extensions, or be brave and confident and choose the shorter option?

I realised something.  A confident, stylish lady will always be more sexy and fun than one with, ahem, a few hair hang-ups.  In a rare moment that will possibly never be repeated in such a way, I submitted and left myself at the mercy of my pretty stylist.

A couple of hours later and it was ChangesOneDexi.  With my new shorter and, dare I say, much more modern hair-style, I wandered over to see friends at BonBon and Kiku for an opinion.  All my friends, thankfully, thought I looked much, much better, and even more so than my old 'classic' bob.  A bit of a relief, in truth.

With gorgeous weather promised for Sunday I decided that a little photoshoot was in order, to 'advertise' the new Dexi.  I called Transit-man, my go-to-guy when I need little favours.  He already had plans for the Sunday, but was more than willing to help out as usual.  So, under glorious clear blue skies it was a quick jaunt up to Rivington Barn, a favourite weekend haunt of my motorcycle-riding, Transit-driving gentleman friend.  I had slipped into my second new catsuit (one bought potentially for use in the bedroom, thanks to the two-way zip for 'full access'), complete with high-heeled boots and leather jacket, and had a fun couple of hours wandering around the assembled motorbikes and posing for photos.

Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort -  Rivington Barn.
Dexi Delite Manchester and Cheshire Escort -  Rivington Barn.
Thankfully, his opinion of my hair was positive too.  "Bloody lovely, very stylish and yet edgy.  It's very you."  I was flattered at his genuine response, for once free of any sexual innuendo.  "You look miles better.  Anyway, it'll be even better for your work."  "Really?"  I asked.  "Yeah, you won't get hair in the way when you're sucking cock and your guys will get a better view while you're going down on them."

His loud opinions wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't stood in the middle of a quiet queue for the coffee-and-butty van at the time, mind.

So, in a much more positive and sexy frame of mind I'm gearing up for the rest of Spring and looking forward to more fun ahead.  Roll on 2017.

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