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Zara DuRose - Seven Seas Of Pleasure

It was party-time last weekend, as the fabulous Zara DuRose carnival of debauchery hit Manchester once again - and once again back at Cirque.

Therefore, I was suitably suited (a vintage-inspired Jane Fonda bodysuit from Honey Birdette, and one of my ahem, working uniforms) and booted (my Guess high-heeled over-knee boots).  Oh, and a Pussy collar to add some saucy sparkle.

As usual, I made sure I was at the venue doors at opening time - which meant 8.00pm.  Once inside the club, a plethora of under-sea decorations turned the club interior into a ocean of delight.  I immediately bumped into a few old friends from the Cirque team and, of course, the gorgeous Zara herself.  There was time for some quick snapshots, too, before the night really got going...

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - @ Zara DuRose's fetish party.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - @ Zara DuRose's fetish party.
As usual, the club was nicely full of lovely people by 9.00pm, many who had travelled from different areas of the UK to be at the event.  I chatted to a lovely couple from north of Edinburgh (the lady of the pair a divine petite, raven-haired beauty in a tiny latex top and figure-hugging skirt that quickly caught my eye as she shimmied on the busy dance floor in her high heels), and also knew friends that had made their way from Brighton - such is the draw of Zara's events.

The evening progressed at a relaxed 'steady-as-she-goes' pace slowly gathering momentum like an ocean liner hitting its cruising speed.  I made sure to introduce myself to a few gorgeous ladies that passed in my vicinity, sending out little sexual semaphore signals that would be interpreted as permission to come aboard.  I hoped that my little trawling would pay some dividends later on with a full catch.

I wandered between the three main floors, finding myself at one point in the downstairs playroom.  On a leather seat a pretty blond girl was reclined, whilst, knelt between her spread legs, a stunning redheaded girl licked and fingered her pussy.  I was engrossed with the sexy scene, and soon the two girls swapped places, and it was the redhead's turn to open her thighs and display her wet cunt to a small watching audience.

The blond now took her pleasure in playing with the redhead, finger-fucking her delightful shaved pussy and licking her slippery vulva. The sexy little scene ended when the redhead enjoyed her own orgasm, her petite body writhing in pleasure.  "Hmmm," I thought, "I wouldn't mind getting her on my hook and line later in the evening..."

More friends arrived, and I found myself chatting to the legendary Rubber Ron, organiser of the famous Submission fetish parties of the 1990s, and still the source of many of my greatest fetish nights out.

A bit later on I found myself in the main room on the ground floor.  A small crowd watched as a gorgeous latex-clad girl, J, managed to get a gentleman laid down on the floor and sat on him - although friends, it was his punishment for him slapping her arse all night.  As I knew them both very well (and quite fancied getting a bit more intimate with her), I soon joined them on the floor - taking my seat on the back of the prone gent.

It didn't take much encouragement for J and I to start kissing, our tongues dancing together in excitement, and I ran my fingers over the thin skin-tight latex that hugged her slim body.  I felt her nipples harden under my caresses, and she returned the favour by sliding her hands into the lace-top of my bodysuit and stroked my breasts.  We moved closer together, still using the clearly very happy gentleman as a makeshift chaise-lounge, and she spread her shapely thighs.  I wasted no time in exploring the pirates treasure of pearls that snuggled between her thighs.

It was at that point that our human loveseat hit more stormy waters, as he suddenly moved.  As slight as it was, it was still enough to tumble us from our perch on his back onto the floor.  Our love-making, which at that point had remained largely hidden from view of the watching crowd (even if they had a clear idea of what we were doing), was cast wide open.  My tits were clearly on show, and my fingers were still exploring the undersea caverns of J.  I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder - it was one of the security guards.  "You can't do that here at this time of night," he said, ""the Council can arrive any minute and then we'll be in trouble."  Fuck.  We clambered off the rather squashed gent and I was a little confused - I'd played many times at these parties and never been stopped before.  Oh well.  Even Zara herself was rather surprised at the stop of play, as in the past her events have been renown for the abundance of sexy playing.

J and I headed upstairs to where the VIP section was.  We could continue our fun there.  We found the VIP area fairly quiet, and resumed our carnal conquest on one of the black padded seats.  I pushed J onto her back, and the maiden immediately pulled up her skirt and opened her legs to allow me to board her body.  We kissed again, and again I ran my fingers down her body, slipping my hand between her thighs once more.

Another hand touched my shoulder - it was another one of the security team, telling us the same thing as the chap downstairs.  VIP clearly meant Vaginal Intercourse Prohibited tonight.  I later found out by the owner of Cirque that a 'well-meaning' member of the public (or someone with an agenda) had telephoned the council to complain about lewd behaviour in the club, prompting the council to threaten a spot-check. 

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - @ Zara DuRose's fetish party.
3.00am finally arrived - and official closing time for the night's entertainment.  Luckily, though, I had tickets for the private after-party, and it seemed that now the rules could be properly relaxed.  Those with tickets to continue the night's fun headed upstairs.  Back in the upstairs bar I managed to get chatting to the petite redheaded girl that had provided some saucy entertainment with her female lover in the dungeon earlier.  We chatted a little about her tattoos, but then she opened her thighs a little to show me some quite heavy bruising at the very top of the inside of her thigh - a reminder of her earlier lovemaking.  It looked very painful - and she assured me it was, and that it wasn't a particularly welcome memento of her earlier tryst.

I took the moment to comment on her pretty sea-green underwear - the small lace and silk bra just gently cupping her small but sexy breasts, silk panties and a lace and silk suspender belt - even though she was now only wearing one stocking, the other having been discarded at some point in the evening.  I brushed my hand over the soft silk of her panties, feeling the luxurious material that covered her modesty.  She gave me an encouraging smile, and I knelt down before her, gently spread her thighs and softly kissed the bruised top of her thigh.  " Do you mind me kissing this better?" I asked.  "Not at all," she sighed in reply, but I was aware the busy bar wasn't the most conducive place to carry on.

I took her hand and led her out into the corridor.  Just next to the bar door there were a couple of carpeted steps leading to the next (but closed) floor above.  I sat her down on the steps, removed her panties and spread her legs again.  I gently stroked her delicate pussy as I knelt before her, using my long fingers to open the silken lips of her cunt, revealing the treasures beneath.  I lowered my head and licked her opened flower, tasting her delights dancing on my tongue.  I began to slide my fingers in and out of her slick pussy, nibbling and licking the hard pearl of her clitoris.  My administrations were now causing her toned body to tense up, and I could feel her strong muscles clasping at my fingers as they massaged the soft channel of her cunt.  I felt, rather than heard, the tidal surge of her orgasm, her grip tightening suddenly on my slender fingers.  As her waves of pleasure receded, I became aware of a small watching crowd - I hadn't even realised we had an audience as I was so engrossed in my playing.

We headed back to the bar, where I bumped in Lucia Love, who would be doing a show of her own a little later.  We ended up having a long talk, and I even offered to help her out with act should she wish.  Sadly, I didn't get chance.

Instead I got chatting to a gorgeous and very fit brunette girl, topless but with skin-tight fish-scale patterned hotpants and high heels.  We'd chatted earlier in the evening, so I knew she was a pole-dancer from a club in York.  She was clearly very keen on taking her place on the 'naughty step' outside the bar door.  I led her through the crowd and she took her place on the step, spreading her strong thighs.  We kissed hungrily, swapping saliva as our lips caressed.  I peeled down her lycra shorts, and once more buried my head in a girl's cunt.  I lapped at her, and my fingers once again slipped inside a warm and deliciously-tight cunt.  I finger-fucked her, taking turns in kissing her lips and drinking her juices as I played with her.  We fucked, alone this time as Lucia was doing her own performance that kept much of the after-party crowd in the bar.  I didn't mind that I'd missed her sexy show too much - having my fingers and tongue embedded in the cunt of a very sexy pole-dancer from York was a more than sufficient substitute.

Eventually, all good things must pass, and the night finally ended around 6.00am.  I walked outside to be confronted with early morning sunshine.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - home time, @ Zara DuRose's fetish party.
Yes, ten hours after walking into the club as the evening sun lowered in the summer sky I was leaving as new sun rose.  Another amazing and sexy party from Zara and her team, which, despite the best efforts of those unknown people who tried to get it curtailed, was yet another colossal success.

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