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London Fetish Weekend 2017 - Part Two

Part Two of my London Fetish Weekend blog begins on Saturday - appropriately, given the name, just two hours after finally getting to bed after my Friday-night Subversive shenanigans.

There was method to my madness, however - the Fetish Fair was being held on Saturday... unfortunately nowhere near my hotel.  My plan was to get to the Fair as soon as the doors opened, then get back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep before the next party on Saturday night.

That meant an early start, and an early tube ride (thankfully not as busy as Friday morning) from Euston to Hammersmith.  I dressed in a daytime/tube-travelling fetish friendly way in my slinky catsuit (with full crotch zip, of course), my low boots and leather jacket and made my way west to the Novotel at Hammersmith, where the Fair was being held.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - leather on the Underground.
I dismebarked the tube at Hammersmith station, and enjoyed a fabulous (and what felt like a very, very early) breakfast at Bill's - a small restaurant chain that I've always been impressed with since finding their Bath branch when I visited the old city.  After a much needed recharge at Bill's, it was a short stroll over to the Novotel.  Suddenly, old memories came flooding back as I rounded the corner to the Novotel entrance - it was here, way, waaay back in 1994 (oh my God, that is 23 years ago!) that I and a couple of friends parked our car after a long journey from Yorkshire in order to attend our first fetish event - the legendary Skin Two Ball, held at the nearby Hammersmith Palais.  I still remember (and being new to 'the scene') being amazed at the long and incredibly stylish queue, and staring as huge limousines pulled up outside to drop off glamorous and astonishingly beautiful creatures, looking as though they were visiting from another world.

These days, of course, the old Palais has long gone, another place of great memories consigned to history in the search of 'progress' - indeed, the spot that the old palais de dance stood now looks like this...

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - NOT the Hammersmith Palais.
 ...and I know which I prefer.  Casting old memories aside I found my way in to the (slightly more discrete) side entrance of the hotel for the Fetish Fair.  I was bit early, as the doors only opened at midday.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Fetish Fair, London Fetish Weekend 2017.
Bang on midday the doors finally opened, and I wandered in.  Although many stalls were still setting up, I did manage to have a walk around and meet a few friends who were down for the Fetish Weekend on a purely business level - some of whom I'd not seen since my Berlin visit earlier in the year.  In truth there wasn't anything on any of the stalls that I really needed, so after an hour (mostly chatting to said friends) I said my goodbyes and headed back outside and towards the tube station.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Fetish Fair, London Fetish Weekend 2017.
By early afternoon I was back in my hotel bed, resting before getting ready for the event - the Cabaret Of Excess, hosted by the gorgeous Zara DuRose.

I woke and dressed in plenty of time - I wanted to be on time and Zara's party started early at 8.00pm.  I chose my pink latex lingerie set (bought really to wear in the bedroom for the pleasure of my gentlemen visitors) and some high-heeled sandals.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - ready for The Cabaret Of Excess, London Fetish Weekend 2017.
With a taxi booked for 8.00pm, it meant I was at the venue in nearby Blundell Street Studios by 8.15pm.  However, some last-minute venue issues meant that the doors (and indeed gates to the venue compound) were still closed, so that entailed a bit of standing around for a short while.  Thankfully, it wasn't raining and it did give me the chance to chat to a lovely and very pretty Aussie girl who had also arrived early.

Finally the gates opened and access granted.  I took the opportunity of my early arrival and a quiet venue for a few snapshots - not easy in the sexy low light.  Upstairs, as on Zara's previous events here, were two playrooms with well-constructed play equipment.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - The Cabaret Of Excess, London Fetish Weekend 2017.
Downstairs, there was another play area featuring sexy circular bed/seat (reminding me of my previous night's sexy fun with my gorgeous lady lover on the circular bed at Subversion) and a dancefloor, already playing some very sexy club tunes.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - The Cabaret Of Excess, London Fetish Weekend 2017.
The club began to fill quickly, but thankfully I'd managed to catch a quick chat with Zara (always busy on her own nights) and some of her lovely team, and more and more friends arrived, including R, a lovely Dutch gentleman that I met back at the Dominatrix party last December, and dressed again as a latex pony.  As always at Zara's events, the crowd was glamorous and in a playful, party mood.  There was lots and lots of stunning ladies present in wonderful and sexy attire.  It wasn't long before a young, gorgeous little redhead wearing a latex bodysuit, fishnet tights and boots caught my eye.

We talked for a little while, admiring each others outfits as the crowd flowed sensually around us, moving to the erotic beats of the dancefloor.  I found out that this was her first fetish event, and she'd actually made her latex outfit herself.  I ran my nylon-gloved fingers over her outfit, feeling the sexy warmth of her body beneath the thin rubber, my hands lingering over her small pert breasts.  She moved closer and, in the assembled heat of the fetish crowd, began kissing deeply, and I delighted in tasting her red lipstick on my lips and tongue, running my hands through the ponytail of her long red hair.  We broke apart briefly, and I asked her if she wanted to play a bit more.  Her bright eyes gleamed as she agreed, and we moved over to the circular bed.

I lad her back on the soft leatherette seat, sliding between her open thighs, feeling her raised crotch rising to meet my body as I pressed against her.  We kissed again, my hungry hands now running more eagerly over her small body.  My fingers slid down to her crotch, and through the thin latex I could feel the define of her fishnet tights and soft curves of her cunt.  I reached down to find the fastening method of her bodysuit, only to find it didn't exist.  "Oh shit," she sighed disappointedly, "I forgot about that..."  The laughter somewhat broke the mood, sadly, and after kissing again she headed off into the crowd, and I figured that her 'inaccessible' outfit would annoy her a bit more before the night was over.  I could feel my own juices slick against the tight, shiny crotch of my panties, now, and sexual frustration fizzed around my body.

I worked some of it off on the dancefloor, basking in the scents of sweet sweat, latex and perfume, and enjoying the sensual frottage as men and women brushed against my bare skin as they danced.  Getting slightly hot and needing air and room, I ended up dancing on the empty stage at one point, eventually joined by a gorgeous brunette who took some delight in moving her lingerie-clad body tightly against mine as the music thrust its heavy beat across the room.  We may have been the main stage action for the evening had we been allowed to continue, as, still feeling incredibly horny after my redhead and her costume design flaws, I was getting to the point of ripping her little lingerie set off her body and fucking her right there, but we had to climb down off our perch in order to make way for the real stage performer - the lovely Sukki Singapora.  I stayed to watch her stylish, professional and well-executed burlesque performance, only realising afterwards that my sexy dancing partner had merged away into the crowd during Sukki's performance.  Foiled again!  I rejoined friends in the chill-out area after a while, soon finding myself chatting to friends and strangers who were sat nearby.  Places to sit, sadly, were a bit rare - luckily R came to my rescue, kneeling down on all fours to provide a comfortable, if occasionally unsteady, pony-like saddle-seat.

A dark-haired girl in gothic black, sat next to me on a low stool, put her hand on my thigh as we chatted in a small circular group.  I became aware that her gentle hands were making rhythmic strokes up and down my latex-clad thigh, taking a little more time when her delicate fingers stroked over the top of my stockings and reached my bare flesh.  The tips of her fingers brushed my latex-covered crotch.  I parted my thighs a little for her, even though we'd hardly said two words to each other.  On the next pass her fingers applied a little more pressure to the tight material covering my cunt.  On the third pass her fingers stayed pressed against my cunt, and began stroking up and down my pussy lips.  I parted my thighs a little more, inviting her to explore further.  She responded by leaning over, pulling down and stripping off my panties, before her fingers resumed their caresses, now over my naked and displayed cunt.  I could feel my pussy juice dripping down past my arse, onto the latex back of my human pony, who seemed to be enjoying the extra scene that he was now part of.

Gothic-girl's fingers dipped into my oiled honey-pot, sliding easily into my well-lubricated cunt whilst her thumb pressed on my engorged clit.  With a large watching crowd, I leaned back on my pony-seat, spreading my legs as far as possible and exposing myself to the gathered voyeurs whilst Gothic-girl finger-fucked me to a hot and slippery orgasm.  Satisfaction at last.

By 3.30am tiredness was kicking in after two long days, and with the club slowly emptying.  By 4.00am I was once again back in my hotel bedroom, my latex lingerie on the floor whilst memories of the night drifted through my sleepy head.

So, after two fantastic nights courtesy of Subversion and Zara DuRose I decided that this year's London Fetish Weekend was one to remember.  I certainly headed back north with plenty of fabulous and sexual memories, and a few contact details of some very sexy girls in my handbag.

Roll on the rest of the Fetish Party Season!

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