Monday, 1 January 2018

Revolutions, Resolutions and Rebellions

Hmmm... so, some of the more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there hasn't been a new post since the 10th December, and I've also neglected my usual Christmassy attempt for the Picture Of The Week for my website.

There are two reasons.  Reason One - it's been the usual hectic Season Of Goodwill©, which was then partly ruined by an ongoing access issue with my internet provider - which was Reason Two.  The bits of Goodwill I had remaining for Christmas and the New Year were quickly worn out by having all my access denied to certain websites - mine and my Blog included - when my internet connection was even running, that is.  It was only after repeated attempts to resolve it with their lovely but rather inept overseas call centre and I finally asked them to cancel my account was it finally sorted. Thankfully, all appears to be OK now, so on with the (now belated) Best Wishes for 2018.

So, a recap first.  Since the 10th December and my visit to Marilyn Manson, I've been busy with fitting in family and friend visits inbetween spreading some Christmas joy by spreading my legs and having some very lovely gentlemen give me their own hot and hard Yuletide Logs.

Then, an announcement in late December made the Season Of Goodwill© even less palatable - Bonbon, one of my favourite shops and regular haunt, was to be closing it's door for the final time on the 30th December.  Many readers will know that the sensational little chocolate boutique has featured a few times over the years, so it felt genuinely like a personal loss to hear the news.  The reason - the site where the shop stands on tiny John Street (an appropriate name to me, of course - no wonder I felt at home there!) is being flattened and redeveloped.  Into another city centre apartment block... because what we need in the city centre, and especially the characterful Northern Quarter is more apartments, I think.

Wanting to take some flowers along as a gift for the lovely girls that run it, I checked out a few flower shops but the displays were all a bit sad and tired.  I decided to try Frog, just around the corner from Bonbon.  The owner was busy filling his van with wedding flowers (he was booked to provide the flowers for a New Years Eve wedding in London!).  I asked about a couple of small bouquets, but he replied that he only did corporate and wedding events.    I mentioned the girls from Bonbon and, bless him, he immediately stopped his work and put together two gorgeous bunches of flowers for me - he was perhaps almost as sad to see them go as I was.  So, flowers in hand, I made my way over to the heavenly haunt and had my last hot chocolate, tea, choccy cake and , er, chocolates - it sounds a lot, but I was there for the last three hours of the opening.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Bonbon, Manchester.
However, there has been some last minute good news - Bonbon will still be operating from a new venue just a few hundred yards away on Oldham Street.  I'm already looking forward to visiting again at the new home.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Bonbon, Manchester
 Christmas Day itself was spent with friends getting shamefully drunk in a local bar (as my annual walk in the Lakes was rained off again for the 3rd year running), that must have wondered what hit it in the four hours it was open over lunch time.  My personal bar bill was over £100 - something of a record for just four hours of drinking.  My only excuse, your Honour, was that I bought a few rounds of drinks for the bar staff, too.  Still, the alcohol was a bit of a shock to my party-weary body and the receipts almost as much of a shock the following morning.  Oh well - it was Christmas.

Finally, onto New Years Eve.  This year it was rejoining friends for a long night at Manchester's Rebellion bar on Deansgate Locks.  Deansgate Locks, I have to say, is not my usual haunt, but the circus theme of the night, plus ten hours of rock/heavy metal and 1980's 'classics' with a friendly and alternative crowd was enough to lure me to the area.

I chose my red corset, some fishnet tights, frilly panties (crotchless, so some very skimpy g-string thongs underneath to keep my modesty in place and my new Natacha Marro boots.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - New Years Eve Rebellion, Manchester.
Thankfully, the heavy rain had eased by the time we got to the club and joined the short queue.  Once inside, there were hook-a-duck and shooting stalls and a horse racing game.  I tried my hand at hooking first, being something of a, well, hooker.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - hooking, of course.
I can happily report that my hooking was successful, and I returned to my table with a new Hawaiian garland.  Next, after another drink, shooting.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - shooting, unsuccessfully.
Sadly, this time my hand-eye coordination wasn't so good, and despite two attempts I failed.  I was especially disappointed as I really wanted to win the cheap over-sized sunglasses on offer as a prize.  I must have looked a bit dejected as a chap nearby, the proud winner of such a pair of stylish eye-wear, gave me his instead.

Lastly, the horse riding game, which involved rapidly 'riding' a plastic toy horse and the quicker you 'rode' it the faster it went.  Surprisingly, it seemed like I was good at riding and using my hands, too, as I won that one.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - riding.
 Riding and hooking - I'll stick to these in future.

The night was improved dramatically a little later on.  I had been doing a lap-dance for some of the friends in the group, when a voluptuous girl on a nearby sofa caught my eye.  Long red hair, gorgeous lips and all tits and arse, she was stunning in her short and loose dress.  I walked over to her and began to give her a lap dance - which she clearly loved.  I could feel her hands all over my body, touching me in places that would have got her kicked out of lap-dancing clubs when I was a dancer!

I straddled M as she sat on the sofa, brushing my breasts across her face before lowering my face to hers.  She quickly leaned forward and began kissing me, and I felt her hot tongue in my mouth.  Now, I've had a few similar experiences at fetish clubs, but not a vanilla rock club.  Nevertheless, I kissed the gorgeous girl back, and pretty soon we were fully engaged in some very heavy petting.  I felt her hand snaking up between my thighs, and very quickly they slipped inside my panties, sliding gently over my moist pussy lips.  We pretty much remained entangled for the remainder of the night, either on the dance-floor, rubbing up against ach other and allowing our hands to stroke and caress, or on the sofa, with our fingers buried in each others damp panties, exploring the heat and warmth of our bodies.  At one point she straddled me as I sat on the sofa.  I ran my hands over M's thighs, gliding my fingers over the tops of her stockings and suspenders (my kind of girl!) before easing two fingers into her hot and soaking cunt.  In the midst of a crowded club I finger fucked her, her glorious juices oiling my fingers and running down over my hand.  I pulled my hand away, and delighted in tasting her heavenly nectar as I sucked her cum off my fingers.  At one point, with a couple of guys staring like they'd never seen two girls fucking before (ah, but we were in a normal nightclub, though - I forget sometimes!) I did wonder if we'd get thrown out, but no-one seemed to bother too much!

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort -  more fun and games at Rebellion, Manchester.
My fishnet tights did get completely ruined in the course of the night thanks to M's inquisitive fingers, but it was certainly worth it.

It was well past 3.30am when I decided it was time to head home - all my lipstick seemed to have transferred over to M and my hands smelling sweetly of her perfume and cunt juice.  A great night out and a great way to see in 2018 - I hope the rest of the year is as good.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Happy New Year!

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