Sunday, 19 August 2018

Ten Years After

Ten years.  A decade.  Say it quickly and it disappears off the tongue in a second.  However, for many of us we'll only get seven or eight such periods in our life - some maybe more, some poor souls a lot less.

Ten years ago I was still avoiding having anything like a 'normal job'.  I was working occasionally from Ess & Emm in Warwickshire as a professional Domme, which was not only a fantastic place to work from but it also meant that every month or so I was spending a lot of time with very dear friends.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - a Domme, ten years ago.
When not at Ess&Emm, I was having a ball with a lovely lady and her partner who had introduced me to the relatively new delights of Adultwork and we spent some hilarious evenings at either their home or mine doing webcam work for AW - fabulous sexy fun that always turned out to be a little more like a 'Carry On...' film than serious erotica.  I had my own Adultwork profile, of course, and spent some hours posing and modelling - helped by the aforementioned couple running their own swinging and fetish clubs in the midlands which gave some suitable locations to work and party from.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - harlot-to-be, ten years ago.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - harlot-to-be with a strap-on, ten years ago.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - harlot-to-be, ten years ago.

Ah, those were the days.  Despite numerous requests whilst webcamming, it would be another four years later that I finally moved into escort work.

Whilst I was covering myself in baby oil, cream cakes and pussy juice whilst simultaneously wearing out numerous vibrators in front of a camera, a little stall moved from Afflecks Palace in Manchester to take over a whole shop on Tib Street in Manchester's Northern Quarter.  Since then it has quietly gone about its business of providing astonishing, meticulous made-to-measure corsets and outfits

So, this weekend, Kiku, formerly 'Vintage To Fetish' in Afflecks, opened it's doors for an incredible 10-year anniversary party.  Ten years may not be a huge amount to some people in business, of course, but reamins a testament to the hard work and brilliant designs of the store - testament also that the party brought people back to visit and celebrate with them from all over the country.

I made sure that I arrived early and dropped off my congratulatory flowers and booze before getting some lunch at nearby Folk & Soul.  It gave me a chance to seek out some of the Bee In The City artworks that are dotted all over the city and area.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Bee In The City, Manchester.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Bee In The City, Manchester.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Bee In The City, Manchester.
By 2.00pm I was back at Kiku, and spent the rest of the afternoon through to 8.00pm celebrating with friends in the little shop.  There were two burlesque performances, one from Millie Dollar and one from Cherie Bebe to entertain the assembled crowd.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Millie Dollar, Kiku, Manchester.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Millie Dollar, Kiku, Manchester.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Cherie Bebe, Kiku, Manchester.
It was almost as entertaining to see the surprise from people walking past the open door and glance in, to be confronted by some shimmying and shaking from nearly-naked beautiful girls.  It was a great day and a great party, although my part in a female-duet with my friend M, bawling out Bonnnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' was perhaps challenging for some.

So, happy anniversary to the Kiku team - to have succeeded for ten years as an independent retailer in the fashion trade is fantastic - to have succeeded for ten years selling bespoke corsets, lingerie and dresses is a truly amazing feat.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Kiku, Manchester.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Zara DuRose - Wonderland

I had little time for post-holiday blues on my return from the wonders of Venice.  I had a day back in Manchester with my suitcase still in the hallway, empty but waiting to be refilled.  Then, on Thursday I repacked the suitcase and headed south again - OK, not quite as far as Venice but I did make it to the centre of England.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - centre of England.
There was a reason to be staying two nights at The Bulls Head in Meriden, though - and it wasn't to look at a brass plaque.  On Friday night I joined friends at the inn restaurant for a lovely meal and get-together before heading back to my bedroom to take a few saucy snaps - I didn't spend too long doing them as I was slightly inebriated after a fair few cocktails, though... but hopefully there will be something I can put up on my website...

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - nylon fetish tights.
I was up relatively early on Saturday for breakfast before resting a bit more prior to lunch.  It's a bit similar to the way athletes prepare for a big game or event... but in reverse.  The reason - mid-afternoon I would be rejoining friends for a short taxi trip down a rabbithole a few miles away.  Yes, it was a return to one of Zara DuRose's parties - this time with an Alice In Wonderland theme, and held at a mansion in the countryside - a full 13 hours of partying ahead, hence my careful (forgetting the cocktail intake the night before) pre-planning.

Now, I really don't usually follow themes at fetish parties, but with the recent heatwave still very much apparent (even if Saturday was slightly overcast it was still hot... damned hot) I didn't quite fancy spending 13 hours in latex or leather.  Therefore, thinking that most people would be turning up in Alice/Madhatter/Queen Of Hearts/White Rabbit outfits, I decided to go for the least sexy character and see if I could somehow vamp it up for fun, Dexi Delite style.  So, TweedleDeelite was born.

Made up of cheap bits and pieces from Amazon and Ebay, I slipped into my outfit.  Yellow cropped t-shirt.  Red braces.  White over-knee socks.  Clinging red high-waisted panties.  White collar and blue bowtie.  Cap.  High heeled-boots.  I looked somewhat like a bizarre entity from a children's TV show presenter and lap-dance club bargirl, but the effect was what I'd planned for.

The taxi duly arrived and 15 minutes later my friends and I arrived at Wonderland.  The venue, superbly and creatively decked-out with Wonderland trimmings, was fantastic.  Small multicoloured light bulbs were strung between trees and lined the pathways, and huge red roses were in abundance - Wonderland indeed.  I couldn't wait for the party to get started.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
Whilst it was quiet I had a look around the mansion.  Outside there were covered stalls, lovely lawns, plenty of seating and even a swimming pool.  Inside, the mansion's bedrooms were remade into playrooms for S&M and sexy delights.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
It was clear that Zara had managed to out-do herself.  I went back outside into the sun and found a bar, situated next to the swimming pool.  There was a list of 'Alice In Wonderland'-themed cocktails, and it would have been rude not to sample a couple.  The stunning and petite brunette that served me, in a very skimpy lace bodysuit, was a bonus.  Hmmm, I thought, I wonder if she'll be on the sampling list later...?  As, it turned out, she was up for some fun, so we planned to meet up later on.

Over the course of the next few hours more friends turned up, and I spent quite some time catching up with fantastic theatrical performer Marnie Scarlet, whose partner Max Deviant sadly couldn't make it due to work.  Such is life - even in the fetish scene, it seems.

I also managed to browse the stalls but spent more time chatting with other friends than properly looking.  The only thing I came out with was an empty cocktail glass.  Back to the bar (hello, brunette!) and then the group of us spotted some spare seats around the swimming pool.  We spent the next hour relaxing in the lovely afternoon sun to the soft sound of Ibiza chill-out music, sipping cocktails, watching lots of gorgeous people in various fetish outfits arriving and slinking about.

It was quite strange to be sat on the side of a swimming pool, feet dangling in the cool water, sipping a cocktail whilst naked and latex-clad people frolicked in the pool next to me - certainly not your average poolside party.

As the afternoon waned and the sun dipped, the music went a few degrees hotter and louder, and the party began to unfurl and spread it's wings.  As the shadows deepened the darker side of Wonderland was revealed.

I had another stroll around the mansion.  Upstairs, the large rose bed was getting well used by a couple slowly fucking, the girl on her back with her legs around her lover's neck as he stroked his cock into her.  The S&M playrooms were also warming up, the gentle sounds of leather against naked skin shimmering in the air before I even got to the door - inside a lady was bent over a metal-framed bench, her partner colouring her arse with strategic swipes of his heavy leather paddle.

The evening wore on, and the cooling temperature drew more people inside to the various play areas.  On my next tour, the big upstairs bedroom had a bed-full of writhing bodies as various couples made their own sexy Wonderland.  The playrooms downstairs were now also busy, with the bondage equipment in full use.

I found myself back at the bar - D, the sexy brunette was serving again.  We chatted and flirted, and she soon said excitedly that she wanted me to flog her.  Well, an offer a girl like me can't refuse... but I had no play equipment with me.  "I've got a flogger," said P, a male friend close by.  "I've got loads of stuff," added S, another enthusiastic chap - both clearly wanted a spectacle.  D took a break from her chores, happily encouraged by her co-workers.

I led D down to the lower playroom where a St. Andrews Cross was waiting to be used.  I borrowed a soft leather flogger, its numerous long fronds heavy in my hand.  I gently began to strike at her gorgeous buttocks, building up a nice flowing rhythm.  Around us the party seemed to slow down, drifting slowly and dreamily away.  My strokes grew heavy, building to a cutting full-on series of strikes.  I stopped, briefly, to breeze my fingers of the hot curves of her arse.  Exquisite.  I swapped implements, picking up a thin long stiff whip.  I took careful aim, striking stinging lashes against her arse.  She writhed around sexily against the Cross, pulling at her restraints as I seductively stung her with my whip. I stooped whipping her, stepped close to her.  I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and perfume.  I touched her, gliding my fingers down her beautiful back to her hot bare arse.  She moaned softly as my fingers touched the hot red marks that tattooed her buttocks.

She whispered that she was OK to carry on, but was close to her limit.  I promised a few more lashes and she steeled herself for the last strikes.  Precision strikes on her quivering glistening buttocks, and I loosened her restraints.  We kissed, and I savoured the taste of her lips, sweeter and more intoxicating than the cocktails.  She sighed that she had to go back to work.  I'd forgotten that she was meant to be serving at the bar... but not that her work colleagues minded - they'd certainly enjoyed the show.

I kissed her goodbye, but my little scene has left me wet and hungry for something more substantial than alcohol.  I went back upstairs to the large bedroom.  Once again a full-on orgy was taking place, cocks getting sucked and pussies getting fucked.  A small crowd watched.  A slender guy stood nearby, his cock bulging in his latex shorts at the vision of sexual delights on the bed.  I caught his eye and beckoned him over to a small rocking chair.  I peeled off my clinging red shorts and spread my legs.  No words required.  He slipped on a condom and guided the thick head of his cock into my ravenous pussy.  He fucked me slowly, using the to-and-fro movements of the rocking chair to slide his cock in and out of me.  Soon we had our own small crowd of quiet watchers.

We both came quickly, my own orgasm tumbling over as he fired his cum into me.  He pulled out of me, and like a decadent hussy I smiled my thanks, gently kissed him and sauntered off without any further conversation.  Lovely.

I was soon sipping another cocktail, satisfying another thirst, and found more friends from Manchester that had made the journey down the rabbit hole - J and her new partner.

Although I'd known and fancied J for many years, I'd never managed to play with her.  Wonderland was to change that.  We found a spare bedroom, smaller and more intimate than the main room.  Closed the door - this was our time.  We joined each other on the bed, and I kissed her soft lips, touching and stroking her body as I felt her hands on mine.  We kissed for a while, gently exploring each other, fingers slipping into hot liquid cunts, before switching around to a '69'.  I licked at her pussy and felt her tongue in mine, delighting in the taste and flavours of her body.

We moved around again, and as she knelt on the bed and lowered her mouth to my pussy once more her partner manoeuvred behind her, sliding his erect cock into her.  She licked, lapped and finger-fucked my dripping cunt whilst she was ridden, and I delighted in watching her cum, allowing my own second orgasm of the night to wash over me.

With people waiting outside to use the room we went back downstairs, finding ourselves with yet more cocktails.  I had another stroll around the grounds, spotting a number of naked bodies near the swimming pool but engaged in something that certainly didn't look like the breaststroke.

After nearly thirteen hours of partying, I was growing tired, though.  With a taxi arriving at 3.30am I was soon saying my farewells and heading back to reality.

One of the best parties that I've been to, though, and certainly a Wonderland that I'd love to return to.  Now... where's that Looking Glass...?

Dexi Delite Altrincham and Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose and Wonderland.
It's also that time of the year (well, a little later than usual to be honest as I've been busy) that I've updated my website - once again with some of my favourite photos from this year so far.