Sunday, 17 November 2019

Zara DuRose 'Speakeasy' - Brighton Belles

Early November saw another long trip south to one of my favourite places - Brighton.  Like earlier in the year, the reason was another Zara DuRose event at a little decadent hotel in the city centre.  It was a close-run thing, though - having caught the season's dreaded and widespread lurgy (friends in Manchester and the south were struggling with it) I was debating whether or not I would be well enough for the trip, let alone the party.

And it was a very early start to the Thursday journey south from Manchester - the plan was to get to Brighton for around 10.00am, and with a five-hour journey ahead let me say that I saw a part of the morning that is usually unseen to me.

Thankfully, it was a trouble-free journey down, and by 9.30am (record time) I was strolling into Brighton's lovely North Laines for a late breakfast.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Brighton.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - sexy bike and leathers.
The rest of the day was spent strolling the lovely centre of Brighton (and doing a fair bit of shopping) before a giant pink pierced snail caught my eye.  It was Punktured, a piercing shop, and I'd been thinking of having an extra ear-piercing for some time.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to finally get it done.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - heading for another hole...
An hour later and I had another extra hole to the ones I was born with.  Painful, but worth it, thinking of the lovely ear-jewelry I'd seen that I could now decorate myself with.

As the afternoon waned it was time to head back to the hotel for a drink before eating again.  A heavy squall as the dark of evening fell put paid to my plans of a gentle stroll back to the centre to find somewhere to eat - instead, on a recommendation from the lovely barstaff member, I headed around the corner to Wolfox - an odd name certainly, but I have to say the food was incredible - well-recommended indeed.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Wolfox, Brighton.
Afterwards I'm afraid to say it was back to the lovely hotel room for as long a rest as I could.

Friday was party-day, so I was determined to take it easy and conserve my limited lurgy-affected strength for the night.  But of course, there's always time for an afternoon photo-session, for which I'd brought my crotchless bodystocking, fetish leather gloves and Louboutin high heels.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - leather glovesx and bodstocking.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - bodystocking, leather gloves and Louboutins, hotel room.
 I'd also brought along my Kiku robe (something a few of my gentlemen visitors might recognise) as a second choice for some photos...  Overall, the photos turned out better than I expected they would, given how ill I was.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - robed.
There was time for yet another doze before getting ready for the party.  I don't always 'do' the themes of fetish events - for me the theme is always filthy fetish anyway - but I'd decided to follow the 'Speakeasy' theme vaguely this time... my custom-made pink Kiku corset (beautifully cut to bare my tits), stockings, panties (that would soon come off, it transpired) and high-heeled boots.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort -  poorly but ready to party.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - dressed for fun.
I headed downstairs, thinking to myself "if I can manage an hour or two before going back to bed, it will be an achievement...".  The bar area was already pretty full by the time I got there - the slightly later start than the previous ZDR event in Brighton meant everyone was raring to go by 8.00pm.  Sadly, still feeling only about 50% healthy, I wasn't.

Nevertheless, a cocktail later and the arrival of friends meant at least my spirits were buoyed.  Having been before I showed them the set-up with the downstairs playrooms (one with a large circular bed), and ground floor dungeon room.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - the bed, a bit quieter than it would be later.
 As we got back to the bar I realised my glass was empty, and soon another cocktail was helping drown the lurgy bugs.

After an hour or so the small space was cleared in the bar area for the first of the night's little acts - a lady stapling balloons to herself then bursting them.  She got a good cheer at the end, but still looked deflated as she left the room.  Deflated!!! Get it?  Oh, OK...

My now-empty cocktail glass was replaced by another, at which point I decided my panties were superfluous to my outfit.  I peeled them off in the busy bar, delighting in the cool breeze around my newly-bared pussy.  I continued chatting to friends as more arrived, my shaved pubis garnering a bit of attention from couples sat on sofas around the bar whose eyes were just at the right level to view my pussy.

A few of the group headed downstairs to the basement playrooms.  In the main room, on the large circular bed a group of bodies were already writhing in various states of fucking.  One man was kneeling, his pretty female knelt before him, taking the length of his stiff cock in her mouth.  Another couple were also enjoying some oral fun, this time the roles reversed as the lady laid back, long legs spread, and her lover delighted her with his tongue delving into her cunt.  A third couple were fucking hard, and from my standing position I could see his cock plunging in and out of his blonde lady's wet and willing pussy.  Wonderful.

I found a space on the bed and laid back, opening my thighs to the watching crowd.  I ran a slim finger through the engorged lips of my pussy, feeling the hot sexy slickness of my arousal.  I lifted my finger to my mouth, tasting my sweetness, before looking encouragingly at a watching young man.  He took the hint, stepping over to me on the bed.  I lowered his head to my pussy, and he wasted no time in lapping at my wetness.  I laid back, feeling the closeness of the lady who was initially getting licked out but was now getting fucked.  All around sounds of sex flowed around the room, soft moans, heavy rhythmic breathing, words of love and passion, and the muted sounds that only two bodies fucking together can make.  It was fucking horny, I can tell you.  It certainly helped me reach my orgasm, and I came, bucking my hips and pussy against my lover's lips, my soft cries joining the others floating around the room.

I kissed my lover my thanks, and he asked if I wanted a drink.  Well, why not.  I walked up the stairs back to the ground floor, delighting in the view that my following young man would have of my slick pussy and the gentle pressures as my aroused lips rubbed against each other as I walked up the steep stairs.  We rejoined friends back in the ground floor bar, and I found another cocktail in my hands.  We were just in time for the next act, and a stunning and gorgeously curvaceous brunette moved to the small cleared bar area.

Her act was much, much more up my kind of street.  Wearing a small pin-striped waistcoat and shorts outfit, she proceeded to strip to stockings and barely-there lingerie, before splatting herself all over with foamy cream, which managed to get into just about every part of her delightful body it could.  It was messy, and very, very bloody sexy.  I could feel my pussy juice slowly oozing down my thigh as I watched her.  I'd have made her and me even more messy given half the chance, though, and I was certainly waiting for any offer to join the fun.  Sexy girls getting mucky, slippery and wet - yes, that's my thing, definitely.

The act over, and a group of us decamped to the empty dungeon room.  A few others followed, and as one lady in a black evening dress wandered in I jokingly said "you can only come in if you take your dress off," to which she promptly and happily did, revealing a sexy crotchless bodystocking underneath.  Another couple came in, again the lady in a sexy black minidress.  I repeated my line, and once again the black dress came off.  This was something I could get used to, I thought.

I was just thinking about beautiful brunettes when D and her partner entered the room.  I'd first met the stunning D when she was tending bar at another Zara DuRose event last year, and all-too briefly had a play with her.  It wasn't long before I decided I wanted my turn at eating some pussy.  D sat back on a sofa, a bright "Showtime" sign illuminating her.  I dipped my head between her parted thighs.  My tongue licked delicately at her hot pussy, her scents and taste dizzying my delighted head.  I indulged myself, losing myself in the texture and taste of her petals.  I was slight;y aware of others filling the room, but couldn't break away from D's pulsating pussy for even a second.

She came, and I felt her heady heat against my tongue and lips, her sparkling juices dancing on my taste buds.  Bloody lovely, although the sofa was now a bit wet where she had been sat.  "Anyone else?" I jokingly asked the busy room.  A small voice piped up..."me, please."  Another beautiful brunette, slim and stunning.  Encouraged by her partner, she took her place on the sofa, and again I breathed in the heavenly scent of sweet, gorgeous cunt as I lowered my face between her thighs.  It was fantastic to go from one girl straight to another, the tastes a million times different, yet somehow always unmistakably the same.  Once again there was a very happily entertained crowd whilst I licked, explored, tasted and drank the flavours of the brunette's pussy.  A little while later, and another brunette had left her mark on the sofa, and I had more cunt-juice running down my lips and chin.

Before I could say anything else another girl stepped past me and sat down, spreading her thighs whilst her partner sat beside her on the sofa.  It was the blonde lady I'd last seen downstairs, getting ploughed by her lover's cock.  I lowered my lips to her already-slick pussy.  She tasted of sex, cunt and cock, flavours that if you could bottle would make you a millionaire.  I drank her down whilst she wanked her partner's erect cock.  She came quietly, only the delicate change of in the taste of her pussy juice telling me that she'd cum.  The sofa definitely now need some special cleaning.

Licking out three gorgeous girls in around an hour - what a bloody brilliant way to spend time.  The cocktails at the hotel bar were great, but the cunt cocktails I'd been sampling from my Brighton Belles knocked them into a cocked hat.

Having said that, it was time for another cocktail... then another.  I'd had a great night, and considering I'd thought at 8.00pm that I'd only stay for an hour or so, it was now 4.30am.  I finally made it back to my room at 5.00am, taking my young pussy-licker with me for a now-early-morning fuck.  I was ready for it, wet and hungry, my hot oiled cunt clasping his cock, tiredness seeping off my body as he rode me, before the waves of pleasure engulfed me as my orgasm hit.

He slipped out of my room, and I dozed off, my slick cum seeping down my pussy and arse.  I'd just fallen into a deep sleep when my alarm went off - 6.00am, and time to get up, get showered and dressed, breakfast,  pack and head home.  I don't know how I did it, but by 9.30am I was back on the road north.

Another amazing Zara DuRose event, and I'd had an unexpectedly great night, considering how poorly I'd felt.  Partying, cocktails and sex - the best cure there is.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - hotel room, Brighton.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Wet And Wild

October is nearing it's wet and dismal end, and the festival of Halloween approaches.  Traditionally the time when the boundary between our world and the unseen world thins, and spirits walk abroad for this solitary night.  Bonfires and raging hearth fires were commonplace in ancient times, the warmth and light keeping the spirits from encroaching too closely.  If the fires weren't enough, there were always grotesquely-carved turnips (the traditional choice, especially in the Celtic  lands and north of England) and pumpkins (something I never saw as a child) to scare them away.

Sometimes, living on life's darkside is a little like the liminal time of Halloween - you end up with one foot in 'normal' (whatever that really is) life and one foot in a somewhat more decadent region.  The disparity flashes up at unexpected times.  Looking through books in the local library or bookshop something might catch your eye among the titles, such as CBT.  In normal parlance this, of course, is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  On the darkside, it is Cock and Ball Torture, and it's probably best not to get them mixed up at the wrong party or social gathering -  the invited local MP wouldn't have a clue about psycho-social intervention.

There is another one, too.  Watersports.  Yes, some immediately think of swimming, boating, water-skiing, rowing, etc.  Others will think immediately of something else...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - my usual kind of watersports.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - my usual kind of watersports.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - my usual kind of watersports.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - my usual kind of watersports.
Some people are just odd, of course.  Why anyone would think of rowing, and not pissing into the mouth of a willing lover, is beyond me, but then it takes all sorts.

I'm no stranger to the delights of emptying my bladder as a form of foreplay, nor of the special delights of a rubber catsuit and a little hard leather spanking paddle, but last weekend I did actually indulge in that odd form of watersports that still involves a bit of rubber and a bit of paddling... but also a river and an inflatable boat.  Yes, I was at the National White-Water Rafting Centre near Bala in lovely Wales for a bit of a bucket-list trip - a journey down a tough, fast, rock-strewn cascading river.

The Centre, based next to the River Tryweryn, is perfect - not only picturesque and delightful, but the upstream Llyn Celyn resevoir regularly disgorges water into the river, resulting in a fast-flowing force that heads past the centre and all the way to the River Dee.

I arrived nice and early for my pre-booked trip (feeling a little under-dressed without make-up and hairspray - but there seemed little point...), and a quick look at the challenging river left me a little daunted but tremendously excited.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.

I had time for a last-minute cup of tea and even some cheesy chips (important for the energy, you know...) before meeting up with my guide and two additional thrill-seekers.  We had a run-through of some basic safety requirements and instructions, and then it was time to slip into a wetsuit and head upstream for the first of four runs back down past the centre.

By the time we first took to the river I thought I'd have forgotten those important safety instructions, but it's funny how things come back to you when you need them.  Despite the endless stream of rucking water we still had to paddle hard to get into position before hitting the tough sections, otherwise it's easy to find yourself being pushed into parts of the rocky river that you don't want to go.  In my wetsuit I was certainly getting pretty warm, and as we approached the first narrowed, surging section the instructions of 'lean in' (everyone leans to the centre of the boat to stabilise it) or 'get  down' (where everyone moves from the side paddling points to the inside of the boat) for the really rough sections.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - River Tryweryn at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Once the flow of water takes the inflatable dinghy you feel very much just a passenger, and the endless-changing rush of water makes no run ever quite the same as it boils, twists, turns and changes every second - I can see why kayakers visit regularly for the never-ending challenge.

We managed to make the run four times in our allotted time, the drive back upstream in the Centre's Transit van a respite from the adrenaline surge before another rollicking ride ensued.

I frequently changed positions with the other two passengers in order to rest arms and shoulders (twisting one way to paddle for a full ninety minutes for hard paddling is very hard), and at one point I was instructed to sit low down in the front of the dinghy and we headed back out into the churning water.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - about to soaked at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
"Something is afoot," I thought, my Sherlock Holmes senses coming to the fore.  I was right.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - watersports at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - the big splash at the National White-Water Rafting Centre, Wales.

The bow of the inflatable dropped into the swell of the thundering water and I was suddenly drenched in a wave of lovely but very cold Welsh water.  Fabulous.

Eventually our time was up, and with adrenaline still surging through my veins like the water surges down the River Tryweryn, I headed home.

Something else ticked off that list, and a brilliant experience - fabulous people, beautiful scenery, tremendous fun and cheesy chips (vegan version available)!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Another Walk On The Wild Side

Last weekend was one of those slightly odd and almost surreal couple of days that you sometimes have when you have one foot in the dark-side and one foot in normal life (what you deem 'normal' to be, of course).

Back in the 1990s there was a thriving fetish scene across the UK, and very much so in the north of England.  Clubs sprang up from Liverpool all the way along the length of the M62 to Hull, and you could have a decent night in any one of them.

Club Lash was Manchester's event, ran back then by the lovely Rosie Lugosi (now a famed author).  Over the years the kinky scene and clubs have declined to the point of non-existence - much lamented on my blog may times over.  It would be a brave person who would try and go against the grain now, but perhaps there is a stirring in the kinky loins of Manchester.

The first problem is one of the official 'council' acceptance.  The local councils (Manchester city, in this case) can apply pressure by threatening to look at a club's licence if they hold events that aren't deemed correct - in today's politically-sensitive world it seems that as long as you have a cause then you can push back.  Not so the consenting adults of the kinky world - despite there never being any issues or trouble at these events.  Indeed, the last Zara DuRose party at Cirque was interrupted by the council as a self-imposed morality police force.  It's not just Manchester, either.  I understand Westminster Council in London are as draconian with their own rules and regulations, which is a surprise - there are more wet cunts and dribbling pricks in Parliament at the moment than I've ever seen in porn movies and adult clubs put together.

The second problem is venues themselves.  The kinky crowd aren't well known for drinking bars dry of alcohol - inebriation never goes well with either BDSM play or serious fucking, and that, combined with council threats, means fetish clubs can struggle to find suitable venues.

The second problem was largely overcome by one particular Manchester venue - Vanitas.  The brave and visionary management team took a chance in deciding they wanted a fetish event at the spectacular club just yards away from the main Deansgate strip.  The person they chose to run it - the lovely Zara DuRose, of course.  The event would be titled The Forest Of Wonders.

The fetish event would take place alongside the normal opening of the club, but ZDR ticket holders would be allowed into the small but lavish dungeon/play room and the large upstairs bar.  It's always tricky deciding what to wear for these mixed events - I settled on my long see-through red sequined gown, with only a tiny thong to preserve some modesty down below.

There is a problem with Manchester city centre parking - the main car-parks demand (make that rob) around £20-£25 for four to six hours.  If you want longer than that you may as well book a hotel room with free parking - look at it as a free accommodation for the parking charges.

Secondly, there is the long walk to the club after leaving the car - not ideal if you are wearing something eye-catching.  I did have the foresight to wear a long leather coat over my transparent dress, but even so there were a few appreciative looks as the coat blew slightly open as I walked to Vanitas.

It was lovely to meet up with Zara, doing delightful hostess-duties on the door.  I had a quick look around the club whilst it was still quiet, and I have to say the expensive revamp that the club had undergone was magnificent.  Emblems of everlasting death celebrated transient life, with butterflies (life after death) and Mexican Day Of the Dead symbolism abounded.  It was decadent, sumptuous and gorgeous.

I settled in to the small and cosy playroom and waited for friends to arrive.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose, Vanitas, Manchester.
The club gradually filled, and it was good to see that the majority of attendees were for the ZDR event.  There were plenty of erotic-themed shows to keep the kinky and non-kinky entertained, and for a city that has oft turned its back on the exotic and erotic, it was a pretty busy night for a first run.

Without the offerings of a serious play/sex club, it was an ideal place for meeting like-minded souls, people-watching and just enjoying the sensual vibe of the night. As much as I'm a girl that is always up for some exhibitionistic fun, it was a great night, and I hope the ZDR and Vanitas teams can get together and put another one together - I'd certainly make a second visit.

After just a couple of hours sleep after The Forest Of Wonders I was up again for an early morning drive to the middle of Cheshire.  There was a good reason - one of the charities that I support (Cheshire Wildlife Trust) were holding a small mammal safari at their base near Malpas.

It was a cool and drizzling morning, and it certainly blew the cobwebs away.  After everyone had arrived we trooped out along nearby hedgerows, collecting pre-set traps and seeing what the Cheshire Wildlife team had caught.  It's an important part of understanding the health and diversity of the local fauna and the subsequent impacts on the food chain all the way up to the primary predators like owls and foxes.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Holly, probably NOT from Miami FLA...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
The first 'catch' was a slightly chilled-out field vole.  He looked quite happy and serene (the traps have bedding and plenty of food in them so the animals don't suffer - indeed, it's known that the same creatures revisit the traps night after night... it seems a B&B with free lodging is an ideal place to return to).  Once he was checked over he was let loose safely back into the thick hedgerow.

There were plenty of traps with nothing in them, and it was interesting that one whole section caught nothing - it was a section with very much 'modern' farming methods of cutting crops right up to the hedgerow itself.  Aside from the solitary vole, it was a bunch of wood mice that were caught - ten in all - in various traps.  The mice were a little more lively than the cool vole, though, eager to escape the bag in which they were deposited from the traps.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - another mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - errr... a mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

It was a fantastic way to spend an Autumn morning, and I felt alive and refreshed despite the damp weather.  It was wonderful to see that the membership funds go towards a dedicated and brilliant team and the welfare of the beautiful countryside.

A fabulously 'wild' weekend in a Forest Of Wonders and Fields Of Wonder.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.

So, September has arrived, and Summer is fading as Autumn begins weaving it's golden tapestry on the leaves and flowers.  Certainly my visit to the Lavender Gardens recently made me realise that a change in seasons was coming.  Not that there's been much of the summer to remember.

I decided to mark the passing of time with a foray into yesteryear's more glamorous past.

Destination - Morecambe.  Stardate - sometime in the 20th Century.  The last time I was in the seaside town was way, way back in 2013.  This time I was heading back to The Midland Hotel, but this time for a specific event - the town's Vintage By The Sea event.  Unlike much of the 1940's vintage scene in the UK, this would be an event that celebrated lifestyle and fashions for the 1920s right through to the 1980s.  Fantastic.  The only question - would the weather hold up?

I kept a nervous eye on the changeable weather through the week, finally deciding that Sunday looked the better of the two weekend days, but still at times rain was threatened.  Undaunted, I arrived at Morecambe nice and early ( a good job - parking looked to be a nightmare later on), greeted by a very brisk 19mph wind that came straight off the bay.  It would keep up its strong gusts throughout the day, keeping me sadly away from the beautiful seafront.  Although I'd decided to wear a late 1960's vintage gown (in ultra-bright pink and orange) and it was well-lined, those cold windy fingers kept finding ways through the folds of my dress to chill my skin.

Outside The Midland there were already rows of stunning classic cars lined up, perfectly framed by the majestic art-deco backdrop of the hotel.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Americana, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Of course, I found a lovely late 1960s classic in subtle British Racing Green to complement my very vibrant dress from the same era.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - E-Type, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Now I just needed a louche lover to whisk me away in the E-Type to a suitably sordid 1960s B&B where I could lie back on the creaking old bed, my legs spread, whilst my erstwhile lover oiled my bottom end with his steel piston.  Mmmm.

Despite my hot thoughts, I decided to get out of the coolness of the morning by heading over to The Platform - the nearby hall where the vintage fair was taking place.

A few stalls braved the outside area near the hall, and without the protecting wings of The  Midland were in the frontline of the assault from the landward gusts.  I was particularly impressed by a small pretty caravan, bravely bright and optimistic in the face of the changeable weather.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Inside the hall, stalls and browsers packed together.  There was lots of quality items for sale, and I'd made sure I had funds to spare - just in case.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
I did get lots of complements on my dress, which was lovely - against the wartime era clothing it certainly stood out.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
I had a good look around, the money in my pocket burning a little hole in my pocket, but there wasn't really anything that truly made me want to part with it.

Finally, I braved the windswept outside again, heading first for an ice-cream (it's the seaside, why wouldn't you?) before checking out those plucky stalls enduring the elements outside the hall.

A small seating area was surrounded by a wall of stalls and a double-decker converted into a bar, like a circle of wagons protecting against an Apache attack, but sadly the wall was failing as the blustery wind found plenty of space to find its way through.  The blaring sounds of 1960s tunes from a nearby music stall ebbed and flowed in the incessant breezes.  The thought did cross my mind as I looked at the bright red bus that if the government seriously wants us all to leave the comfort of our cars, then surely a bar-bus is the answer.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.

I decided to head back to the relative calm of the hotel car park, nervously eyeing the ominous clouds gathering overhead.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - clouds, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Being a bit hungry, I headed through the busy car park and out onto the northern side, where more stalls were sited - this time selling food.

Here, on the unshielded part of the small headland, the wind was even livelier, blowing hats off and skirts up - how on earth did people manage when flowing skirts and hats were de rigueur?   Nearby, some fairground rides were waiting patiently for passengers, bright and cheerful against the gathering clouds... but with few takers.  I thought you'd have to be especially brave to choose the Big Wheel in the current gusting winds.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
It wasn't a hard decision to head back to the car park - seemingly the only sheltered spot on the seafront.  Passing through the car park, however, I was disturbed to hear a beautiful Jensen described sagely by a passerby as "the James Bond car" (no, that was an Aston Martin DB5)...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - NOT a DB5, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
 ...and, just as bad, a DeLorean pointed out by a kagool-wearing mother to her children as "the Knight Rider car".

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.

Even God wept tears of frustration and despair at the failure to recognise the Back To The Future car, and the threatened downpour began.  It was a rush into the hotel from most of the assembled crowd in the car park, creating a lovely vintage Laurel And Hardy effect in the small doorway.

I took the opportunity to find a spot on the beautiful art-deco staircase, watching couples waltzing elegantly in the cleared dance area.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - dancers, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - The Midland Hotel, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - The Midland Hotel, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Eventually the brief squall finished, and it was another squeezing rush as everyone headed back outside.  I decided to have a look around the car park, as another bank of dark cloud looked ready to crash the party.  It was a lovely mixture of classics from pre-war vintage through to 1980s fare.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
The weather was beginning to look as mixed up as the car park - only not as delightful.  Bright bursts of sunshine lifted the gloom, but a short distance away clouds were gathering once again.  Looking at the wind direction, I surmised that these, however, were the cause of the last downpour and were heading away from the bay.  A local gent sat next to me had a different opinion, however.  "No, the winds caught between the sea and the hills that surround the bay - that will be back with us inside an hour." 

In the meantime, though, it was 'make hay while the sun shines'.  I had a great spot sat outside the main doors, people-watching and chatting to a lovely group of strangers, dressed in various attire from the 20th century.  Our chat was interrupted by the arrival of some very bright cleaning ladies - complete with lampshades for skirts (bright - lights/lampshades... get it?  No...?  Oh, OK...), causing a little commotion.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - as Brayn Ferry sang, "I'd Do Anything To Turn You On...".
The tallest of the trio, a lovely blonde, was very interesting - I'd certainly have been keen in finding out what turned her on and figuring out if she needed a screw-in fitment under her skirt.

There was time, too, to admire the beautiful lines of the hotel - those art-deco designers really knew a thing, in comparison with much of the steel and glass horrors that invade the city centres these days.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - The Midland Hotel, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
I was very honoured to be picked as one of the 'Best Dressed' of the day - though it would mean a walk down the catwalk later on.  I hoped the weather would hold.  Sadly, the Michael Fish of Morecambe was bang on the money - the squalls did come back around right on time.  I braved the shower as much as I could, still hoping to see the promised Hawker Hurricane flypast (it was due to be a Douglas Dakota DC10, but that was cancelled due to engine issues).  Sadly, the inclement weather meant the Hurricane wouldn't fly, either - possibly, I thought, the first time that a hurricane has been toppled by a breezy 19mph wind and a bit of rain.

Luckily, however, by mid-afternoon the clouds had begun another circuit of the bay - just in time to miss the fashion parade.  Hosted by a gorgeously camp Ringmaster (not sure what 'rings' he as a master of, but I could guess) and the genial Wayne Hemingway (of Red Or Dead fame) it was without doubt a crowd-puller.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Wayne Hemingway, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - lovely Ringmaster, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
In due course it was my turn to stroll down the short 'catwalk' and have a chat with Wayne.  He defintely seemed fascinated by my pink dress, the ringmaster only half-jokingly attempting to get him to try it on after the fashion show, and he again highlighted how important proper fashion is - not the throwaway-after-every-season kind, and re-vamping, re-wearing and using classic clothes that used to be genuinely made to last for years.. sentiments I agreed with entirely.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.
I was really pleased to get down to the final three, but didn't win - that honour went deservedly to  a beautiful lady in a gorgeous skirt and jacket combination - very much like my Goodwood Revival winning outfit from 2011.

Just after 3.00pm, and with the rainclouds preparing to make another visit to The Midland, it was time to head back south.  I'd had a fabulous day, though, and really enjoyed the mixed fashions, music and cars - something a little more diverse and fun than the strict 1940s events.  A 'Best Show' winner, no doubt.

Oh, and I had my own memento of the day, of course...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - rosette, Vintage By The Sea, Morecambe.