Sunday, 3 February 2019

Zaza Du Rose - Scala, London

A day after my ballet delights at the Palace Theatre, I was out of bed fairly early and, case packed,  on my way to Manchester's Piccadilly train station.  Just over two hours later I was disembarking at Euston, London.  As much as I love London, it remains an expensive place to visit once travel, hotels and refreshments are taken into account, so there's usually a definite reason I'm in the capital.  This time it was for Zara DuRose, hosting a fetish party at the Scala nightclub in Kings Cross.

Looking back at the blog, it seems the last time I was in London was the London Fetish Weekend... in October 2017!    Amazing to think that since then I've been to Hamburg a couple of times, Prague and Venice.

I found my hotel, suitably located next door to Scala.  It looked familiar... and then I realised.  All the way back in 2004 (fifteen years ago - FIFTEEN - blimey!) I'd attended a Torture Garden event at Scala.  Back then I'd been wearing a tight vintage girdle (that delightfully exposed my pussy), stockings and heels.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort -Torture Garden, 2004.
Two things I remember especially from the night - one, laying back on a table in the club, rubbing my soft gloves over my clit, masturbating myself, whilst two guys wanked themselves in front of me, and, midway through the night (it was a hot April night, from memory) I'd wandered to the outside mezzanine area with friends.  It was a bit crowded, but on one of the large tables a threesome was energetically in action - one lovely lady laid back on the table whilst one guy, stood between her splayed thighs, enthusiastically pumped his hard cock into her willing pussy and his wingman filled her open mouth with his own erection.  It may have been more erotic had the two men not literally fucker her off the table (and with a very funny but not quite sexy ongoing commentary from my friend G).  At one point I looked up to see a hotel next door (bearing in mind this was long after midnight) - to see two young kids looking out at the spectacle below.  "That's probably at least one fetishist being born right there," I thought.

Back to 2019, though, and although I shouldn't be booking in until 3.00pm, a few eyelash flutters and a slightly heaving chest (from pulling my heavy suitcase all the way from Euston, not an intentional flirt) and the young chap was handing the keys over.

Unpacked, and time for a few snapshots later purely for titillation and my website...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - hotel room, London.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - corset, gloves, high heels - hotel room, London.
I headed to bed, to get a couple of hours rest before the long and hopefully exciting night ahead.

A few hours later and I was clambering out of bed for the second time that day (although I'm usually getting out of bed a few more times than that if  I'm having a busy day at 'work'!).  Into the shower, make-up on and now a decision on what to wear.

I'd brought two outfits - a long red lace gown with vagina-high splits (easy-access, just in case of a really fun night) and a simple classic black latex catsuit - an item I'd not worn in years.  The catsuit won (thankfully, as it was to turn out later).

The doors for Scala opened at 9.00pm, and I was determined to get there on time and take a snapshot or two before the venue filled up.  I slid into my oiled catsuit and stepped into my high-heeled sandals.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - latex catsuit, hotel corridor, London.
I walked outside into the London night - it was bloody freezing.  Thank heavens for booking a hotel next door!  I got to the doors of the club - outside, quite large groups of young guys were hanging around, all wearing a similar 'uniform' of t-shirts/baggy black tops, skinny black jeans and sneakers.  "I wonder what this lot are doing here?" I thought.  There were a few comments as I passed them, but nothing beyond "Wow", "Look at her..." type stuff.  I was soon inside Scala, even though it wasn't officially open (the benefits of knowing the ZDR team!).

I then realised that this was going to be a ZDR event unlike others - Zara had made quite a coup in booking a three-piece hardcore DJ outfit called Black Tiger Sex Machine some months ago, to play their first UK gig at the event.  Since organising the booking, Black Tiger Sex Machine's reputation had exploded in the US and Europe, meaning that there was quite a demand for the UK debut.  Zara had made the decision to mix the fetish event with a BTSM club night - well advertised on the tickets and info, but of course I'd not read it.  I was pleased I'd chosen the catsuit - my lace dress that exposes my pussy when I walk might not have been the best choice, given the circumstances.

The main room was the choice for the dance/club area - the fetishists (identified by yellow wristbands) at least had an extra (top) floor were we could get away from the club crowd.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose, Scala, London.

Although inside the club, the temperature felt as though it remained as cold as outside - no doubt the owners of Scala were keeping the costs down by relying on the crowds to heat the place up.

Slowly the club began to fill - the dance/BTSM fans and fetishists eyeing each other warily.The two groups didn't quite mix, initially.  A man clambering into his latex outfit with some difficulty looked around for assistance - seeing me in a latex catsuit and so one of 'his' tribe came over to ask if I'd help.

A few minutes later another guy approached, head to toe in leather-look fetish gear.  We started chatting, and he was interesting as well as attractive.  "Hmmm," I thought, "I might have some fun there later."

Eventually the top floor opened and a few of the fetish crowd wandered upstairs.  It was quieter without the dance crowd, and a large play area with multiple BDSM furniture took up much of the space.  Sadly, I couldn't see any other play areas suitable for fucking in, so my plans of having my leatherman fuck me were already heading out the window into the freezing night.  Plus, it was still very cold in the top room without a mass of bodies to warm it.

I met up with a few old friends like Rubber Ron, who I've now known for over twenty years, since the old Submission days at Bagleys in Kings Cross.

At 11.00pm a few of us wandered downstairs to see Black Tiger Sex Machine, due on stage as the hour chimed.  Sadly, the hour chimed but there was no sign of BTSM.  It later transpired that they were flying in to London that night from France, doing the ZDR gig at Scala, then flying straight back out again.  Unfortunately, Air France lost all of their equipment and had to re-route it to London so the trio could perform... a few hours late!

Eventually the luggage made it, and dancefloor heaved and thumped as the bass-heavy beats shook Scala's foundations.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Black Tiger Sex Machine, Zara DuRose, London.
 I danced amongst the swirling crowd for a while, enjoying the rhythms and body-heat, but after a while I began to feel as though my ears were going to bleed, such was the volume of bass, so  I headed back upstairs, where the dungeon play area was full of people playing.  It was still chilly in the top room, but I was sure I'd be unzipping my catsuit for some fun should the chance arise.  Sadly, the temperature and lack of softer play areas meant that this night (a rare thing at a Zara DuRose party) I'd be unfulfilled.

There was a slightly bizarre ending to the night, where one of the ladies in the group began showing photos or herself in what can only be described as an extremely tight camel-toe situation.  The guys in the group were all quite enthused by the photos and discussion, which for some reason ended up with myself and two other ladies getting our pussies out and comparing the size of our labias.  After a few years of having the assistance of numerous guys sucking on mine, I thought they were the winner.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - luscious lips.
 By 4.00pm I was ready to head for the warmth of the hotel room - the club had noticeably got cooler and cooler once again as people left after the BTSM show.  I made a slight detour to walk a friend back to her own hotel nearby, so by the time I reached my own hotel I was feeling slightly frozen, my thin skintight catsuit offering absolutely no protection from the nigh time chill.

A very hot shower later and I was in bed, wrapped up and with my ears still ringing from the aural assault of Black Tiger Sex Machine.  Zara already has plans for the next couple of events - I'll have to make up for what was a quiet night this time around.. even if my ears didn't agree.