Sunday, 5 May 2019

A Complete Recovery

Good news from Bolton (and how many times has you read someone saying that??!).  Photos are recovered (and a few more that had disappeared recently, it seems) so my Brighton memories are once again intact... until Alzheimers kicks in, that is.

M, The IT Guru Of The North (which needs to be stated with a northern, 'don't fuck around' attitude like 'Jon Snow, King Of The North' if you are a Game Of Thrones fan) did what only he can do striking a killer blow at the corrupt and dead SD Card like Arya sticking her Valerian steel blade into the Night King.  OK, yes, I may have been over-indulging on my favourite TV show recently including the last crushing battle episode, so you'll have to forgive the vague references.

As a past-time, it's probably only slightly less geeky than trainspotting.  Which brings me nicely onto the next bit - also recovered were some accidentally-deleted photos from April, when I visited Manchester's Mayfield studio to watch a theatre production of Trainspotting, the classic Irvine Welsh story.  Not having a normal 9-5 job meant I could take an early booking on the Wednesday, have plenty of time to get ready, and head out to the theatre with my lovely lady friend S, who had the spare ticket for me just after 5.00pm.

Mayfield studios lies at the back of Manchester's Piccadilly train station - the city's sort of 'red-light' area.  The thought did cross my mind to do a bit of street-walking and see if I could pick up a john... jump in a car with a stranger, fumbling fingers at trouser zips, a hot frantic bout of cock-sucking, impeded by hard leather car seats and steering wheel, before sitting astride my unknown lover and guiding his steel-hard, piston into my hot, oiled chamber... but of course, sadly, it will remain a fantasy as the dangers outweigh the benefits - it was always thus. 

As for the show, it was mentioned on the tickets not to wear best clothing, as things can get a bit messy, so I decided my wipe-clean leather coat, over-knee boots and skin-tight leggings would be suitable.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - leather for Trainspotting.
Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Mayfield Studios, Manchester.
It was a brilliant show, including the infamous bed-sheet morning scene, resulting in messy fake poo getting sprayed over some parts of the audience, and a fair bit of male full-frontal nudity.  Fabulous.

As for the Brighton photos, I managed to use one that I'd salvaged off the camera last week for my Picture Of The Week, and here's a little taster for the newly-saved images.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - vintage lingerie and stockings, the lost photo-shoot.

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