Monday, 23 September 2019

Another Walk On The Wild Side

Last weekend was one of those slightly odd and almost surreal couple of days that you sometimes have when you have one foot in the dark-side and one foot in normal life (what you deem 'normal' to be, of course).

Back in the 1990s there was a thriving fetish scene across the UK, and very much so in the north of England.  Clubs sprang up from Liverpool all the way along the length of the M62 to Hull, and you could have a decent night in any one of them.

Club Lash was Manchester's event, ran back then by the lovely Rosie Lugosi (now a famed author).  Over the years the kinky scene and clubs have declined to the point of non-existence - much lamented on my blog may times over.  It would be a brave person who would try and go against the grain now, but perhaps there is a stirring in the kinky loins of Manchester.

The first problem is one of the official 'council' acceptance.  The local councils (Manchester city, in this case) can apply pressure by threatening to look at a club's licence if they hold events that aren't deemed correct - in today's politically-sensitive world it seems that as long as you have a cause then you can push back.  Not so the consenting adults of the kinky world - despite there never being any issues or trouble at these events.  Indeed, the last Zara DuRose party at Cirque was interrupted by the council as a self-imposed morality police force.  It's not just Manchester, either.  I understand Westminster Council in London are as draconian with their own rules and regulations, which is a surprise - there are more wet cunts and dribbling pricks in Parliament at the moment than I've ever seen in porn movies and adult clubs put together.

The second problem is venues themselves.  The kinky crowd aren't well known for drinking bars dry of alcohol - inebriation never goes well with either BDSM play or serious fucking, and that, combined with council threats, means fetish clubs can struggle to find suitable venues.

The second problem was largely overcome by one particular Manchester venue - Vanitas.  The brave and visionary management team took a chance in deciding they wanted a fetish event at the spectacular club just yards away from the main Deansgate strip.  The person they chose to run it - the lovely Zara DuRose, of course.  The event would be titled The Forest Of Wonders.

The fetish event would take place alongside the normal opening of the club, but ZDR ticket holders would be allowed into the small but lavish dungeon/play room and the large upstairs bar.  It's always tricky deciding what to wear for these mixed events - I settled on my long see-through red sequined gown, with only a tiny thong to preserve some modesty down below.

There is a problem with Manchester city centre parking - the main car-parks demand (make that rob) around £20-£25 for four to six hours.  If you want longer than that you may as well book a hotel room with free parking - look at it as a free accommodation for the parking charges.

Secondly, there is the long walk to the club after leaving the car - not ideal if you are wearing something eye-catching.  I did have the foresight to wear a long leather coat over my transparent dress, but even so there were a few appreciative looks as the coat blew slightly open as I walked to Vanitas.

It was lovely to meet up with Zara, doing delightful hostess-duties on the door.  I had a quick look around the club whilst it was still quiet, and I have to say the expensive revamp that the club had undergone was magnificent.  Emblems of everlasting death celebrated transient life, with butterflies (life after death) and Mexican Day Of the Dead symbolism abounded.  It was decadent, sumptuous and gorgeous.

I settled in to the small and cosy playroom and waited for friends to arrive.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Zara DuRose, Vanitas, Manchester.
The club gradually filled, and it was good to see that the majority of attendees were for the ZDR event.  There were plenty of erotic-themed shows to keep the kinky and non-kinky entertained, and for a city that has oft turned its back on the exotic and erotic, it was a pretty busy night for a first run.

Without the offerings of a serious play/sex club, it was an ideal place for meeting like-minded souls, people-watching and just enjoying the sensual vibe of the night. As much as I'm a girl that is always up for some exhibitionistic fun, it was a great night, and I hope the ZDR and Vanitas teams can get together and put another one together - I'd certainly make a second visit.

After just a couple of hours sleep after The Forest Of Wonders I was up again for an early morning drive to the middle of Cheshire.  There was a good reason - one of the charities that I support (Cheshire Wildlife Trust) were holding a small mammal safari at their base near Malpas.

It was a cool and drizzling morning, and it certainly blew the cobwebs away.  After everyone had arrived we trooped out along nearby hedgerows, collecting pre-set traps and seeing what the Cheshire Wildlife team had caught.  It's an important part of understanding the health and diversity of the local fauna and the subsequent impacts on the food chain all the way up to the primary predators like owls and foxes.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Holly, probably NOT from Miami FLA...

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
The first 'catch' was a slightly chilled-out field vole.  He looked quite happy and serene (the traps have bedding and plenty of food in them so the animals don't suffer - indeed, it's known that the same creatures revisit the traps night after night... it seems a B&B with free lodging is an ideal place to return to).  Once he was checked over he was let loose safely back into the thick hedgerow.

There were plenty of traps with nothing in them, and it was interesting that one whole section caught nothing - it was a section with very much 'modern' farming methods of cutting crops right up to the hedgerow itself.  Aside from the solitary vole, it was a bunch of wood mice that were caught - ten in all - in various traps.  The mice were a little more lively than the cool vole, though, eager to escape the bag in which they were deposited from the traps.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - another mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Dexi Delite South Manchester Escort - errr... a mouse, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

It was a fantastic way to spend an Autumn morning, and I felt alive and refreshed despite the damp weather.  It was wonderful to see that the membership funds go towards a dedicated and brilliant team and the welfare of the beautiful countryside.

A fabulously 'wild' weekend in a Forest Of Wonders and Fields Of Wonder.

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