Sunday, 5 January 2020

2020 Vision And The Wrong Prick

Happy New Year to my readers.

Firstly, I'm aware that it's been a while since I posted - November was the last one, actually.  It summed up 2019 for me - started with much hope and, well... fizzled out in a dismal greyness.

I was, in truth, glad to see the back of 2019.  The year had seen the passing of a few of of my friends, the most recent in the build-up to Christmas itself, so the holiday season mood was a bit overcast.

On a better note, New Year's Eve turned out to be a twelve hour blast - drinks (a few mocktails in there, to spread out the alcohol intake!) with friends was a sure-fire way to swill away the bitter end to the year, and I finally arrived home at 6.00am, sparkly dress (and, for once, panties) intact and silver high heeled sandals still on my feet.

So, ready and waiting for 2020... which actually started with a prick.  A big hard one.  A prick that probed my inner working like no other, reached areas that no other had and made me almost pass out after 15 minutes of impalement by a charming and swarthy gentleman medic.  No, not part of a plot for a hammy sexploit wherein the heroine gets some 'special treatment' at the hands of a well-hung white-coated doctor on the creaking metal bed in an examination room - something far less sexy in reality.

Let me go back to Dec 2017.  Now, I'm not sure if it was being fucked doggy-style endlessly, the wanking of many cocks or just frigging myself off at random times, but I managed to get tennis elbow.  For those not in the know, it is an incredibly painful heat down the forearm, making any movement involving putting a strain on the joint and muscles unbearable.  It slightly hindered my fun/work, as the aforementioned wanking and doggy-style fucking became difficult, but somehow I got by.

However, the tennis elbow, despite following physiotherapy advice, hung around like Tony Blair at a Labour party conference - unwanted, unloved and very bloody annoying.  I couldn't shift it.  Finally, in late 2019, after two years of suffering, an appointment with a consultant for a possible remedy was finally forth coming.  So, just a few days ago, I hauled myself out of bed and made it to the required hospital ward for 7.15am. 

Two hours later, I had blood taken, the plasma and platelets separated, and re-injected into the joint of my left elbow via a long, thick steel needle.  Painful?  Hmm... yes.  Fuck yes.  Any deviant thoughts that 'may' have been scurrying along the dark sides of my imagination were well and truly blown away once that white-hot pain seared into my brain.

The pain is slowly subsiding - I can only hope that it does the job.  There are other pricks that I'm looking forward to seeing being impaled on in my full-length bedroom mirror, and no doubt a fair few steel-hard shafts that I'll be relieving of their load this year.

Aims for this year - I've already got a few things booked... some fetish, some retro/vintage, and hopefully some fell-walking - it's been too long since I've hit the hillsides, and I miss the delights of our lovely countryside.

I hope you have all have a glorious 2020.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Happy New Year.

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