Sunday, 1 March 2020

Looking Back

When I started as a professional Dominatrix many years ago I had lots of Dommes tell me that I must have a section on my website that stated what gifts my submissive guys could bring me - it was a 'perk of the work'.  I thought it sounded a little... grasping, a little needy, but realised after some time that for some sub guys it was an important part of the 'transaction'.

When I moved into escorting I had similar advice from other experienced working girls - get something on your website that tells people what you want.  I felt the same as I did about Domme gifts - it was a bit unnecessary, and however you worded it it, it just sounded... cheap.  However, once again I found for some gents it is again an important part of the visit, and although I've never made a big thing of it on my website I will admit that sometimes I've been a little over-awed by some gifts.

One lovely guy has, on occasion, brought along some amazing leather pieces for me to wear and keep - boots, dresses and jackets.  They are always top quality, clearly not inexpensive and bloody damned sexy.  The fact that he remembers my clothing sizes is a rare thing, in my experience - some of my old boyfriends (when I had them) would struggle with that one - and is as touching as the gifts.

I've been given lots of beautiful flowers, some lovely chocolate (once again a charming gent remembering my unfortunate dairy allergy!) and some spectacular dessert wine (from my sexy choccy-chap, who knows I like sweet stuff).  I've also had some truly fabulous single-malt whiskies that have built up a small but well-enjoyed collection in my cupboard.  There have also been sex toys and lingerie that have been a pleasure to experiment with.

Then there are gifts that take you by surprise - such as those a gentleman brought recently.  A couple of small bottles of my favourite perfume (Boudoir), which is sadly no longer made and therefore very difficult to get hold of, and something else as rare and difficult to get hold of... a vintage Fiesta magazine.  At two and sixpence (roughly £2.50 today), it was probably an expensive thing when printed.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - vintage Fiesta magazine.
I'm unsure of the year, but at a guess it's mid to late 1950s or very early 1960s.  The photography is not slick but remains delightful and charming... the girls look, by today's pornography standards, quite innocent, coquettish and almost twee... but in their day I bet some of them at least were already breaking those society boundaries that state how 'ladies' should behave.  The writing is equally low-key, and never once displays the ladies in overtly sexual terms. 

I'm no stranger to Fiesta magazine myself, of course .  Back in the late 1990s I was on the front cover and had a, pardon the pun, rather large spread inside.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Fiesta then and..well, then.

 Interestingly, this was also £2.50 - over the 40 years between the magazines either printing got cheaper or selling sex did.  Back then, when I was modelling and table/lap dancing, I read many articles about how it was all a route to prostitution, rather like soft drugs always leading to heroin addiction - I scoffed, of course, and yet, here in 2020, I've been a sex worker for nearly a decade.  Were those critics of the sex industry right?

I doubt it, despite seemingly the perfect case for their argument.  I think it's more that some people just aren't cut out to tread a normal path through life.  I think the sex industry, whether modelling, web-camming, dancing, domming whatever, remains the perfect choice for some people, as it did me.  Believe me, I did try my hand at various 'civvy' jobs, but I just didn't fit.  Taking orders from incompetent managers?  Nope.  Gossiping about the latest TV/pop stars with the other girls?  Nope. Adhering to company policy on acceptable behaviour and dress... you can guess that one.

No, I'm afraid I was never cut out for that life, which makes me wonder about those ladies from that old Fiesta magazine.  Those ladies, if they are still alive, will be pretty old now, of course, and I pondered on how their lives turned out.  Did they become 'model' citizens, becoming 'decent' housewives, raising a family and remaining faithful to their husbands as was the usual path?  Or did they find the modelling a path to a more subversive and sexual way of life?

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - a Deliteful Dexi spread.
Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Fiesta, 1990s.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Hi, I'm... er, Lou?
As I look back, I certainly have no regrets and life has been a great adventure.  I was chatting in the local bar recently to a colleague whose life had turned out quite 'safe'.  Married early, brought up a family, every year a holiday to their caravan in Wales.  She was envious of my very different life, but each choice no doubt brings its own treasures, its own trials, tribulations, challenges and delights, and pains.  I'm happy I took the path less trod, though.  And speaking of pains and looking back...

... already this year I've mentioned one downside regarding my work - the repetitive-strain injury in my arm.  It's a hard one to explain to people that don't know what I do - luckily it's easier passed off as computer-related rather than the truth, which is lots of getting fucked doggy-style, lots of 69's and lots of cock wanking and sucking.

Sadly, it transpires that making a living working on your back comes with its own RSI apart from a bit of arm strain.  It looks like I've joined the large number of escorts with back pain - it is a common theme, it seems, looking on a few forums.

So this week I aim to be visiting a chiropractor and getting some massages of my own for my painful back.  I wonder if it would be rude to ask for a happy ending..?

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