Thursday, 30 April 2020

30th April 2020

Yesterdays post about getting stopped by security at Spinningfields reminded me of another similar incident where I was foiled in the attempt to get some saucy shots.

I had to look through my photo files to try and find it... and the photoset in question was taken just a month after the aborted Spinningfields shoot - the assembled security teams around Manchester were perhaps put on alert for a shady lady taking shady photographs around the city.

This time it was out at Media City, in Salford Quays.  I wasn't as rude this time... well, I didn't get chance to be, in truth.  My PVC mac was even shorter than the raincoat I'd used in the city centre, and underneath all I was wearing was a pair of fishnet tights (pantyhose for our American friends).

Like the earlier escapade, I'd only just taken some 'test shots' when security rumbled up.  It was a bit more heavy-handed, with threats to forcibly confiscate the camera.  There was a bit of arguing about civil liberties before the security chap relented and gave in...

...but it was a score-draw, however.  As it was winter and around midnight at this point, the moment had sort of gone, ebbing away as the cold ran chilly fingers under my PVC mac.  I was stuck with a few hurried test shots which I don't think I ever used.  Until now - PVC mac, high heels and fishnets.  And a bit of Media City in the background.  What is the world coming to when a lady can't get her breasts out in public to entertain her gentlemen?

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

29th April 2020

Stockings, high heels and a sexy little raincoat... in public.  Today's photo was taken in 2011 at a saucy little shoot at Spinningfields, in Manchester city centre.  I'd only been posing for around ten minutes when security arrived to tell me it was illegal to take 'professional' photographs in the area without a licence to do so.

I did want to argue my case, but my little mac wasn't covering much, leaving not a lot left to the imagination of the two security guys that had halted my fun - at times like that it's hard to keep either a straight face or maintain the moral high ground.

Nevertheless, I did manage to get a couple of photos I was happy with... and I did laugh all the way home.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

28th April 2020

Soft leather and sexy strap-on today - from my first photoset for what was then my new sex-worker website.  2011 seems such a long time ago, and a world away from where we are currently in 2020.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 27 April 2020

27th April 2020

A simple portrait for today... stockings, corset, a hint of soft leather gloves, pearls and pussy.  Another from my little stay in Stratford Upon Avon.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 26 April 2020

26th April 2020

Stockings, high-heeled Louboutins and a little bit of Latex.  Taken from my 2017 trip to the Newbury Retro Festival.  What a great weekend that was.  A fantastic event, good weather, great friends and a lovely little hotel (The Bunk Inn) that did fabulous food and great drinks.

This was taken on the afternoon of my arrival - I thought I'd better get some photos done before the drinkiing started, and knew I wouldn't get the chance the following day, as we'd be at the Festival all day.

I hope you think it was an afternoon well-spent...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 25 April 2020

25th April 2020

I try and stay away from politics as it can be a personal thing, but sometimes things need highlighting.

I'm somewhat puzzled by our American cousins across the pond.  A forward and positive-thinking culture after World War Two that changed much of the world around it - usually for the better, even though it was ultimately for the benefit of the US.  In the UK we bought into the American dream and culture a long time ago, and have often followed and supported America in their international endeavours - and sometimes that 'buy-in' leads us over here down the wrong streets... like wars in the Middle East, for instance.

So I'm a little concerned with how the open and forward thinking USA is treating its sex workers at this difficult moment.  We all know sex work usually has to walk in the shadows of society, yet at the same time we all know it's not going away - ever (it's called the oldest profession for a good reason).  So, according to the decisions in the US, 'sex workers are deliberately excluded on moralistic grounds from the coronavirus $2 trillion bailout bill if their work is judged to be of a “prurient sexual nature”.' A 'prurient sexual nature'?  Look it up - it means all those lovely terms that I use quite often... "salacious, licentious, voyeuristic, lascivious, lecherous, lustful... ohhh, keep talking dirty to me, I'm nearly there...".  Sorry, forgot where I was.  To me that's the good stuff, it's the reason I've done this job for nine years now - the longest I've ever done the same job, in fact.

What about morals, you say?  My morals teach me that spreading some love, having some fun, providing for many what is an important outlet to maintain a healthy mind and body is a good thing, a worthwhile thing... an honourable thing.  Why is it the business of anyone else, anyway?  Consenting adults... who really fucking cares?  Who gets hurt?  Oh, OK, I might have hurt one or two people in my time with whips, nipple-clamps, ball-weights, nettles (you know who you are, my lovelies), etc... but it was never anything the gents didn't want and deserve, hehehe.

Anyway, according the US decision, it's OK the sell guns but not sex.  I know what I'd rather be selling and I know which one is morally correct to be selling.  Let's go back to one of America's greatest social commentators, Lenny Bruce...

"If a titty is pretty, it's dirty but not if it's bloody and maimed."

"What is dirty? And what is clean? Now, if I had to make a choice, man, I would rather my kid watch a stag movie than a clean movie like King of Kings. Why? Because King of Kings is full of killing..."

""Sex" and "obscenity" are not synonymous."

"If something about the human body disgusts you, the fault lies with the manufacturer."

"You can't do anything with anybody's body to make it dirty to me. Six people, eight people, one person - you can do only one thing to make it dirty: kill it. Hiroshima was dirty."

So, from 2012, here's a small selection of the pain-inflicting implements I like to use instead of guns...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 24 April 2020

24th April 2020

I know the 'nurse' photo from the 18th had a nice reaction from some of you, so I thought I'd upload another for today from my little 2012 Ess & Emm photoshoot.

Just imagine being on your knees before me, and getting ready for some Northern Harlot Service to get you through the lockdown...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 23 April 2020

23rd April 2020

OK, I failed with the cultural stuff yesterday.  I've never really understood Shakespeare nor studied his works, so my knowledge of the great bard is limited.

However, today will be different.  Yes, more literary stuff today.  And today's subject dates back to pre-Shakespeare times.  See, I do know stuff... even if it is from Wikipedia.

Anyway, there was a famous Italian/French fairytale, first documented back in 1550, that has stood the test of time - including a 2011 film (I nearly wrote recent, but it's nine years old now!).  A story that features a smart, devious and deceitful cat whose aim is to gain wealth and position for his low-born owner, ending up with said owner marrying 'the princess' (because all fairytales must have an idle lay-a-bout lady of leisure just waiting to be wed, then pumped full of spunk on her wedding night, don't they?).  Cat, of course, is subsequently rewarded with a life of leisure.

Not sure what moral the story brings other than that lying and deceiving is a way to gain wealth and privilege... oh, hold on, that's probably right, then.

Anyway, the story is of course Puss In Boots.  On another interesting note, thinking of cats and France, catin is French for harlot.  So, here's my version of Puss In Boots (from 2005)... but I'll call it 'Catin Boots' (get it... Cat In Boots...?  No?  Oh, OK.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

22nd April 2020

After the smut of the last couple of days, today I'm going to try to go the cultural route.

In 2013 I made my first visit to the lovely town of Stratford Upon Avon, in Warwickshire.  Famous for being the birthplace of The Greatest Writer Of All Time - William Shakespeare.  I had a fantastic stay there, falling in love with the beautiful streets and buildings.  The hotel was exceptional too - The White Swan, dating back to 1450 - with beamed ceilings and antique furniture.

Of interest to those of us who dabble in the seedier side of life, it seems Shakespeare wasn't adverse to writing dirty stuff for the crowds - his plays are full of innuendoes and double-entendres, which can give a whole new outlook on the plays.

Anyway, enough of culture (that didn't last long - oh well).  Here's a bit of 'pie', taken during my stay there.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

21st April 2020

"Severin, Severin, speak so slightly,
Severin, down on your bended knee,
Taste the whip, in love not given lightly,
Taste the whip, now bleed for me."
Another from my time at Ess & Emm, back in 2012.  For some reason it made me think of 'Venus In Furs' by The Velvet Underground...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 20 April 2020

20th April 2020

One from the very recent past, today.  A little selfie, taken yesterday.  In the absence of any of my gentlemen providing some afternoon delights, today's photo is largely how I'm spending my time - 'keeping my hand in', you might say...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 19 April 2020

19th April 2020

Ess&Emm was one of the first BDSM Bed & Breakfast establishments in the UK.  I became friends with the owners after doing a fetish photoshoot at a party for an old FemDom magazine in the late 1990s.  Unlike most of the models who were used for the shoots, I was already attending fetish events and wielding a whip or two for fun back then, so was soon invited back to Ess&Emm for some private parties.

Like yesterday's nurse photo, today's was taken in the B&B play space itself.  I used to do a few Domme sessions at the dungeon in the early 2000s, but by the time these photos were taken I had just taken a career move into sex work.  I loved doing the old sessions though - it meant I could spend time with dear friends, and the play area had lots of great equipment so there was always something new to utilise and have fun with.  Based in Warwickshire, it was a lovely part of the country, too - so it was a short trip to Leamington Spa or Stratford Upon Avon for lovely restaurants or a bit of culture.

I still keep in conact with the lovely owners via social media and try and see them when I can... perhaps I could tie it in with another 'professional' visit there soon...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 18 April 2020

18th April 2020

"Welcome to the British Union of Perverts Association clinic, Mr Smith.  I understand you want a quick check over?  Just remove your clothes and lie on the bench, please.

Thank you.

Now, first let me check your temperature... Hmmm, a little hot, I think.

Next, I'm just going to check your pulse... oooh, that's a bit fast.  Are you having any heart palpitations or increased heart speed? You are right now?  Oh dear.

You do seem to have some perspiration on your brow, too.  Are you currently struggling to concentrate?  Yes, I thought so.

Now, I'll just pop some latex gloves on and check your groin area for any swelling... don't worry, I am trained in this area.  Oooh, Mr. Smith, there's definitely quite a bit of swelling down here, I'm afraid.  The swelling is quite hot, too.  You gasped a little when I touched it - does it hurt when I apply a little pressure?  I can definitely feel a reaction when I put my hands there.  I'm going to have do something about that. It's starting to look like you have a case of Compulsive Orgasmic Venereal Impulsion Disease.

But don't worry - we can sort that right now.  I'm just going to remove my panties and sit back in this chair.  Right, let's see if we can do something with that swelling of yours.  Now, come over here and stand between my thighs.  Let me do this bit, as I'm the professional.  Oooh, that swelling is really hot now.  Let me just guide you into...

Ooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooooooooh, Ooooooohhh, Mr. Smith, don't stop, keep going... oh dear, I think I'm catching your COVID, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH...."

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 17 April 2020

17th April 2020

Fluffy feathers for Friday.  Taken at a daytime (although it doesn't look it) photoshoot at Cirque in 2016.  I'm wearing my Kiku corset and gown, stockings and high heels.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 16 April 2020

16th April 2020

If anyone is feeling a little blue today, I hope today's photo might cheer you up - as it's a little blue in colour and adult content itself!

All the way from September 2005.  I used to do a fair bit of camming back then on Adultwork, and this was from one of my photo sets to promote the filming fun.  I stopped camming after hearing too many stories of girls having their sessions copied and circulated on various porn sites, and having no control over them or payment for them... and I'm a lady that likes to be in control!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

15th April 2020

More luscious latex today.  This time 2016, and my first (and so far only) visit to Fetish Evolution at Essen.  This was taken at the big club night of the Weekend - the Fetish Evolution Ball.  A brilliant and long weekend full of fetish friends and filthy fun.

Sadly, in recent years there were issues with the hotel (I think) resulting in some organisational hiccups.  It was one of the best events I'd ever been to in 25 years of visiting fetish clubs.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

14th April 2020

Something a little hot and sexy today, I think.  A dripping strap-on, fishnets, and a bit of leather.

This was taken in 2006, long before my sex-working days, when I was still pro-Domming.  It was shot in an old apartment that I used to live in, over at Salford Quays.  As lovely as the apartment was, the fact it had a 24-hour concierge meant I could never work from there, and so was based at a little (and now long-gone) dungeon in the city centre.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 13 April 2020

13th April 2020

Easter Monday... which feels like any other day over the past couple of weeks.  It's very odd how the days blur after a little while with nothing to distinguish weekends or national holidays.

In keeping with the day, today's photo was from a shoot I did back in 2014 as a celebration of the old pagan goddess Eostre - with her symbols of blooming flowers and a rising sun welcoming the coming season.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 12 April 2020

12th April 2020

One for the nylon and shoe fetishists today (and we all love some tight, sheer nylon and high heels, don't we?)  And I'm going to stick with the Cirque theme today - this time one from a little photo-shoot I did there during the day, back in November 2016.  High heels? Check.  Sheer tights with no gusset? Check.  Sheer gloves to match?  Check.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 11 April 2020

11th April 2020

Some latex loveliness today as a special and BIG 'Thank You' to all those lovely gentlemen that have sent kind and thoughtful messages via text and Adultwork.  The current situation is hitting people who work in the adult/sex industry as hard as many others, of course, but often, due to the nature of the 'work', many will find themselves outside the guidelines for any official help or recognition.  Therefore, those messages of support have meant a lot to me - they have certainly brightened my days and lifted my spirits.  Of course I'm not mentioning or hinting at names, as I don't need to - you know who you are. I'm looking forward to the day I can thank you in person by planting my wet lips on yours... but I'm not saying which lips... 

Which brings me to today's sexy photo.  It was taken at a Zara DuRose event at Cirque (the place I mentioned yesterday) back in November 2016, and I was really bloody horny that night - to the point of dripping sweet pussy-juice down my thighs.  I was still evidently 'well-lubricated' when this photo was taken.

Looking back at the blog and re-living my memories, that really was a bloody great night!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 10 April 2020

10th April 2020

Back in 2016-2017 Cirque became my second home for a while.  It was a little club in north Manchester that held lots of alternative events, and I had some truly memorable nights there.

Today's photo was taken at a Zara DuRose night - Seven Seas Of Pleasure.  Great times, and a sadly-missed club.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 9 April 2020

9th April 2020

Back to 2012... and an apartment in the city centre of Manchester.  I stayed here for one night, enjoying the company of a gentleman or two.

One particularly fun memory was fucking next to the big window, in full voyeuristic view of any passerbys - including one bus that stopped at a red light, leaving the top-deck passengers with a bit more entertainment than they usually got on that bus route.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

8th April 2020

Here's one from 2013 - a little set taken that somehow I don't think I ever got around to using.

Anyway, as it's a bit of an bummer time, it's sort of captures the zeitgeist.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

7th April 2020

Today's little photo is from one of my visits to London - specifically Torture Garden's Halloween Party.

I covered my visit on the blog here, and recall the night was exceptioanlly busy... too busy, actually.  I wore a latex outfit for the club, but took advantage of the rented apartment to shoot some photos in one of my lace crotchless bodysuits in the afternoon.  Oh, and a couple of people in the apartments opposite had a interesting and unexpected show while I posed.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 6 April 2020

6th April 2020

Leather Puimond corset, Natacha Marro high-heeled fetish boots, leather gloves and zip-through leather-look leggings.  A classic Domme look.

This was taken when I worked from my first apartment in Altrincham... not that it was taken in the apartment, of course - as much I like the 'industrial' look, this would have been a step too far!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 5 April 2020

5th April 2020

Another from my hotel-visiting days - this time 2011, and the hotel was in the centre of Manchester.

As I've said before in the blog, there was always an illicit thrill in meeting gentlemen in hotel rooms.  Clandestine afternoon fucking - mmmm!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 4 April 2020

4th April 2020

In 2014 I fulfilled a long-term dream - visit Berlin and go to the German Fetish Ball.  I'm happy to say my visit there was brilliant - I fell in love with the city and the fabulous Berliners I met.. covered in my blogs here and here.

I've been back a couple of times since, and Berlin never fails to delight.  Today's photo was taken on my way back from the Fetish Ball around 4.30am, which is the reason it doesn't look dark - the sun was already rising.

It was taken at the East Side Gallery - the most famous part of the Wall, and luckily only about ten minutes walk from my hotel.  Great memories.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 3 April 2020

3rd April 2020

Back in early 2012 I was still mainly working from hotels.  In April I ventured to Carlisle in Cumbria.  "It's going to be lovely," I thought, "an old Roman city in the lovely Lake District."  I imagined something like York or Chester plonked in the beautiful Lakes area.  I was... not correct in that assumption.

The Hallmark hotel I stayed in near the railway station was lovely, actually - full of old charm.  I saw some very nice gentlemen during my brief 'working' visit, then on the last day before heading home decided to wander and enjoy the town rather than just seeing the inside of the hotel bedroom.

I had a look around the beautiful Cathedral area, then wandered up to the Roman Castle, which was probably a bit more interesting back in the day (ie. the Roman day).  Once back in the town square there was a very pretty little tourist information place, and needing some advice on where to eat I decided they could probably help.  I wandered in.  The shelves were full of dusty old tourist information leaflets, possibly from 1974.

"Can I help you?" asked the tiny bird-like old lady behind the counter.  "Yes," I replied, "I'm looking for a vegetarian restaurant."

She looked perplexed.  "Vegetarian restaurant?  We don't have have anything like that up here!" she replied, sounding quite put-out by the query that a city might, just might, have something that could serve a meal without meat.

"Oh," I said, "OK, I'll just have a wander and look around," heading for the door.

"Wait a minute!" she suddenly exclaimed.  She dusted down an old map of the city centre and took out her biro.  "We're here," she said, marking a big 'X' on the site of the tourist information centre.  "If you step out of the door and turn left, then head down past the back of the centre..." she advised, drawing a shaky line of ink on the map in the direction she was describing, "leave the Square and head down this road.  Turn right here, then walk down this street about a hundred yards or so... then take a left."  The squigly line continued its path on the map.  "About twenty yards down you'll get here."  She marked another 'X' on the map.

"Lovely," I said, appreciating the time she'd taken.  "Is that a vegetarian restaurant?"

"No," she replied, "it used to be but it closed a year ago."  She handed me the map like she was passing over one of the forgotten Dead Sea Scrolls.  I backed slowly out of the Tourist Centre, thinking either 1) she was a possibly a little bit crazy, or 2) I was on some strange reality TV programme/comedy.

She was right, though... it had closed.

Another thing I remember is heading to Cafe Nero in the Square once I'd realised Carlisle wasn't really York in the Lake District and there wasn't really a lot to see.  I sat outside, enjoying the sunshine.  A young lad belted past on his bike... and slammed straight into a tall tree sapling that was growing in the Square.  His bike went one way whilst his own progress was halted suddenly by the tree, landing heavily on the concrete slabs of the Square.

A man on the table next to me jumped up and ran quickly over.  "At least he's going to see if the lad's alright," I thought.

He ran over to the lad, looked down at the poor chap, bloodied and bruised from the impact with the tree. "YOU STUPID CUNT!" he bellowed, then calmly walked back to Cafe Nero to finish his coffee.

That was Carlisle.

This was the Square, with the pretty-in-pink-but-not-very-useful Information Centre.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
And this was me - fetish Leather Lady, ready for one of my gentlemen visitors.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 2 April 2020

2nd April 2020

One of my eaarly photo shoots for my early sex worker days - June 2011, to be precise.

Some lovely sunny summer skies over Salford Quays... and stockings and high heels for good measure.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

1st April 2020

April Fool's Day... not that I think anyone noticed or even tried any pranks this morning.  The one currently being played out worldwide by Mother Nature on the human race has trumped them all, I think.

Anyway, back to photos, and in a sort of reference to our hard-working and heroic NHS, here's a snapshot from 2010.  Actually, 31st October - Halloween.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
This was taken on my way to what was back then one of my favourite haunts - Caged Asylum in the centre of Manchester.

It was actually a rock night complete with lap-dancers - all suitably pierced and tattooed, of course.  And (of course) in the time that I went there I got to know lots of the luscious ladies pretty well...mmmm!

Sadly, it closed down quite a few years ago, and even the club it was based at has long gone - another 'development' to improve the city that actually takes something unique away from it.

Also, in the meantime, many of the girls whose blogs I used to follow have disappeared off the scene, sadly, leaving only Amy's fab writing on my list.  Now I can add another, but from a different viewpoint. Femdom Resource is certainly well written, interesting and intelligent - easy enough to while away a few hours, lockdown or not!