Wednesday, 1 April 2020

1st April 2020

April Fool's Day... not that I think anyone noticed or even tried any pranks this morning.  The one currently being played out worldwide by Mother Nature on the human race has trumped them all, I think.

Anyway, back to photos, and in a sort of reference to our hard-working and heroic NHS, here's a snapshot from 2010.  Actually, 31st October - Halloween.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
This was taken on my way to what was back then one of my favourite haunts - Caged Asylum in the centre of Manchester.

It was actually a rock night complete with lap-dancers - all suitably pierced and tattooed, of course.  And (of course) in the time that I went there I got to know lots of the luscious ladies pretty well...mmmm!

Sadly, it closed down quite a few years ago, and even the club it was based at has long gone - another 'development' to improve the city that actually takes something unique away from it.

Also, in the meantime, many of the girls whose blogs I used to follow have disappeared off the scene, sadly, leaving only Amy's fab writing on my list.  Now I can add another, but from a different viewpoint. Femdom Resource is certainly well written, interesting and intelligent - easy enough to while away a few hours, lockdown or not!

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