Saturday, 18 April 2020

18th April 2020

"Welcome to the British Union of Perverts Association clinic, Mr Smith.  I understand you want a quick check over?  Just remove your clothes and lie on the bench, please.

Thank you.

Now, first let me check your temperature... Hmmm, a little hot, I think.

Next, I'm just going to check your pulse... oooh, that's a bit fast.  Are you having any heart palpitations or increased heart speed? You are right now?  Oh dear.

You do seem to have some perspiration on your brow, too.  Are you currently struggling to concentrate?  Yes, I thought so.

Now, I'll just pop some latex gloves on and check your groin area for any swelling... don't worry, I am trained in this area.  Oooh, Mr. Smith, there's definitely quite a bit of swelling down here, I'm afraid.  The swelling is quite hot, too.  You gasped a little when I touched it - does it hurt when I apply a little pressure?  I can definitely feel a reaction when I put my hands there.  I'm going to have do something about that. It's starting to look like you have a case of Compulsive Orgasmic Venereal Impulsion Disease.

But don't worry - we can sort that right now.  I'm just going to remove my panties and sit back in this chair.  Right, let's see if we can do something with that swelling of yours.  Now, come over here and stand between my thighs.  Let me do this bit, as I'm the professional.  Oooh, that swelling is really hot now.  Let me just guide you into...

Ooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooooooooh, Ooooooohhh, Mr. Smith, don't stop, keep going... oh dear, I think I'm catching your COVID, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH...."

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