Thursday, 23 April 2020

23rd April 2020

OK, I failed with the cultural stuff yesterday.  I've never really understood Shakespeare nor studied his works, so my knowledge of the great bard is limited.

However, today will be different.  Yes, more literary stuff today.  And today's subject dates back to pre-Shakespeare times.  See, I do know stuff... even if it is from Wikipedia.

Anyway, there was a famous Italian/French fairytale, first documented back in 1550, that has stood the test of time - including a 2011 film (I nearly wrote recent, but it's nine years old now!).  A story that features a smart, devious and deceitful cat whose aim is to gain wealth and position for his low-born owner, ending up with said owner marrying 'the princess' (because all fairytales must have an idle lay-a-bout lady of leisure just waiting to be wed, then pumped full of spunk on her wedding night, don't they?).  Cat, of course, is subsequently rewarded with a life of leisure.

Not sure what moral the story brings other than that lying and deceiving is a way to gain wealth and privilege... oh, hold on, that's probably right, then.

Anyway, the story is of course Puss In Boots.  On another interesting note, thinking of cats and France, catin is French for harlot.  So, here's my version of Puss In Boots (from 2005)... but I'll call it 'Catin Boots' (get it... Cat In Boots...?  No?  Oh, OK.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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