Sunday, 31 May 2020

31st May 2020

More fetish fun today.  Thigh boots (the ones in yesterday's post that got ruined), leather, strap-on dildo and plenty of fishnet.  From 2006, when I was still doing some pro-Dominatrix work and webcam work.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 30 May 2020

30th May 2020

What strange times we are living in.  Very like the (supposed) Chinese curse "May you live in intersting times" the world seems to be unravelling and reshaping before our eyes.  America, or at least Minnesota, burns in response to the on-screen death of a black man, George Floyd... at the hands of a Police officer.  Twitter, the social media platform for the short-of-attention generation, hides the President's response due to it glorifying violence (I find it somewhat abhorrent that a senior politician uses such a platform, anyway).

Meanwhile, the rest of the world struggles along with the Covid-19 crisis - it doesn't appear to be about the deaths anymore, as worldwide they are declining, but more about the aftermath.  Furlough is continued in the UK until October 31st - another three months from now!  It wouldn't be hard to think that someone, somewhere, wants to perhaps hide the the new unemployment figures due to business across the land closing up and giving up.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are more and more infantilized by the governments and media, collateral victims in the lemming-minded rush over the cliff.

Speaking of ciffs, the more bizarre and out of control this situation gets, the more the ridiculous draws closer - I wouldn't be surprised if the next government meetings and ideas looked like this...

Back in 2005 it was all so simple.  All we had to deal with back then was Hurrican Katrina laying waste to New Orleans, suicide bombings in London, the ongoing Gulf War No.2 (thank you Bush and Blair), the Kashmir earthquake... er, so perhaps things have usually been just as bad.

Anyway, back in January 2005 I was partying hard - probably as it felt like the world was ending that year.  I spent much of the year attending Caesars, an adult club near Balsall Common in the midlands.  A couple of friends ran various sex/fetish nights there, so I was more than happy to go along and have some fun.  As well as indulging in the party-side I was also doing lots of webcam stuff with the lady of the couple.  We had some truly great times, and even if we didn't make money on some nights it was always fantastic fun.  Sadly, I don't have many photos of those times - lots were taken, but as they were used to promote the girl/girl webcam stuff I left them to the couple to use.

I was still taking my own solo photos, of course.  This was one was taken in the fire escape stairwell of the apartment block I lived in back then.  The leather thigh boots sadly got destroyed when I was trying to lace up a lady's corset in some fetish club toilet, and the hookeye fastenings got caught on the corset lacing - we fell to the floor and in the process ripped out the fastenings on the boots.  The beautiful leather coat, thankfully, I still have.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 29 May 2020

29th May 2020

It's still May, but one look at the clear blue skies, bright, hot sun and a temperature showing around 25°c, it could well be the height of summer.  Summer is the time for barbeques, long, cool drinks and salads.

I love salads, actually, and (even if I do say so myself) I can prepare a bloody good one.  Crisp salad leaves, avocado, sweet peppers, radish, plump and juicy cherry tomatoes, potato salad, salted boiled egg, olive oil ciabatta... oh, and cucumber.

I do like preparing cucumber.  I have a special way of making it extra tasty.  Today's photo, and you are lucky to be able to see my secret recipe, was taken in 2005.  I'd been asked to prepare the salad for a small dinner party.  I thought I'd liven the salad up with my 'special' cucumber dish.  It went down pretty well... although I don't think the vicar who was hosting the party was too impressed, nor the housekeeper who had to clean the floor afterwards.

Some people are just never grateful.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 28 May 2020

28th May 2020

More stockings and high heels today... but latex stockings, this time.  Taken in 2012 during a visit to a hotel in Manchester.  Probably taken inbetween visiting gentlemen.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

27th May 2020

Stockings, high heels, red satin corset and a hint of pussy.  The bedroom at Ess & Emm, taken in January 2012.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

26th May 2020

So, 60 posts in.  It's beginning to look like this whole scenario is going to get dragged out as along as possible now by the government, so it's still a tragicomedic guess, even by the 'experts', as to when we can resume some sort of normality.

Yesterday I got uproariously, crazily drunk in the afternoon sun on take-out cocktails from the local bar (Pornstar Martinis, suitably, as it's me) with a couple of guys that I'd never met before.  It felt almost... normal.  And good.  Wonderfully good. 

The photo for today dates back to November 2014, and a visit to a party held at a hotel in Berkshire.  I had a fantastic night, mainly due to having a threesome with a very sexy couple I met that night.

Good memories - I realised yesterday, during my second cocktail, that I'm ready to make some new ones.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 25 May 2020

25th May 2020

From yesterday's black leather and dark dungeon to today - nudity (apart from high heeled sandals, of course) and bright sunshine on what was a lovely July day (the 3rd, in case you were wondering) in 2011. Brazenly taken on a trip out to Cholmondeley Castle and Gardens, in Cheshire. 

For those not used to the irregularities and oddities of the English language, Cholmondeley is (of course) pronounced 'Chumley'. 

Makes sense.


Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 24 May 2020

24th May 2020

My leather Dominatrix Bitch side today - from a visit to Ess & Emm in 2012.  The leather bondage wheel that I am leaning on was particularly good fun to use as a Domme - a wonderful device that appealed to my sadistic side.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 23 May 2020

23rd May 2020

Back in 2006 I had become a little despondant with the fetish scene in the UK.  The heyday hedonism of the 1990s era, where just about every night was a sexual thrill and adventure, had gone.  The scene was floundering, looking for a new direction, but was hampered by busybody and prudish councils.  Many of the northern clubs had disappeared, and as always a visit to London was an expensive night out.

So, looking for a new 'home', I persuaded a vanilla but curious girlfriend to accompany me to a fetish/swingers night at a club in Blackpool.

Yes, Blackpool.  It doesn't have the greatest reputation for hosting the wildest nights, but was close enough for us from Manchester to explore.  The club offered rooms as well as the club space, so that saved us on taxis, too.  The first time we visited it was... OK.  Good music, surprisingly.  Perhaps that's sounds unfair - I wasn't expecting Black Lace and Agadoo, but you get the idea... and it was a decent turnout of not ugly people.  Perhaps that sounds unfair, but I was kind of expecting it to look like the bar scene from Star Wars...

Anyway, although I didn't really get up to much that I recall (and if it had been special I would have remembered it!) and as much as the rooms were somewhat dated and the facilities a time-warping trip back to 1975, we decided the next morning on our way back down the M61 motorway that it was worth another trip.

It was the following month, September, that we journeyed back up the motorway to Blackpool.  It was early evening when we arrived, so we checked in and got ready for the club night.  There hadn't been much in the way of out-there fetish outfits on our first trip, so this time I dressed in a lace, see-through mini-dress, high heels, lipstick and perfume.  The panties, I decided, could stay off - I WAS UP FOR SOME FUN, dammit.

We headed downstairs to the bar area.  The music was still OK, the crowd was... thin.  Oh, OK, maybe it would pick up later.  We got drinks, got seats (there were plenty, of course) and waited for some interesting people to arrive.

Let me digress a little here.  When I say 'interesting' I don't mean like someone from that Star Wars bar scene.  We all look for those little tell-tale signs that inform us of potentially like-minded souls.  Gentlemen with the right appearance - I don't mean good-looking, here, but well-groomed, well-mannered, perhaps a naughty-but-polite brief flirt.  Ladies are similar, but can offer additional signs - gorgeous and expensive fuck-me shoes are a very good example, where sexiness overrides comfort.

Let's just say there weren't many people in the bar that either of us wanted to talk to.  Eventually a male/female couple joined us.  She was gorgeous, long dark hair, sultry looks, a hint of the very sexy Gina Gershon...

...but unfortunately her partner looked a little more like Rodney from 'Only Fools And Horses'...

... but only after being hooked on crack cocaine for a year and then getting beaten up by a gang of bikers armed with baseball bats and motorbike chains.  He'd lost a fair few front teeth and didn't look... healthy.

Never mind, Gina-lookalike was worth investing some time on, I thought.  The bed upstairs seemed enticingly close, and envisaged her spread out before me.  Rodney, however, kept interrupting me as I attempted to find out more about Gina.  It was all in vain, we all soon realised.  Gina was most definitely straight, and not interested in women.  Rodney, sadly, was very interested in me.  It was an unequal triangle that would never be right.  They soon departed to find new fish once I kindly let them know that I wasn't ravaging Rodney that night.

More people came in, but none that looked 'interesting'... and it really was now beginning to look like the Star Wars bar scene.  Not that it was particularly populated by freaks, just it was quite cliquey and they may as well have been speaking a language we didn't understand.  "I'm ready to go home," said friend, who had not been drinking so was OK to drive.  I looked around the bar, and thought about Room 1975 waiting for us upstairs.  It was only an hour's drive to get back home.  "Fuck it, let's go," I concurred.  We went upstairs, packed our things... then realised we couldn't get the car out of the car park, as it closed at 11.00pm and only re-opened at 8.00am.


We spent the rest of the night back in 1975, complete with the small and fuzzy TV screen that wandered in and out of TV reception - but neither of us could bring ourselves to go back downstairs and mingle.

I never went back, and I think the club has long gone now.  The world didn't shed a tear, I think.

Today's photo was taken before we headed downstairs that second night.  Ah, I remember the optimism for a fun night even now... and I remember the decor even more vividly.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 22 May 2020

22nd May 2020

Today's photo is a bit different to the recent few that I've posted, which have been between fifiteen and perhaps nearly twenty-five years old.  The difference?  Today's is from the somewhat more recent past - earlier this week, actually, taken on one of my little countryside jaunts.

I've actually really appreciated my little walks into the greenery of Cheshire, and have been blessed with sightings of busy bees in hedgerows, beautiful dragonflies (the little fuckers were too fast to get a photo of) and damselflies in ponds...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

 ... as well as numerous bird species - lots of friendly robins, chirpy sparrows, sleek swifts, funereal ravens and crows, bright mallard ducks (on the waterway sections), some birds of prey (no, I wasn't sure what they were!) and...

... wait for it...

 ... wait...

... wait... you know it's coming...

... even a nice pair of tits.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 21 May 2020

21st May 2020

More latex loveliness today.  This time it's from May 2005, so fifteen years ago.  I was getting ready to make my monthly visit to Club Lash in Manchester.  The dress was lovely thick rubber, made by Armoury.  Sadly, the dress perished (as latex can do) only a few years ago.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

20th May 2020

Another one from the girl/girl photoshoot from yesterdays post that became something altogether more entertaining.  This time, some latex (my pink outfit was from the old Torture Garden range that they did back in the 1990s) and some cunnilingus.

Two of my favourite things.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

19th May 2020

Yesterday's photo was from 2019 - today's is somewhat earlier.  By at least twenty years... and probably dates back to the mid-to-late 1990s.  It was a professional shoot... but I have no idea what or who for.  I can't recall the photographer, or know if the photos actually ended up anywhere.

It was a girl-girl shoot, and as is usual with these sort of things it's all supposed to be simulated.  But I've never really been into simulation.  I remember back when I was a table-dancer another girl suggested we 'double-up' as the guys loved watching two girls together.  I certainly didn't mind that, of course - double the fun, and more money.  We began dancing, and at one point, as I knelt before her, she lowered her crotch to my face and pulled her g-string aside.  Wasting no time, I leaned forward and licked her pussy.  She was shocked, as 1) she thought it would all be safe and simulated, and 2) she was straight.  Let's just say the sexy dance routine was hastily finished and not repeated.

So, the photoshoot ended up the same way - but at least the curvaceous lady was up for some fun.  I had a leather harness with a dildo attached (although you can't see it in this photo), and we ended up fucking for real.  I don't recall the photographer minding too much...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 18 May 2020

18th May 2020

Just over a year ago I attended one of my favourite fetish events - a Zara DuRose soiree in lovely Brighton.  Zara always does good events, but the Brighton ones, for me, are extra special.  Firstly, I love the city (yes, Brighton and Hove is classed as a city) and even the five-hour drive there has rarely been a problem - I've had more issues getting home from Birmingham.  It's always a bit of a treat to visit, and I always make sure I've got plenty of spending money - Brighton is one of those places where the independent shops can really offer something lovely and unusual.

Secondly, Zara's Brighton events are held in a small hotel, so are intimate, friendly, and usually very sexy - I had an especially good time with a few ladies at the last one.  The hotel staff are brilliant, too, and having stayed in the hotel a few times makes it extra special.  Sadly, the last scheduled event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak - I should have been back there in April, and had been looking forward to it for some time.

Another is (hopefully) planned for later in the year, but with things still very uncertain, who knows what the remainder of 2020 will bring... floods (oh, we had those recently in February), plague (oh, we're already currently having that one), fires, then, fires... oh, no, those were in December and January in Australia.  Bugs, then, big locusty-things.  What?  Giant bugs are already heading our way?  Fuck.

Anyway, the remainder of 2020 could end up with our cities looking like this...

Sorry, wrong photo - that's modern-day Bradford.

Anyway, the remainder of 2020 could end up with our cities looking like this...

...or things could just slide back into 'normal' mode.  And on to today's photo - taken from my visit there in April last year.  Stockings, sheer gloves, girdle... and my favourite fuck-me shoes (which some of my gentlemen might recognise....!).

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 17 May 2020

17th May 2020

After yesterday's slutty sexcapade, something simple today.  Taken at my first 'working' apartment.  A straightforward stockings, high heels and lingerie shot - never used previously.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 16 May 2020

16th May 2020

Wow - so this is the 50th of my 'daily' posts since the coronavirus shit hit the whirling fan of society.  When I started it no-one was sure how long it was going to last - in truth, I thought I'd be unlikely to have done fifty posts.  And it gets more confusing by the day, or at least by the 'official' advice.

I went around to see a friend the other day... however, we had to stand outside as of course 'officially' I can't go in his house... unless I was his cleaner, in which case I could, according to said 'guidelines'.  What if your cleaner is also your friend, though?  Would you have to interact in a purely 'non-friend' way to stop the virus spreading?  It would be like barking cleaning instructions to your visitor like some suburban Dominatrix.  Hmmm, now there's an idea...  It would only work if my gentleman friend was to visit me, though, as he's a lovely sub-masochist chap... so he'd have the apron, and I... well, I'd have the leather and thigh boots - which of course are already waiting in the wardrobe.  He'd have to bring his own apron though - come on, do I really look like the type of lady who has an apron?

The 'difference' (and I really hope that the virus understands this bit as it's quite important) is that one is a friendly visit, the other is to attend a 'place of work'.  It's a well-reasoned, balanced scientific viewpoint - if maybe you are on a tiny insignificant world orbiting MACS J1149+2223 Lensed Star 1 where perhaps physics, flora and fauna and even viruses behave differently, but just not one that makes a whole lot of sense on planet Earth.  Does that mean I can do 'outcalls', then, as that also is a 'place of work' I wonder?

Anyway... on to today.  The 16th May.  Lovely weather, which will continue exactly up until the lockdown properly ends, then it will rain.  Endlessly.  Today's photo is one I looked at a few times and thought about posting.  Two things stopped me, though.  1 - it's rude and explicit, (and bizarrely I rarely post such smut... hahahaha!), and 2 - for the life of me I couldn't remember what the hell the photo was recalling or why it was taken.

And then, (in that odd way the brain works), without especially thinking about it, a night or two ago I remembered.  So, to commemorate hitting 50, something sexy and sleazy today.  And a nice link back to the leather and thigh boots of my cleaner-Dominatrix side...

Back between 2007 and 2011 I regularly attended various rock clubs around Manchester - especially Jilly's and Caged Asylum.  On one such visit it was quite a large group that I joined in the busy club - someone's birthday, I think.  I ended up chatting to a handsome young friend of one of the guys I knew - I hadn't met this particular guy before, but he was clearly smitten by my leather thigh boots and rock-chick-meets-Dominatrix look.

The flirting was just on the edge of becoming more explicit, however, when the smaller group he was with decided to move on to another bar.  In real cougar-style I simply handed over my phone number and said "If you want to fuck, give me a call tomorrow."

He rang mid-morning the next day, taking a break from his plastering and painting.  He was a little nervous and unsure of how to carry on the conversation, so I simply asked him if he was coming around.  "I finish work at 3.30pm," he said.  I gave him my address, and told him I'd wear the leather and boots from my outfit the previous night.  I took some cruel pleasure in knowing he'd struggle to concentrate on work after that.  In comparison, I had some time to get ready.  I showered, shaved where it mattered, make-up (slightly slutty red lipstick) and perfumed, then slid into my little leather corset and high-heeled thigh boots.  My lustful cunt was dripping with anticipation.

At 3.45pm my doorbell rang.  I buzzed him into the apartment block and waited until there was a tentative knock at the door.  I opened the door, wearing just the corset (which only covered my waist, not my tits) and boots... pussy and breasts ready for pleasure.  I pretty much dragged him into the apartment.  He smelled of manual labour - sexy sweat and minty chewing gum.  I kissed him hard, my tongue thrusting into his mouth.  In seconds his paint-splattered t-shirt was off and I was unbuttoning his jeans.  His cock strained against the tough denim, and I teasingly stroked it through his jeans before finally sliding down the zip.

His hard cock sprung out at me and I wasted no time in getting my lips around it.  I could feel the blood pulsing through his cock as I sucked him, my mouth sliding over the thick head of his cock whilst my hand wanked his steely shaft.  I wanted fulfilling too, though - or at least just filling.  I laid back on the carpet and spread my thighs.  He lowered his head to my pussy, but I didn't want that.  "Just fuck me," I commanded.  He slid effortlessly into my slicken oiled pussy and fucked me there, pumping his hardness into me, his pistoning cock hitting all the pleasure spots and rousing my orgasm to a thunder.  I came, came again, and again, my thigh boots wrapped clinging around his perspiring body.

He came, grunting and pumping, the last thrusts reaching ever deeper into my hot and juiced pussy.  Sated, we disengaged.  There was little small talk - I'd had what I needed, and so had he.  He left shortly after, and I never saw him again.

Dripping with pleasure, I took a little selfie to recall my afternoon of sordid sluttery... and around ten years later, remembered it all again.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 15 May 2020

15th May 2020

In 2011 I was still working from hotels, usually around Manchester city centre.  There were times I'd head off and do a 'tour' or one night in a different town (like my Carlisle trip), but I didn't do those very often. 

Today's photo is from one of my sessions at a Manchester hotel... but don't ask me which, as I can't remember!

Stockings and high heels... I was either waiting for my next appointment or just finished one.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 14 May 2020

14th May 2020

Back in a hot August 2011 I took a little trip out to Delamere Park in Cheshire.  I made sure I was suitably dressed for a short hike - some low-heeled boots, stockings, short skirt and blouse.  The intention wasn't, of course, to actually go hiking... just getting some saucy photos for my (then new) private gallery on Adultwork.

I took a little while to find a suitable point where I could get off the main path, get the scene set up and pose for some photos.  I soon 'lost' my panties and pretty much everything else as the shoot commenced.  It definitely felt naughty to be wearing just boots and stockings at the end, and only a few feet away on the other side of a thick hedge the path was busy with walkers and mountain-bikers.

This photo was taken at the end of the shoot - I'd had plenty of water as it was a hot day, and that meant normal body functions stepped in - why not get a photo, too?  You could call it 'recyling', I suppose.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

13th May 2020

Early one morning (the 7th May 2018 actually), I got up earlier than usual, dressed - well, when I say 'dressed' I put on some leather opera gloves, my completely sheer Oroblu tights, high heels, hat and a slipped a short raincoat over the top - and headed out to one of south Manchester's public parks.

I took quite a few photos in a 30-minute blast, nervously keeping an eye out for other early-risers walking dogs/jogging, etc.  Luckily, I got enough shots without being disturbed or arrested, and plenty have featured on my website in the interim.

This one never did - you end up (if things work out) with more photos than you need in a way, as invariably another trip/photo opportunity arises and you move on to the new set.  So, just over two years old, a step into the outdoors...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

12th May 2020

When I visited Prague back in October 2018 I spent a few hours doing photographs around the lovely old apartment that I was staying in.  I used quite a few for my website, but today's is one that has never featured.

The PVC thigh boots were the ones I bought in Bruges in 2016, and the lovely black leather belt was a gift from one of my kind gentlemen - an expensive one, I think, as it was made by Aspinal Of London.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 11 May 2020

11th May 2020

Pussy-whipped.  A delightful term, I think.  The 'Urban Dictionary' describes it as "when a man loses his testicles to his woman.  All men who wish to have any form of relationship (or just get laid) must be pussywhipped to a certain degree. The minor offenders are never called pussywhipped, only the men who allow their woman to walk all over them and totally control every aspect of their life."

It also suits the title of today's photo, too - an Agent Provocateur whip (a gift from a gentleman), stockings, and a bit of pussy.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 10 May 2020

10th May 2020

Another from my time at my apartment in Salford Quays.  I loved that apartment, even if it did have a 24hr concierge - the massive windows overlooking another stack of apartment blocks on the other side of the quay meant there was always an illicit thrill in doing photos, as there was a good chance you had an audience.

Today's photo is from a little photo set I did back in January 2007 - stockings, corset, gloves, high heels... and just a bit of a lovely black dildo.  You can probably guess where the rest of is...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 9 May 2020

9th May 2020

November 2006 saw a busy weekend for me.  I'd already booked a ticket to an event on the Sunday night when I received an invitation to a private fetish party held at Ess & Emm.  As my Sunday event was in Nottingham, it meant I could visit the Ess & Emm party on the Saturday in Warwickshire then take a detour eastwards to Nottingham easy enough on the Sunday.

The fetish party was a fantastic and filthy little event.  A strapping 6-foot-plus young stud soon caught my eye, and as he was a submissive chap I soon made sure he was grovelling at my feet, with some vague hints of a 'reward' if he behaved.  All went well and as he enjoyed breath play I had lots of fun smothering his nose and mouth with my latex-clad gloves and pressing his face hard against the shiny rubber crotch of my leggings.  At one point I had him on his knees in front of me in a corridor.  I unzipped the crotch of my latex leggings and shoved his handsome face into my pussy.  He didn't need much more instruction, and was soon lapping at my wet cunt, his long tongue delving into the fold of my slick pussy lips.  He tongue-fucked me until I came, dripping my honey over his mouth and chin... but I still wanted more.

I ordered him upstairs and we found a bedroom, with a few people sat around chatting.  I didn't care.  I laid back on the bed, unzipped his latex jeans and took out his large, hard cock.  I sucked his cock, revelling in the hot hard heat filling my mouth.  Laying further back, I unzipped my leggings again, pulling him between my thighs.  His thick cock, as big as it was, slid almost effortlessly into my sodden, oiled pussy, and be began fucking me, stretching and filling me.

I was fucked solidly, his pistoning cock driving ceaselessly into my flushing pussy, and I came, again, again, again... my cunt clasping his cock hard with each wave that flowed through my body.  It must have been an interesting show, but I'd bet I enjoyed it more.

I was still tired out on the Sunday, but with another party to go to I said my goodbyes and headed over to Nottingham.  The event was a discrete swingers party in a gorgeous penthouse apartment.  There were a few similar events all over the country around this time, like Fever, Killing Kittens, etc. and a friend had suggested I might like this one, having enjoyed her visit previously.

I arrived to find small canap├ęs and glasses of champagne ready at the door.  A lovely and sensual setting.  The party, though, didn't really go to plan.  I realised quickly that I was probably the oldest person there, and the organisers made a point of advertising their events as being aimed at the younger market.  Sadly, young doesn't necessarily mean erotic or sexy.  Lots of young and rather out-of-shape gents approached me through the night to see if I was interested in some fun with them, but they just didn't 'click' with me... not much to say for themselves, nothing particularly sexy about any of them.  I wondered if I was just in the wrong place, as it was obviously a swingers event and anyone attending would have thought all attendees were there for the same thing, but it wasn't working for me.

Eventually a gorgeous young black girl came and sat next to me and we got chatting.  Like me, she'd arrived alone - but bravely this was her first foray into the world of sexual deviancy.  Like me, though, she was largely unimpressed with the "Alright? Fancy a fuck?" approach of the guys.  Things took  a turn for the better, though, when she said she was hoping to have her first sexual experience with a lady.  I was quick to offer my services, of course, and her eyes lit up.

We found a small bedroom that was amazingly unused (the party seemed to be in the main bedroom, a sea of faceless limbs and torsos writhing around on the big bed) and we were soon kissing, her inexperience swamped quickly by her desire as our tongues swirled in each others' mouths, tasting new flavours.  I was soon spreading her legs and licking her delightful soft pussy, and she was so turned on she came quickly, her hips bucking and rubbing her slippery pussy against my lips and tongue.  She was desperate to try her skills on me, and I had a fantastic orgasm as her virgin tongue explored, tasted and lapped at my hot cunt.

She certainly made the trip to Nottingham worthwhile, and it remains a great memory of a somewaht mixed weekend.  Fetish and fucking - fantastic.

Today's photo was from the Saturday night fucking, a consensual photograph taken by one of the 'audience' - it's not exactly Helmut Newton, but I love the rawness... latex, high heels, and a hard cock driving balls-deep into my hot pussy.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 8 May 2020

8th May 2020

Today is VE Day - Victory in Europe, the commemoration of the ceasing of hostilities in Europe in 1945 and the surrender of Germany.  We've come quite a long way since then in our corner of the world, thankfully.  I've been to Germany a few times and am blessed with quite a few German friends - wonderful people and a wonderful country.

That is not to say we can't remember those who sacrificed so much to enable the peace and friendship we enjoy today... so it's perhaps odd that I've chosen a few very similar photographs today featuring weapons of war, not peace.  It remains important, though, to remember the reason for these aeroplanes in order that we remember this history, and more important that we honour the bravery of those that flew in them.

Two feature the classic Battle Of Britain flight: one Supermarine Spitfire, One Hawker Hurricane and of course the AVRO Lancaster bomber, and the third, in a courteous nod of thanks to our cousins across the Atlantic, a North American Mustang P45.

The first was taken when I went to the Bicester Flywheel festival in 2018, the second was from my visit to the Goodwood Revival in 2007 (the first awe-inspiring time I'd seen the official Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight), and the Mustang photo was again at the Goodwood Revival, but from 2013.

Hopefully by clicking on the photos (as usual) will bring them to a pretty big size.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort
And here's one of me in sutable 1940's style - vintage coat, stockings and suspenders.  This was taken at my visit to the North Norfolk 1940s Weekend back in 2013 - a truly beautiful part of the country, but by God it's a boring journey!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Thursday, 7 May 2020

7th May 2020

More nylon today, but vintage-vamp inspired this time.  Stockings, original 1940s skirt suit, high heels and vintage leather gloves.  This was taken at the fantastic Goodwood Revival, on my visit there in 2013.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

6th May 2020

Back to the old Cirque club today, and my daytime shoot that I did in November 2016.  This outfit consisted of a latex Armoury jacket that I'd had since the late 1990s (and used to do lots of fetish modelling in), some latex gloves, high heels and a truly gorgeous pair of absolutely sheer Oroblu tights.  No cotton gusset to spoil the view, and they fit and feel like heaven.  Definitely a pair I'd recommend for any nylon fetishists out there... though be warned, they aren't cheap.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

5th May 2020

A bit more fetish stuff today, I think.  One from 2007, and taken in an apartment on Salford Quays... probably for my Private Gallery on Adultwork, I'd imagine.

High heels (Balenciaga, for the shoe fans), latex dress and gloves... and pissing.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Monday, 4 May 2020

4th May 2020

Leather gloves, leather corset, lubed-up strap-on.  Simple, effective, horny... from one of my Ess&Emm visits.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Sunday, 3 May 2020

3rd May 2020

I've been lucky to see some great bands playing live - Def Leppard, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Alter Bridge, Halestorm, Marilyn Manson et al... and not all of it has been heavy rock stuff.  I saw an amazing concert by classical guitar genius John Williams at the Hay-On-Wye literary festival over 20 years ago, where he played some magical African-inspired pieces.

I missed out on AC/DC when Brian Johnson quit/was sacked and replaced by Axl Rose (formery of Guns & Roses).  Although I had a ticket for their show in Manchester, I requested my money back - AC/DC without Mr. Johnson or the ill Malcolm Young (the driving force of the band, according to his little brother Angus) wasn't really AC/DC, I thought.

However, the bloody coronavirus will probably add another band to the nearly-seen list.  Rammstein's recent tour of the UK was a sell-out, and so some extra dates were added - and I got a ticket to see them at the Ricoh Arena near Coventry in June.  I have a horrible suspicion that the event is going to to get cancelled - I'd much rather be able to swap my ticket for a re-arranged date than have my money back, as the Rammstein shows are apparently amazing.

Another band that I've never seen - though not high on my To-See List, to be truthful - is ZZ Top.  Their album 'Eliminator' was a massive hit, thanks to those superb songs (and classic videos) like 'Gimme All You Lovin', 'Sharp-Dressed Man'... and 'Legs'.  'Legs' is one of those songs that doesn't actually travel across the Atlantic too well, thanks to the line... "She's got legs, down to her fanny..."  'Fanny' of course has different meanings in the US to the UK - in the US, it means bum/buttocks.  Here in the UK, it is an old (navy) slang term for pussy/cunt/vulva/etc.  Let's face it, though, either way the song lyrics work - even my legs go 'up' to my fanny.

Another song that ZZ Top recorded was 'Pearl Necklace'... which seems to have the same sexual connotations on both sides of the Atlantic.  I did a version myself (with some help from a gentleman visitor)... here it is.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Saturday, 2 May 2020

2nd May 2020

You can tell the days are starting to blur, as I've just had to rename my last two posts as I had the wrong date on them.  At least I know today is... 2nd, yes, the 2nd May.  And it's a... Mon... no,... er...

Anyway, today's photo is another oldie. September 2011, actually.  At this point I'd just given up working for an agency and started out on my own.  It was, I felt at the time, a brave step.  I worked as a pro-Dominatrix for a while, but always from a set dungeon.  Sex work was quite different, as it was a lot of outcalls back then, as I didn't have a place to work from... so it was unchartered waters for me  I didn't feel as though I had a choice, though... the agency didn't know how to promote me, as I didn't have long hair and was older than most of their other girls.  They even put up a stock photo on their website to 'advertise' me... which I knew would lead to disappointments as it looked nothing like me. 

They even sent me on one memorable booking, where the client had specifically requested a university graduate.  They informed me of that when I was stood outside his house ready to go in, so not giving me much time to prepare.  Now, I know I'm not stupid (unless it comes to getting the dates of my blog posts correct), but neither am I any kind of 'university graduate'. 

Luckily, it worked out really well - it seems the very nice older chap wanted someone he could actually have an interesting conversation with, and as a girl that's seen a few things in life we managed perfectly well and had a great evening.

So, today's photo of me in a sheer nylon minidress was taken at an early outcall to a hotel on Canal Street, in Manchester - the heart of the gay village.  It was a lovely hotel (one I've been back to since) and a lovely and very sexy night.  Memories I can recall easier than what bloody day it is, anyway.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

Friday, 1 May 2020

1st May 2020

Nurses.  They are in our minds quite a bit recently, usually in the form of our brilliant NHS staff teams around the country... even if they're not the superheroes that the media likes to portray.  They are just normal human beings given the task of performing miracles, which is more astounding than the feats of Superman, to me.

As yesterday was Thursday and in the UK our weekly appreciation of the NHS (not that I'm one for such ostentatious displays... unless it involves getting my tits out in Spinningfields or Salford Quays) I thought I'd offer a little version of my own 'thank you'.

Taken after a nightclub event in November 2013, I wasn't disturbed by any nosy security guys this time... although it was a suitably dirty and haunting back alley in Stockport at around 3.00am in the morning.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort