Monday, 18 May 2020

18th May 2020

Just over a year ago I attended one of my favourite fetish events - a Zara DuRose soiree in lovely Brighton.  Zara always does good events, but the Brighton ones, for me, are extra special.  Firstly, I love the city (yes, Brighton and Hove is classed as a city) and even the five-hour drive there has rarely been a problem - I've had more issues getting home from Birmingham.  It's always a bit of a treat to visit, and I always make sure I've got plenty of spending money - Brighton is one of those places where the independent shops can really offer something lovely and unusual.

Secondly, Zara's Brighton events are held in a small hotel, so are intimate, friendly, and usually very sexy - I had an especially good time with a few ladies at the last one.  The hotel staff are brilliant, too, and having stayed in the hotel a few times makes it extra special.  Sadly, the last scheduled event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak - I should have been back there in April, and had been looking forward to it for some time.

Another is (hopefully) planned for later in the year, but with things still very uncertain, who knows what the remainder of 2020 will bring... floods (oh, we had those recently in February), plague (oh, we're already currently having that one), fires, then, fires... oh, no, those were in December and January in Australia.  Bugs, then, big locusty-things.  What?  Giant bugs are already heading our way?  Fuck.

Anyway, the remainder of 2020 could end up with our cities looking like this...

Sorry, wrong photo - that's modern-day Bradford.

Anyway, the remainder of 2020 could end up with our cities looking like this...

...or things could just slide back into 'normal' mode.  And on to today's photo - taken from my visit there in April last year.  Stockings, sheer gloves, girdle... and my favourite fuck-me shoes (which some of my gentlemen might recognise....!).

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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