Saturday, 2 May 2020

2nd May 2020

You can tell the days are starting to blur, as I've just had to rename my last two posts as I had the wrong date on them.  At least I know today is... 2nd, yes, the 2nd May.  And it's a... Mon... no,... er...

Anyway, today's photo is another oldie. September 2011, actually.  At this point I'd just given up working for an agency and started out on my own.  It was, I felt at the time, a brave step.  I worked as a pro-Dominatrix for a while, but always from a set dungeon.  Sex work was quite different, as it was a lot of outcalls back then, as I didn't have a place to work from... so it was unchartered waters for me  I didn't feel as though I had a choice, though... the agency didn't know how to promote me, as I didn't have long hair and was older than most of their other girls.  They even put up a stock photo on their website to 'advertise' me... which I knew would lead to disappointments as it looked nothing like me. 

They even sent me on one memorable booking, where the client had specifically requested a university graduate.  They informed me of that when I was stood outside his house ready to go in, so not giving me much time to prepare.  Now, I know I'm not stupid (unless it comes to getting the dates of my blog posts correct), but neither am I any kind of 'university graduate'. 

Luckily, it worked out really well - it seems the very nice older chap wanted someone he could actually have an interesting conversation with, and as a girl that's seen a few things in life we managed perfectly well and had a great evening.

So, today's photo of me in a sheer nylon minidress was taken at an early outcall to a hotel on Canal Street, in Manchester - the heart of the gay village.  It was a lovely hotel (one I've been back to since) and a lovely and very sexy night.  Memories I can recall easier than what bloody day it is, anyway.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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