Friday, 1 May 2020

1st May 2020

Nurses.  They are in our minds quite a bit recently, usually in the form of our brilliant NHS staff teams around the country... even if they're not the superheroes that the media likes to portray.  They are just normal human beings given the task of performing miracles, which is more astounding than the feats of Superman, to me.

As yesterday was Thursday and in the UK our weekly appreciation of the NHS (not that I'm one for such ostentatious displays... unless it involves getting my tits out in Spinningfields or Salford Quays) I thought I'd offer a little version of my own 'thank you'.

Taken after a nightclub event in November 2013, I wasn't disturbed by any nosy security guys this time... although it was a suitably dirty and haunting back alley in Stockport at around 3.00am in the morning.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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