Saturday, 30 May 2020

30th May 2020

What strange times we are living in.  Very like the (supposed) Chinese curse "May you live in intersting times" the world seems to be unravelling and reshaping before our eyes.  America, or at least Minnesota, burns in response to the on-screen death of a black man, George Floyd... at the hands of a Police officer.  Twitter, the social media platform for the short-of-attention generation, hides the President's response due to it glorifying violence (I find it somewhat abhorrent that a senior politician uses such a platform, anyway).

Meanwhile, the rest of the world struggles along with the Covid-19 crisis - it doesn't appear to be about the deaths anymore, as worldwide they are declining, but more about the aftermath.  Furlough is continued in the UK until October 31st - another three months from now!  It wouldn't be hard to think that someone, somewhere, wants to perhaps hide the the new unemployment figures due to business across the land closing up and giving up.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are more and more infantilized by the governments and media, collateral victims in the lemming-minded rush over the cliff.

Speaking of ciffs, the more bizarre and out of control this situation gets, the more the ridiculous draws closer - I wouldn't be surprised if the next government meetings and ideas looked like this...

Back in 2005 it was all so simple.  All we had to deal with back then was Hurrican Katrina laying waste to New Orleans, suicide bombings in London, the ongoing Gulf War No.2 (thank you Bush and Blair), the Kashmir earthquake... er, so perhaps things have usually been just as bad.

Anyway, back in January 2005 I was partying hard - probably as it felt like the world was ending that year.  I spent much of the year attending Caesars, an adult club near Balsall Common in the midlands.  A couple of friends ran various sex/fetish nights there, so I was more than happy to go along and have some fun.  As well as indulging in the party-side I was also doing lots of webcam stuff with the lady of the couple.  We had some truly great times, and even if we didn't make money on some nights it was always fantastic fun.  Sadly, I don't have many photos of those times - lots were taken, but as they were used to promote the girl/girl webcam stuff I left them to the couple to use.

I was still taking my own solo photos, of course.  This was one was taken in the fire escape stairwell of the apartment block I lived in back then.  The leather thigh boots sadly got destroyed when I was trying to lace up a lady's corset in some fetish club toilet, and the hookeye fastenings got caught on the corset lacing - we fell to the floor and in the process ripped out the fastenings on the boots.  The beautiful leather coat, thankfully, I still have.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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