Saturday, 9 May 2020

9th May 2020

November 2006 saw a busy weekend for me.  I'd already booked a ticket to an event on the Sunday night when I received an invitation to a private fetish party held at Ess & Emm.  As my Sunday event was in Nottingham, it meant I could visit the Ess & Emm party on the Saturday in Warwickshire then take a detour eastwards to Nottingham easy enough on the Sunday.

The fetish party was a fantastic and filthy little event.  A strapping 6-foot-plus young stud soon caught my eye, and as he was a submissive chap I soon made sure he was grovelling at my feet, with some vague hints of a 'reward' if he behaved.  All went well and as he enjoyed breath play I had lots of fun smothering his nose and mouth with my latex-clad gloves and pressing his face hard against the shiny rubber crotch of my leggings.  At one point I had him on his knees in front of me in a corridor.  I unzipped the crotch of my latex leggings and shoved his handsome face into my pussy.  He didn't need much more instruction, and was soon lapping at my wet cunt, his long tongue delving into the fold of my slick pussy lips.  He tongue-fucked me until I came, dripping my honey over his mouth and chin... but I still wanted more.

I ordered him upstairs and we found a bedroom, with a few people sat around chatting.  I didn't care.  I laid back on the bed, unzipped his latex jeans and took out his large, hard cock.  I sucked his cock, revelling in the hot hard heat filling my mouth.  Laying further back, I unzipped my leggings again, pulling him between my thighs.  His thick cock, as big as it was, slid almost effortlessly into my sodden, oiled pussy, and be began fucking me, stretching and filling me.

I was fucked solidly, his pistoning cock driving ceaselessly into my flushing pussy, and I came, again, again, again... my cunt clasping his cock hard with each wave that flowed through my body.  It must have been an interesting show, but I'd bet I enjoyed it more.

I was still tired out on the Sunday, but with another party to go to I said my goodbyes and headed over to Nottingham.  The event was a discrete swingers party in a gorgeous penthouse apartment.  There were a few similar events all over the country around this time, like Fever, Killing Kittens, etc. and a friend had suggested I might like this one, having enjoyed her visit previously.

I arrived to find small canapés and glasses of champagne ready at the door.  A lovely and sensual setting.  The party, though, didn't really go to plan.  I realised quickly that I was probably the oldest person there, and the organisers made a point of advertising their events as being aimed at the younger market.  Sadly, young doesn't necessarily mean erotic or sexy.  Lots of young and rather out-of-shape gents approached me through the night to see if I was interested in some fun with them, but they just didn't 'click' with me... not much to say for themselves, nothing particularly sexy about any of them.  I wondered if I was just in the wrong place, as it was obviously a swingers event and anyone attending would have thought all attendees were there for the same thing, but it wasn't working for me.

Eventually a gorgeous young black girl came and sat next to me and we got chatting.  Like me, she'd arrived alone - but bravely this was her first foray into the world of sexual deviancy.  Like me, though, she was largely unimpressed with the "Alright? Fancy a fuck?" approach of the guys.  Things took  a turn for the better, though, when she said she was hoping to have her first sexual experience with a lady.  I was quick to offer my services, of course, and her eyes lit up.

We found a small bedroom that was amazingly unused (the party seemed to be in the main bedroom, a sea of faceless limbs and torsos writhing around on the big bed) and we were soon kissing, her inexperience swamped quickly by her desire as our tongues swirled in each others' mouths, tasting new flavours.  I was soon spreading her legs and licking her delightful soft pussy, and she was so turned on she came quickly, her hips bucking and rubbing her slippery pussy against my lips and tongue.  She was desperate to try her skills on me, and I had a fantastic orgasm as her virgin tongue explored, tasted and lapped at my hot cunt.

She certainly made the trip to Nottingham worthwhile, and it remains a great memory of a somewaht mixed weekend.  Fetish and fucking - fantastic.

Today's photo was from the Saturday night fucking, a consensual photograph taken by one of the 'audience' - it's not exactly Helmut Newton, but I love the rawness... latex, high heels, and a hard cock driving balls-deep into my hot pussy.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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