Saturday, 6 June 2020

6th June 2020

As we head towards the height of summer, predictably the rains have returned to the UK.  As I sit typing, dark, ominous clouds congregate overhead (don't they know about 'social distancing'?) and rain lashes the windows.  Maybe summer is over and done, and we've skipped straight into Autumn, or are we still in Spring?  No-one knows... it's all a little 'Pythonesque' out there.

It's all a little cloudy, dark, ominous and 'Pythonesque' in the government, too, it seems.  We have fabulous new laws to abide to... unless you happen to be a government advisor or minister, of course, in which case you can do as you wish. 

It is now illegal to have sex with someone from outside your household... but unlikely they have the power to catch you 'in flagrante delicto'.  You can now have visitors to your home... as long as they stand outside.  They can walk through your house to get to your back garden, but once there the stupid 'social distancing' regulations (2 metres in UK, for the rest of the world/World Health Organisation guidelines it is 1 metre - trust us to have an especially belligerent virus here... we love to be different) still apply.  So NO HUGGING.  Visitors are now allowed to use the toilet inside the house... but there must not be, and I repeat MUST NOT BE, absolutely, unconditionally, do-not-even-think-about-doing-it, any SITTING ON THE SOFA.  I am sure that the state will need extra help in catching people breaking these laws, though.  Perhaps they could employ some informants.  Maybe they could get some advice from old Stasi operatives from communist-era East Germany, seeing as we seem to be heading for that kind of surveillance state.

Outside of the home, big mass gatherings seem to be OK... but do not gather to protest about the new intrusive laws - the state will probably arrest you for that one.

What we need is a bit of transparency in these dark stormy times.  Which got me to thinking about my old see-through PVC raincoat.  I loved the sheer perviness of it, but sadly it became discoloured over the years, so had to be thrown away.  I need to get another one, I think.  Today's photo is from a visit to Cholmondelely Castle in 2013... high-heeled boots, and just my PVC raincoat.  Completely naked underneath, much to the pleasure and unadulterated joy of a chap walking his dog who suddenly appeared from over a small crest and got a full-on view.  I did a little blog on this cold, windswept trip, and can't believe I forgot to mention the happy dogwalker!

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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