Sunday, 5 July 2020

5th July 2020

As I noted yesterday, today is the 100th post and the last of my little 'daily' ones.  One hundred days.  Wow.  It seems like a lifetime ago when I last felt things were 'normal'.  But I've decided, with the kind of firm, decisive stance that the goverment could do with, that something has to change.

So, this week will mark the return to fun for me.  Yes, as of this week I'm properly back in business.  I know things could change again, a lá Leicester, if the government decides that we in the north west are 'misbehaving' and 'not following the rules' and lockdown the whole area again on a whim to 'teach us a lesson', (perhaps coronavirus isn't the only recent thing they've imported from the Chinese - an undemocratic, authoritarian state seems to be the other) but that is out of my hands.  So, the daily posts will finish today, and I intend to try and get out and about at least for some new photos.  In all likelihood the blog will be quiet for a little while as there's still not really a lot going on in the fetish or cultural worlds, but I'll try and do something.  I think we all have to do something to find ourselves again.

I've actually enjoyed the daily posts.  Once or twice I've forgotten to do them (I usually wrote them the night before), so ended up getting out of bed in the middle of the night to write the following day's post... usually half-asleep.  A few working ladies and Dommes I know extolled the 'business plan' of using 'Only Fans' and suchlike for updating photos and, importantly, earning extra cash, but I decided against that, for two reasons.

One... I simply like my blog.  It's mine.  Over the years I've spent probably hundreds of hours writing and editing it... and I'm a bit proud of my little labour of love and lust.  I wanted to keep it alive and thriving, and under the hard days of the early lockdown I knew it would be hard to keep it nourished without a rethink of what I could do with it.

Secondly, without getting too sentimental, I figured there was a chance there would be some people out there that just might be having their own struggles with the sudden descent into the weird dystopian society that the lockdown brought.  If my little posts kept them entertained for only a few minutes each day, it was worth it.  Also, I've been a very lucky lady.  Through my 'vocation' as a sex worker I've met some genuinely lovely gentlemen, who have paid me for my time and delighted me with some fabulous sex as a bonus.  For those lovely chaps, it was a little "thank you - hope to see you soon" payback... well-earned, and well meant.

I hope it's been entertaining - sometimes the posts brought back lost memories, sometimes they were written to vent some frustration at the state of the world, sometimes they helped me relive fabulous moments and reminded me of what is really important.

Today's photo, then, is a little (there is a larger one on my website as the first of my new Picture Of The Week updates) quickie.  The corona-chastity is off, and I'm determined to rediscover and reconnect, high-heeled step-by-step if need be, with the world again.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort

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