Sunday, 16 August 2020

A Walk In The Park

'A walk in the park' is one of those expressions we often use to indicate something or a task is easy perhaps to the point of being pleasureable.  My task last weekend, with glorious weather a very nice incentive, was to try and get some new photos.  My 'walk in the park', sadly, didn't quite turn out to be a 'walk in the park'.

I dressed in a lovely vintage-inspired shirt dress, slipped into some sexy crotchless tights and, patent leather high heels, and headed out to a local country park.  Unfortunately, so did the rest of Cheshire it seemed.  The car park didn't look too busy, but once in the country park itself it was like a walkers/runners/cyclists/family rush hour - everywhere you went there was someone either approaching or just passing.  My hopes of getting some saucy and sexy shots of my open dress and slinky tights would have included neon-bright running/cycling lyrca in the background or a full-frontal display to the next family that suddenly appeared in front of me on the small paths around the park.

In some exasperation I made a decision to head into a more underpopulated area of the park - literally 'off the beaten track'.  That didn't turn out too well, either, as stiletto heels and soft ground do not mix, even though some of it was lovely...

...and of course there were some little lovely little things to cheer me on as I stumbled from one dew-drenched mound to another sunken mud-pooled hole...

Finally admitting surrender, I stumbled over towards one of the pathways that meander around the park... only to find my way barred by wire fencing.  I debated about climbing over no matter how unlady-like it would be, but thought that one slip of the taut wire fence would result in my naked pussy being twanged as though by a giant cheese slicer, so back across the damp and uneven parkland it was.

I eventually made it back to concrete and crowds, and had one flash of my tights for the camera before heading back to car - featuring as Picture Of The Week on my website.  Only then did I notice that a drone was flying overhead, perhaps keeping an eye on the park visitors and making sure we all 'behaved'... not from any naughtiness, but more likely (given these behaviour-obsessed times), 'because coronavirus'. 

I returned to Manchester thwarted, but determined to have another go at sexy subversive behaviour again.  So, if you go down to the woods in the next week or so and see a lady behaving rather suspiciously, she may not be selling drugs, passing over official secrets to a foreign power, or - even much worse - meeting someone from outside her government-approved circle of friends... she may just be waiting for an opportunity to get her tits and pussy out.