Monday, 30 November 2020

December Will Be Magic Again... I Hope

It seems that in the country-wide haste to get rid of 2020 and introduce some cheer into the world, Christmas has truly arrived earlier than December.  Friends who normally put up their Christmas trees and decorations in the middle of December have already succumbed to the 'get in early' theme, and have merrily posted photos of social media of their bright and cheerful decorative skills.  

It's not unusual that the shops are already bedaubed like tinselled tarts, too, but in these rather challenging times for the high street there's more than a hint of desperation there, perhaps, to try and have a good end to the worst of years.

But it is a veneer as thin as a shiny glass tree bauble, sadly.  The shops remain shut - at least until the 2nd December.  The pubs, usually busy with Christmas parties and those getting the ale in early, are even worse off.  Shut through lockdown, they are effectively shut after lockdown, too, as the three-tier system effectively keeps their doors closed to their normal seasonal trade.  Even in tier two they can only serve alcohol with a  meal, reducing their operating footfall on top of the now tedious covid space restrictions.

With social venues now closed, the obvious meeting place is the street.  Even though the local busy-body council and self-appointed morality police have banned on-street drinking, mingling and probably laughing it has largely gone unheeded - and long may it continue.  The damaging and distruptive micro-management of our lives has gone too far.  

A few weekends ago I met up with a few friends and we sat and had a coffee in the town centre.  It was just after 4.00pm. but already the streets were becoming disturbingly quiet and dead.  Suddenly the town Christmas lights burst into action - a pre-run of the official switching on the day after.  

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Altrincham Lights

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Altrincham Lights

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - Altrincham Lights

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - of course we'll behave...

A day later, and another Groundhog Day (as this year is), we were sat in the same place when the switch-on happened for real.  A few people milled around, looked at the lights, and wandered home. One woman said to me "Is that it, then?", disappointedly.  I didn't know if she meant life, the year or the lights.  The answer was the same - "Yes".  She sighed and wandered off into the closing night.  

As cheerful as the small display was, it remained a bit forlorn.  A year ago the town was bursting with families and friends, bustling in and out of the shops and bars, crowding the pedestriansed areas to see the lights, meet up with friends and have a few drinks whilst doing some Christmas shopping.  This year, our group of four made up a significant part of the 'crowd'.  It won't get better anytime soon, either: sadly, as we come out of a second national lockdown we are heading (at least here in Greater Manchester) back into tier three.  Oh yes, and about that second National Lockdown to 'Save Chirstmas'?  It didn't do very fucking well, did it?

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - WTF

So much for 'saving Christmas', then. That must be the final proof that lockdowns have no effect and the government have no idea what they are doing.

My hopes of attending a little fetish event before the year is out have diminished to the size of Matt Hancock's morality, and I'm getting doubtful about anything returning early next year.  2020 might have been horrendous, but 2021 will not usher in a quick change of direction, I fear.  I watched a film yesterday that featured a heaving nightclub - it made me realise again what I am missing.  As Lord Sumption said, "What sort of life do we think we are protecting? There is more to life than the avoidance of death. Life is a drink with friends. Life is a crowded football match or a live concert. Life is a family celebration with children and grandchildren. Life is companionship, an arm around one’s back, laughter or tears shared at less than two metres. These things are not just optional extras. They are life itself. They are fundamental to our humanity, to our existence as social beings. Of course death is permanent, whereas joy may be temporarily suspended. But the force of that point depends on how temporary it really is."

In the absence of visiting hotels for a long weekend/clubbing break, I took the opportunity for a few more photos in my mirrored boudoir.  Some high heeled ankle boots. crotchless tights, leather studded belt and a beautiful leather jacket from German leather specialists 'Crazy Outfits' - a lovely gift from a special gentleman.  To tie in with this post, this sums up my feelings for 2020...

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - spin on this, 2020.

But, there's still December and Christmas to get through, and I'm determined to have as much fun as I can, regardless of government decrees.  I'll end with words from Bill and Ted, Kate Bush, and dearly departed Joe Cocker: Party On, Dudes, December Will Be Magic Again: I Shall Be Released.

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