Monday, 3 May 2021

Winds Of Change

It's very likely that this last year has has some effect on us all, and unless you are a member of SAGE, the government or a shareholder in AstraZeneca and Amazon that effect was probably going to be negative.  Swathes of industries have been affected, it's personnel swept along in the tide, from manufacturing to retail to hospitality.

Of course, when the pubs re-opened on the 12th April for outside drinking and dining, I was there to offer some support to my local bar... despite the untropical temperatures which at least kept my cocktail nicely chilled until it was finished.

Dexi Delite Altrincham Escort - a cold cocktail

I'm not sure which category statisticians would put 'sex worker', but hospitality might come close.  If so, I can confirm it's been a hell of a year for that whole group.  From the Ritz and Dorchester hotels all the way down to your local escort/sex worker, the industry has been - unfairly, in my opinion - targeted by the government as a main contributor to the ongoing coronavirus issue... despite being scientifically proven to be not the case.

Either way, we've been fucked - and in the case of sex workers, not literally, unfortunately.  It's meant a significant downturn in income across the board, from street girls to girls in hotels to Dominatrixes in their quiet dungeons.  I've certainly felt the restrictions - and probably like many, it's been a time for reflection and reassessment.

It's a long time since I began operating from an apartment instead of hotel rooms - my first boudoir was way back in July 2012.  I'd already been enjoying life as a sex worker for around a year by then, so 2021 signifies a full decade in the life for me.  However, my time for reflection and reassessment has resulted in another big change. I've decided to leave my apartment, and also say goodbye to living in Altrincham.  The town, like me, has changed over the last ten years - there was a old tired market here when I first came and lots and lots of empty shop units.  Some of those shop units remain, but the town itself has been rejuvenated.  In a sense it will be sad to leave, but I won't be moving too far away - to Northwich in Cheshire.  

However, the new change in circumstances means that in-calls will no longer be an option.  I will only be able to offer early evening outcalls from June onwards.  Although this will impact my 'business', it's a change I'm excited about, as there other positive changes going on, too - and after a year of negativity and gloom they are much-needed changes.  Operating from an apartment was never going to be a life-long choice, anyway, and the last year has, like many businesses, brought forward a need to adapt and change with the times.  When the winds of change are blowing, it is better to build a windmill than a windbreak.

What about the blog?  It's been obviously quiet this for the last fourteen months, with little to actually write about.  It's been incredibly frustrating as it is a real labour of love, but as I said in my last post, this was never set up to debate politics and the like - it was for writing about the genuinely important things in life, such as love, sex, fun and experiences.  The other knock-on effect has been a scarcity of photo opportunities - also frustrating.  Given that, the blog will continue, and as the year unfolds there may be only a whisper, and deep-space glimmer of starlight and hope, that we can return to life at some point.  Sadly, I have as much hope in the government re-opening the country on 21st June as I do winning the lottery (odds on the lottery are probably better, in fact), so it's hard at the moment to see a time I can write about sex parties, etc. again.  However, other stuff may be happening - indeed, I can see some things being pushed 'underground' if this continues - I've heard more than a few tales of country pubs quietly remaining open for regular customers for the last year.  Prohibition never works, and the current decrees of banning everything (apparently we will be allowed to legally 'hug' someone soon, FFS) means lots of things will disappear from sight but just carry on anyway.  I've never been a fan of a controlling, draconian governmental approach (it would be hard to do so, given my line of work and the necessary 'grey' areas we sometimes operate in), so I'm all in favour of subversive human behaviour - particularly if those endeavours are in search of the important things in life, like love, sex, fun and experiences.

Either way, life will continue in some form and I'm looking forward to writing again, and my new chosen path may give me some freedom to live, to breathe, to smile and have fun again.